PDP Gives Jonathan Go Ahead to Contest 2011 Presidential Election

Goodluck Jonathan is indeed a lucky man.  The ruling PDP has given him the go ahead to contest next year’s presidential election. They have not explicitly dropped the informal “zoning” agreement that the PDP subscribes to. Instead the PDP have dressed this up by pointing out that Jonathan was part of the joint Yar’Adua (President)/Jonathan (Vice-President) candidacy that won the 2007 election.  Since Jonathan became President only because Yar’Adua died, the PDP considers his government to be a continuation of the Yar’Adua government.


Thus they are TEMPORARILY suspending zoning, not abandoning it altogether. Also, they are not saying that northern/Muslim candidates cannot run. In fact they explicitly acknowledged the right of candidates other than Jonathan to run. Of course this does not mean that Jonathan has officially been adopted as the PDP’s presidential candidate in next year’s election.

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  1. marcel ifeanyi ezenwa | Reply

    The P D P has really demostrated there committment to a united party. the steps they have taken to resolve this outstanding issue has given them credit so as to ends rumours that they are divided. goodluck jonathan has always lived up to his name goodluck he is a lucky man and to many he is an outstanding president sent by god to come and salvage the nation. if goodluck did not run the next presidential election who else will run? is better he runs and win or no election . is it this old cargos who have putting the couintry in shamble . they have all tested the presidency and during there tenure, they never delivered the country and now they intend coming back to come and legalise crime and corruption.we nigerians have learned our lessons therefore we arwe not moved by those old names like ibb and buhari. they should go back to the drawing board and have a little reflection of there activities the time they were in power. nigerian should be ruled by people with vision, energetic, and foresight we are seek and tired of second and first republic politicians. we need innovations and good intention young politicians who will have the suffering of the masses at heart and not for there own selfish objectives. a stich in time saves nine nigerian voters are warned . Also time has come nigerians in diaspora should be given there own inallieanable right to cast there votes despite there area of resisence so as to make them feel part of the system.

  2. If you are familiar with Nigerian Politics, you will see how people who know the truth play around it in different ways until the real truth will take the centre stage. In fact what we see on display is the punishment of truth for a while until allowed to go free. During this time, enough money would have changed hands. Then, you will find those that had earlier taken a very firm position on an issue begin to double speak by justifying their earlier stand but subscribing to the truth in a face saving manner in satisfying the old but unprogressive order but pretending not to fully agree with the reality on ground. All for selfish reasons. Remember, I said money must have changed hands and lots of water passed throught the bridge. We gain nothing. The nation serves the whims and caprices of a few whose purpose for delaying the process of enslavement, backwardness and wanton abuse of leadership is for self na dnothing more. We only rigmarole to no where.

    As far as the subject under reference is concerned, Jonathan would run at the end of the day. mark my words.

  3. One major hurdle has been scaled, but Jonathan is not quite “there” yet as far as 2011 goes. He still has to secure the PDP’s OFFICIAL nomination before he can contest. Don’t forget that Babangida wants to run too….

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