19 Year Old Nigerian Author Gets Deal with UK Publisher

It seems that the future of African literature is very bright. With Achebe and Soyinka ageing, more and more young writers keep emerging from Africa. We’ve already seen the marvels of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Helen Oyeyemi, Tricia Adaobi Nwaubani…..

the latest addition is 19 year old student Chibubundu Onuzo who has landed a two book deal with UK publisher Faber. See an interview with her on CNN below.


Feel good story for the day. :-)


6 responses

  1. It is an exciting news and one we need in this time of political machinations. It is a confirmation that Nigeria is richly blessed. The world is yet to witness the real talents of Nigerians. The young girl has really made us proud. At 19, the future can only be brighter.

  2. Nigeria is churning out talented writers at a rapid rate. Long may it continue!

  3. I believe there are still many talented youths out there waiting to be discovered.

  4. @ Max, yes i agree with you. The thing is that many nigerians are now looking within themselves and harnessing their potentials.

    1. Absolutely. We need to highlight the great achievements of more talented people like this.

  5. This is a great & challenging news for me. I hope that the day when I’ll also be celebrated with my works will come soon. Success to her!

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