Nigeria’s 50th Independence Anniversary (October 1): Memories of a Colonial Officer

Memories from Nigeria’s early days. This time from a British colonial officer who formerly worked in Nigeria. Article below and an undio interview of his memories in Nigeria:


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  1. to me 50 year of independence is history that is filled up with mystery.

  2. sotunbi oluwaseyi | Reply

    new year; new era

  3. A nation at 50 is of age. The celebration of the 50th anniversary is inevitable because we cannot not skip it. The essence of the celebration should be to reflect on our journey so far. However the situation in the country calls to question the the reason for bugus nature of this event. As a citizen of Nigeria who cannot count much I have benefited for being a Nigerian by birth and judging the heinous crimes, political/socioeconomic problems on the face of the country one would have said we use this golden jubilee day for sober reflection. Unabated kidnapping especially when it affects the defenseless children is the most heinous crime that have visited this country. We need this day to rflect of the federal character as we ask ourseves can we really survive as one country and if we can what are our responsibilitie to protect our indivisibility but if we cannot how can we have a peaceful separation. Any prayer without goog work is like splashing water on asolid rock.

  4. […] Colonial Officer Returns to Northern Nigeria…onial-officer/ _______________________ To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or […]

  5. Nigeria is moving to a greater height so we have to coperate

    1. charles king | Reply

      What makes you felt that Nigeria is moving forward when the country is capsizing like Titanic? When you enter an armed robbers vehicle while you are on travel, you wound up getting robbed, hurt and possibly death. That was Nigeria for you. Half century of their independence is a failure and the next 50years will be worst. Their best bet is to be re-colonized again by the whitemen who will inject some sence of human to the lost educated and half educated political animals of Nigeria. White men will restore law and order, rehabilitate our system, retrain our bastard airforces , military fools and senseless police forces. If whitemen took over Nigeria again they will question all the foreign reserve and repatrait all the stolen money that was transfered to individual foreign accounts which is enough to improve the quality of life of the citizens before crude oil revenue.

      1. Armed robberies also occur in Europe and America too. The presence of Westerners does not always guarantee security, just ask residents of Baghdad and Kandahar…

        1. charles king | Reply

          Mr. Max, I meant that what someone could achieved as a citizen of Nigeria is like entering an armed robbery vehicle, I did’t specifically picked on Nigeria as the only crime Nation. The presence of western world really guaranteed security. White men had a lot to offer believe it or not. Don’t forget that the resources is allready there to improve the Nation but the same pro-independence political mentality were still the lexicon of todays governance.
          The issue of Baghdad and Kandahar was far different from the recolonization that am talking about.. Majority of Americans, British and the globe as a whole were against the invasion of Baghdad (Iraq) which caused Tony Blair to lost popularity as a British prime minister, George Bush and his republican party lost popularity for the stupid invasion of Bagdad which paved way for the democratic party to clinch to the top. Even Australian incumbent president lost his re-election bid due to his support for the senseless invasion of Bagdad by president W. Bush. Invasion of Baghdad was carried out by few western Animals ( Bush, Cheney and Blair) who sellfishly carried out the operation to invade Iraq and kill Saddam Husein in order to stole their oil wealth with their veto power which is one of the factors that crushed U.S. economy that affects the entire World economy today.

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