CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido Sanusi Named Best Central Bank Governor in World

This is the same chap who recently revealed that payments to Nigeria’s legislators account for 25% of the government’s overheads.



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  1. Sanusi Lamido really merits it. Since his inception as CBN Governor, he has been highly efficient and has proved himself

  2. well, he try but the system of filling a form to renew or update account is too stressful cos the banker are making things so defficult more expecially first bank nig.

  3. Mahmoud belgore | Reply

    Sunusi Lamido really deserve it

  4. please sir can iask you some thing
    who was the first presient of nigeria

  5. dear sir
    who was the fist prime minister

  6. congratulation,may almighty ALLAH continue to guide you

  7. God bless Nigeria

  8. Wonderful report

  9. He deserve it because he belief in himself and is profession

  10. Kabiru Muhammad Dawakiji | Reply

    Sunusi ! He really deseves it. It’s my sincere belief dt if there’s anything more than that, he deserves it. May Allah continue 2 guide him in all his effort 2 make Nig banking industry d model of d world.

  11. Sir, u’re really a man of integrity and you deserve the honour. This is my advice for you Sir. Always keep to the part ahead and do not take refuge in sentiments. May the almighty God be with you and help you with more inspirations. Goodluck Sir. Im a final year student and also willing to work in one of the Nigerian banks.

  12. We are froud of you may the almighty allah bless you more and more as a good nothern ambasador keep it up.

  13. mr cbn governor, why are we talking about the cost of printing naira notes when we have rendered our coins virtually useless? why have we not heard any plans for redenomination like what was done in ghana or alternatively for converting all denominations under 200 naira to coins? when last did you personally use a one naira coin? even beggars refuse them! please be sensible instead of confusing us with this ‘cashless banking’ which is meant to benefit the banks and not the people!

    1. Kathy, Naira redenomination was proposed by the previous CBN Governor Soludo. However the plan was overruled by the federal government.

      1. One single reason why naira redenomination was killed was the psychological impact it would have had on the current millonaires who all of a sudden would have been down graded to nothing but thousaniares. The thought of this happening overnight scared the daylight out of many people who pressured Yar’Adua to dump the idea na dfire Soludo. Yar’Adua simply failed to understand the programme by asking the right questions.He simply did not understand the usefulness of dropping too many worthless zeros for heroes.His understanding was as elementary as a straight forward volumetric analysis which was the basis of his entire training. He got that the country is not a laboratory where one can simply add sulphuric acid to sodium hydroxide and always expect to get sodium chloride and water with the attendant balanced stoichiometry. Ofcourse one would need to add an appropriate indicator to signal the end of the reaction. The economy entails much more than a titrimetric analysis.So here we are now with a biologist trying his hands on generic analysis of the economy.Blame it all on Obj and his little silly games.

        1. How is this OBJ’s fault?

          1. Why is this Obj’s fault? I tell you why.It was Obj who (s)elected Yar’Adua and imposed him on the rest of us. That is why.

  14. congratulations cbn governor mr sanusi lamido sanusi you deserve it is nt easy i pray that God will strenghting you and enlight you the more so dat u will bring out the best in nigeria banking industry

    1. Before you congratulate anyone please rease this and figure out the position of your country on this table. Note also that the naira was just recently devalued to nothing. Enjoy:

  15. Musbahu iliyasu gwarzo | Reply

    I hereby write this short comment to you with great respect and to surely send my tremendous gratitude to you for the good works that u have been doing. May Allah reward you immensely amin thanks

    1. Thanks very much for the kind words Mushahu.

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