White Baby Born to Black Nigerian Couple in UK

I know this is a not a “lifestyle” blog, but I thought you would be interested in this story sweeping the UK newspapers and media about a black Nigerian couple of Igbo ancestry who just welcome a new baby girl (Nmachi) into their life. The baby is blonde haired, blue eyed and white.

Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro vow that they are Christians and that they have been faithful to each other. Both their parents are also black. They have noknowledge of white ancestry in their family and the baby is not an albino. Benjamin and Angela already have 2 children (both of whom are black). Doctors are totally flummoxed as to how a white baby was born to black parents. They suspect it might be an unknown genetic mutation and are going to run DNA tests to find out more.

Benjamin Ihegboro said their son was more confused about his white sister than his parents: “Our boy keeps coming to look at his sister and sits down looking puzzled. We are a black family. Suddenly he has a white sister. But all that matters is that she is healthy and that we love her.”

10 responses

  1. Who is fooling who?

    1. Mother fooling Husband.

  2. New Baby Born | Reply

    Hi this is really nice article! and very nice video! thanks for your post!

  3. Yeah,yeah, Miracles still happen.

  4. people should not use their month to bring course on themselves.
    For God is still on the throne, there is nothing God cannot do, because He is the God of impossibility nothing is too difficult for him to do.
    Just Thank God for the coming of that baby.

    Believe the woman when she says that she is faithful to his husband. remember she is an Igbo Lady we are God fearing people.

  5. God will only perfom a miracle that will strengthning the love in a family now and in years to come. Are we sure there was no swapping after delivery at the hospital? Are we sure somebody somewhere is not trying to experiment something? all i know is something was wrong somewhere. time will tell!

  6. Very disappointed by the cynicism here. :-( Come on guys, instead of questioning the couple’s fidelity to each other, or speculating that the hospital made a mix up, let’s have some faith and believe that nature produced something wonderful here.

  7. What’s the miracle? A baby is a baby.

  8. Why is this such a miracle, because the baby is white.

  9. Maybe the Man is the father of the child after all.

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