The Best of Wikileaks

Gosh, very hard to keep up with all the dramatic leaked info from the Wikileaks saga. So I have distilled some of the best leaks at the links below:


Leader of Burma’s Military Junta Tried to Buy Manchester United

Shell Oil’s Infiltration of Nigeria’s Government

Saudi Princes In Sex, Drugs and Alcohol Parties

Nigeria Feared Military Coup During Yar’Adua’s Illness

Saudi Arabian Funding of Al-Qaeda

Key Global Sites for Security/Terror

Al-Jazeera Used as Bargaining Chip by Qatar

US diplomats gathering intelligence and biomatric info on UN officials and foreign leaders:

US Referred to Russia as a “Mafia State”

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Urged America to Attack Iran

Gordon Brown an “Abysmal” Prime Minister

Interview with Julian Assange

Download key data on US Embassy cables

New British Conservative Party Government Offered “Pro American” Policies to Americans


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