Nigeria: The Biggest and the Best? 50 Years of Independence

African Studies Centre, Coventry University, in association with Chatham House are hosting one of the most important academic conferences on Nigeria this year.

Nigeria: the biggest and the best? 50 years of independence

Wednesday 10 November 2010

St Mary’s Guild Hall, Coventry, 10am – 5.30pm

Just 60 minutes from Euston to Coventry station. For Travel directions see:

The aim of this one-day international conference is to bring together leading social and political commentators to review the past 50 years of independence and to examine some of the challenges for the future for Africa’s most populous nation.

It will provide a platform for academics, policy makers, activists and students to debate the most important contemporary issues facing the

Confirmed speakers:

Prof. Jean Herskovits, State University of New York

Dr. Abdul Raufu Mustapha, University of Oxford

Dr. Eric Silla, US Department of State

Dr Moses Oketch, University of London

Dr. Lola Banjoko, Exec Director, AfricaRecruit

Refreshments & Lunch will be provided.

Registration & Attendance is £10 (payable at the conference) and free
for students. To register e-mail:

For further information, please contact Prof. Bruce Baker
For full programme see attachment: NIGERIA flyer attach



2 responses

  1. 50years of crumbling and fallin,don’t be discoraged because rome was not built in a day.rome is good because romans are good,so let every nigerian take this challenge.we ma assume that our leaders have not been so good to us,but all cannot lead at the same time,so let individual lead well in their respective home and immediate society,so that nigeria may be that america people all over the world are runing is never late to revive our country,stand to your responsibility.olajide babs

  2. It could be said to have being 50yrs of pain misery poverty and political satire.but change is a tin every nigerian must embrasse irrespective of their background,a better nigeria starts with you,a positive nigeria starts with me and the perfect nigeria starts with the next generation. Its a gradual positive progress.

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