Israeli and Palestinian Peace Plans

The Israelis and Palestinians are talking to each other again….for now. What the latest round of talks have in common with previous attempts to make peace between Israel and the Arabs is that everyone expects the talks to fail.

Sounds pessimistic?  To be fair, peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians have been failing since the 1980s. Anyway, here is a catalogue of all the previous peace plans between Israelis and Palestinians – post 1967.

Ehud Olmert peace plan and map:

The Road Map:

The 2002 Saudi Peace Plan:

The Geneva Accords:

The Oslo Accords:

Here is a very interesting graphic from the Economist showing how settlement construction tends to increase every time there are peace talks. Perhaps a demonstration that negotiating parties want to strengthen their bargaining position by creating “facts on the ground” just before/during talks?


2 responses

  1. While we pray for peace, we should know that God will not come down from the high heavens to make peace reign on earth; the two countries have got to be serious if what they truly want is lasting peace. If there could be peace between Israel and Egypt, I see no reason why there can’t be between Israel and Palestine. The most annoying part of it all is that only the masses suffer while the leaders have their personal securities. Please enough is enough.

    1. Well, I believe President Obama said that America cannot want peace more than the two sides themselves.

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