Senior Army Officers Redeployed

Hot on the heels of the replacement of the service chiefs, there has been a massive redeployment in the Nigerian army. All 5 General Officers Commanding (GOCs) in the army have been removed from their positions and replaced.  Several other senior officers were also redeployed. The new Chief of Army Staff Lt-General Onyeabo Ihejirika will be working with new men under him. Full details of the postings are at the link below:


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  1. I went through the list of postings rather casually and noticed some typos. For example the new GOC 81 Div; Brigadier General Kenneth Minima also appears again as the Commander One Brigadier,NA, Sokoto (this apparently was is previous position). Also Major General BS Usara appears twice as Chief of Army Standars and Evaluation and again as Director of Sports at defence Headquarters. Then I notice only a rank listed for the postion of Director of Engineering at Defence Headquarters. Finally one Colonel Mohammed Yerima was listed as Director of Defence Information. Actually Major General MC Yerima who was a one time Military Secretary is the new Commandant, Training and Operations.The Major General Moses Obi, a one time GOC I Div; Kaduna is the new Force Commander, UN Mission in Suda( UNMIS. Also check this link for other current postings:

    1. Thanks for your attention to detail Ekuson. Gosh, I have to be on my toes bc you go through the info on this site with a high powered magnifying glass! ;-)

      The discrepancies you see are the result of inconsistent reporting across Nigerian newspapers. Different papers do not agree on which officers have been posted where. The Vanguard’s report is different from the postings given in other papers. Hopefully in the next few weeks the dust will settle and I will be able to get confirmation on exactly who was sent where.

  2. we need to why nigerian army are engage in collecting BRIBE

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Can you substantiate this wild allegation? If called to testify in support of this allegation will you show up with facts? Give some examples of the bribery you speak about.I want you to be very factual and not just say you heard from a friend who allegedly heard something from some one else. Oya now. We are listening.

      1. charles king | Reply

        Generaly, Nigeria is corrupt both millitary, civillians even missionaries. Favoritism is their system of governance which encourage bribery. People in high positions were the worst part of this scam because they freely run their offices with no one watching them which create room for bribery.
        Example, “How can a sitting governor of a state single handedly control the funds, award and sign all contracts, issue checks and authorized payments of the state all by himself? These makes them felt like the public fund belongs to them and their families. Same thing applicable to the presidintial sit. This is way different from western world democratic government.

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