Swazi Minister Resigns After Alleged Affair with Swazi King’s Wife

Swaziland’s Justice Minister Ndumiso Mamba has resigned, after sensational allegations that he had an affair with one of the King of Swaziland’s 13 wives. The stories say that Queen Nothando Dube (King Mswati’s 12th wife), would dress in a military uniform, slip out of the palace and meet Mamba in a hotel room. Mamba and Mswati were apparently childhood friends.

The king was on a visit to Taiwan at the time, but Mamba and Mswati were discovered by military intelligence agents.

Queen Nothando Dube




9 responses

  1. Kgamanya Mangwato | Reply

    Of all women the black mamba struck the king’s wife! Wizards definately prescribed that he beds the queen to empower himself and dis-empower the king in the process. If he gets away with this, it will be Hail King Ndumiso! With friends like Ndumiso Mamba, His Majesty King Mswati III of Swaziland does not need enemies. Throughout history world Rulers have had their fair share of traitors who end up killing them. Talk of harboring vipers! Our King of kings and Lord of lords had Judas Iscariot, Emperor Julius Ceaser had Brutus, King Shaka Zulu had Mbopha and now the young King Mswati III has Ndumiso Mamba!

  2. Mamba is a very brave man. Having an affair with the KING’s wife?!

  3. I guess the King is trying to appropriate all the beautiful girls in the country to himself. If not, how come at 42 he already has over 12 wives? Only God knows how many women he will have amassed when he turns 60, 70 or 80. While not trying to provide an alibi for Mamba, the queen should also be punished. After all, he did not sleep with her in the palace; she sought after him.
    I get frustrated seeing African leaders in the news for all the wrong reasons. While poverty and want take their toll on the citizens, our leaders are busy trying to enter record books with their number of wives, rather than achievements. It’s such a shame.

  4. A man in his 40s with 11 wives – one of whom is a pretty young 22 yo. No way the King will be able to keep her happy with so many other ladies to please…

  5. Its good to be the king..

    1. Not so good to be the guy that slept with the king’s wife though. In days gone by, it would have been off with his head! ….

  6. Why is d Queens face d only one shown in dis post? Women victimization I smell.

  7. Disgusting… Repulsive… feel like vomiting on the face of such a “king”

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