Abacha’s First Speech

Do you guys remember that inconspicuous fellow called Sani Abacha?  Believe it or not, he was something of a key speech maker.  I’ve found this golden nugget video of him making his first broadcast as Head of State in 1993. This is the night he overthrew Ernest Shonekan and took the top job himself. Video footage of this speech was rare back then. So watch and enjoy the wordsmith Abacha. Have a great weekend everyone.


6 responses

  1. Great work. The man had something in him but was derailed by that one thing that makes many fail.

  2. Which was? ….. What derailed him?

  3. I need to know what Abacha say during his first speech in president

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Aliyu M. Mazadu: I suggest you go to you tube and watch the coup speech made by General Saninegeria Abacha. What do you need? The text of the speech? I can direct to a website that has it.

  4. Pls try nd upload d full version of abacha live video first speech.

  5. I remain loyal to Boss. (Gen.Abacha),I regarded him as ever military leader posseSs all the qualities of military rule……General Abacha succeed in all coup plan he made which shows his intelligency he also pave d way by been a General without skipping any rank.
    Thank God that he(Gen.Abacha)died in office for every good man chose to die in his work rather than in playng. ground or at normal condition.Everyone will die today or tomorrow.SAFE JOURNEY SIR.

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