George Bush’s Book: Decision Points

Former US President George Bush’s new book “Decision Points” is out, and is causing controversy already!  Apparently the book defends VERY aggressive interrogation “techniques” (things called torture by other people) such as water-boarding by American intelligence services, his decision to invade Iraq, and has details of his friendship with Tony Blair.


4 responses

  1. And what about the mess he left behind for President Obama to clean up?
    The G.O.P should stop gloating about their mid-term gains and hide their heads in shame for allowing the prosperity of President Clinton’s 8yrs to be squandered by the most unintelligent person to ever occupy the White House.
    They are now heaping the blame for those woes on Obama; such a funny, ironic situation

  2. Very true. Obama does seem to be taking the blame for mistakes made by his predecessors…

    1. Kind of like Nixon cleaning up after JFK and LBJ?

  3. Haha you want safety yet don’t agree with doing what’s necessary to obtain that safety. Obama has made his own bad decisions and that’s what he’s takking blame for!

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