Interview with Wole Soyinka


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  1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    I am looking for an answer to a burning question: Do you guys think that the Niger Delta people should emulate the people of Southern Sudan in determining their destiny? Will such a referedum on secession provide a once-and for-all solution for the hopeless level of development in the region? BTW nice interview.

    1. The south Sudan scenario will never happen in Nigeria. No way the FG will allow the Delta to VOLUNTARILY have the option of walking away with 90% of the nation’s wealth. Remember Biafra?

      1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

        I think you are flat out wrong by saying it will never happen in Nigeria. The referendum in Sudan was largely sponsored by the West in order to deny China access to Sudean’s oil, 80% of which is in the south of the country. If the situation in Nigeria becomes so tense that the flow of oil to the West is severely hampered, then plan B will call for a similar referendum ala Sudan.I remind that lately the West has been hinting the breakup of Nigeria. Ever wonder where they are going with it. Even recently the Assistant US Secreatary of State for Africa repeated this omenous predicttion but moved the breakup date a tard.Never say never. I will drop more hints later as I am in a hurry at this very moment.Stay tuned!!!!!

        1. Perhaps we should consider (a) what the OAU charter says about the inviolability of the borders set by the Colonial powers (b) how many new African countries have emerged POST colonialism? …

          1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

            Max, the OAU is /was an infant that never found its footing. Yes, they had such a charter and you wonder why. Who funds the bulk of the OAU operations? The answer to this question clearly reveals how some vested interests still run the darn continent. Why is the great Mugabe so hated by the West? Is he following the script handed him by the colonialists or is he his own man? Hmmm!!!Wonder why Magaret Thatcher once suggested that IBB,a semi-literate, take off his military uniform and continue the ruination of Nigeria? The point is that somebody is making a killing from all these activities.

            1. Thanks for the comments Ekuson. Still, I am minded to regard situations like southern Sudan and Eritrea as the rare exceptions rather than the norm. Have a great weekend.

              1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

                One final question:Tell me what you know about Africom. What is the purpose of it and where is this going? A good starting point to the question is:
                Also consider the concept of “peak oil” and then tie that in with Iraq. Best wishes!!!!

                1. Tunisia, Egypt,….Libya,……Morocco,…..Nigeria? Hello! Anybody listening?Do you smell the coffee?

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