Does Africa Need a New Image?

Interesting article in the Economist about Africa’s image in the West. It is rare you see Western media coverage of Africa that does not feature starving kids, wars, famine or safari holidays. No wonder many Westerners are so contemptuous of Africa. Is it time for Africans themselves to start showing off more positive images of their continent?

2 responses

  1. Africans would need to sit down and take the bull by the horn in terms of turning their fortunes around for good.

  2. You are right we need a new image it is how you present yourself that other people will address you as. If Africans show that they disagree with the image being posted about them and they prove it then nobody will have the right to post any stupid thing about us. like prof. Akunyili will say: Let us do rebranding. Let’s rebrand Africa as a whole

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