Art in Nigeria and Kingdom of Ife Sculptures

**Update – the Ife sculptures are now making their way around America**:

A few interesting links. The first is an article by the Economist about a growing cadre of art collectors in Nigeria. Read the link below to see how Nigeria’s rich elite are discovering new ways to spend their money by buying expensive art and paintings.

Kingdom of Ife

See the video and links below for details of the wonderful sculptures at the British Museum’s Kingdom of Ife exhibition. These amazing sculpted bronze was so amazing that European explorers who found them patronisingly refused to believe that “primitive” Africans could have created such works and instead deemed them to be evidence of a lost Greek civilisation in Africa. German explorer Leo Frobenius thought he had found artworks from the lost city of Atlantis, and sneeringly said expressed his shock that “this assembly of degenerate and feeble-minded posterity should be the legitimate guardians of so much loveliness”. The “assembly of degenerates and feeble minded” he referred to was the Yoruba people of south western Nigeria who inhabited the area in which he found the sculptures.

There is also a BBC video on the Ife head sculpture as part of the BBC’s “history of the world in 100 objects” series:


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