Interview with MEND Leader Henry Okah

Despite being under arrest, he somewhow managed to phone an international TV station and grant them an interview from his cell!

Speaking of MEND, it seems that they are still very much armed and have the capability to strike.

7 responses

  1. It is pathetic that the president of a country would assume the spokemanship of an organisation that seeks to bring the government to disrepute. For Jonathan to want MEND to retract its claim of masterminding the Abuja bomb blast clearly shows that he lacks the true quality of a leader. Was he trying to sympathise with his kinsmen or just trying to find a reason to scheme his opponents out of contention? The future looks bleak to me, with all this tension and sleeping-with-one-eye-open style. May God save us from self destruction.

    1. All very strange isn’t it? Very soon we will discover where loyalties reside…

  2. i wanna say something about the ibos where did they stand with ibb or with obasanjo i want them to know that none of this guy is with them if their are not carefull they will use them sa their always do it is my duty to won them ibb is a loser he want to use the ibos to fight obasanjo.if the ibos is a full they will listen to him.

  3. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    Guys I personally do not believe that anyone from the presidency told this criminal to spew this nonsense for political reason. This guy was caught and wants to safe his skin. Period. His utterances hold no water at all. I personally think this thing has everything to do with some political(president-wanna-be)desperados of the current president as 2011 draws near. Just watch as there will be more of this kind of thing as 2011 draws near.Obviously for some the stakes are so high that they will do whatever it takes to destabilize the country.Mind you that the South Africans were monitoring Okah’s phone before the event.Now if his story is tru and correct the South African would have said much the same. I don’t believe this lunatic one bit.

    1. To Ekuson Debango, did you hear the president’s speech after the blast? You may want to check it out. He even said something like sponsors living abroad. My problem is simple; why didn’t government do something with the infor it got days before the blast? In a situation like this, what we need is a collectivization of our efforts in ensuring that more innocent lives are not lost in the future. As per next year’s election, we are ready to let the moneyticians, or is politicians, that enough is enough.

  4. all we need in this dispensation is prayer not critisism asper nigerians, never we look back. let face the reality not fanactism so we can build a wonderful world.

  5. naija what is happenig what is the meaing of to serve my country with all my srenght it seem our leaders cant even recite the national anthem ,they do not rember the promise .God help us in 2011

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