President Goodluck Jonathan Suspends Super Eagles for 2 Years, NFF Dissolved

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has suspended the national football team (the “Super Eagles”) from international football for two years. This was in response to Nigeria’s poor showing at the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa where Nigeria were eliminated in the first round – getting only one point after losing to Argentina and Greece, and drawing with South Korea.  Jonathan also dissolved the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) and ordered an audit into financial dealings at the NFF.

While something drastic needed to be done, I am not sure this is the right move. The move is really dangerous and could get Nigeria into serious trouble with FIFA and the Confederation of African Football (CAF):

*FIFA looks very dimly on government interference in football.

*The last time Nigeria withdrew from international football events, it did irreparable damage to the football team. After winning the 1994 African Nations Cup, Nigeria’s then Head of State General Sani Abacha banned the national team from defending its title at the 1996 edition in South Africa after getting into a spat with South African President Nelson Mandela. As punishment, Nigeria was banned from the 1998 African Nations Cup, and its golden generation of players such as Okocha, George, Oliseh, Amunike, Amokachi, Ikpeba, Yekini, Taribo West, Okechukwu Uche et al were prevented from defending the title and from virtual victory at the 1996 and 1998 tournaments. By the time Nigeria was re-admitted in 2000, this golden generation had aged and were past their prime. Nigerian football has not been the same since.

*If Nigeria does not play at the next African Nations Cup in 2012, it risks being banned AGAIN by CAF AND FIFA.

*Denying international football to the national team will stagnate growth and starve players of quality competition. It will also affect the work permits of UK based players like Yakubu, Yobo, Olofinjana and other Nigerian players that want to move to the UK. Renewal and granting of work permits is conditional on playing a stipulated number of matches for Nigeria’s national team.

Bad move in my opinion.


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  1. mike c. okereke | Reply

    I was ashamed of Nigeria’s extremely poor performance in the on -going World Cup in South Africa. I think the reason for such woeful performance is is as old as Nigerian politics, policies, and procedures. We, as a nation still do not blieve in ourselves. Ever since I have been a Nigerian, which is over fifty years ago, we have developed a disgusting and disreputable mindset of always looking overseas for the solution of our problems. he term – foreign experts – has been encoded in our pysche as a nation. Why cant we have a Nigeria born coach do the coaching for the Super Eagles. Why cant we learn from 1994, where and when a Nigeria born coach led our under 17’s into the Olympic championship, for an even cheaper bargain. Why do we always have to look overseas, or away from Nigeria for the panacea to our social and political ills?
    Suspending the Eagles, out of sheer anger, is not going to solve the problem. It may only magnify it.
    We must-as a nation- BEGIN to trust ourselves.
    Mike C. Okereke

  2. Very good for them,i am pround of you for the dission taken.

  3. SUPER EAGLES FELIOR lars is a good coach but super eagles are selfish game but may it is not thier fault i think amudu has leave a couse for them. AMUDU suffered a lot world cup qualify after his suffer bringing the eagles to world cup he was sacked tell me if it were you what will you well if i were amudu i will all thier match that is why they lose all match coming out with one Point

  4. Mr. president has only played to the gallery

  5. odili fidelia | Reply

    Nigerians have not yet recognize the root of her problems,on the contrary mr president is busy chasing shadows,we have really loose our value system in pursing of white elephant project

    1. justin chiefs | Reply

      the super eagle we used to known is no more,if mr president should disslove the super eagle i don’t blame him, because the tryed alot to make the super eagle to qualify for this world club.the super eagle is a disgrace to the country they can’t even qualify for the first most regret lie on yakubu,yakubu is adisappoint to nigeria a strike who play in england can not score a free goal, then what made him a strike i have a question who can tell me why the then used to change yakubu inspect of every thing he does there

      1. Olatunde Olapade Olawale | Reply

        From the begining of the baning from the mr President, i know the aim is to make some positive changes and now that the result is coming out affirmatively i say weldone to the mr. President for the bold step but, keep an eaglesight sir.

  6. […] Uncategorized ← President Goodluck Jonathan Suspends Super Eagles for 2 Years, NFF Dissolved […]


  8. Our so call super eagle have nothing to lose because they are already potential losers. If they play thier game is of no benefit to Nigerians save their “co-share-holders” and “god-fathers”. If they are banned better, for it is better not to have than to have an irreparable jungs in your domain. When world cup began all Nigerians supported Super Eagle, when they perform their usual act, Nigerians changed to Ghanians, even now Nigerians are either spanish or Holand. I am currently spanish. Up spain! Super Volture need Eagles mentality to become an eagle.

  9. […] Non è la prima volta che la politica e la nazionale nigeriana si scontrano. Dopo la vittoria in Coppa d’Africa del 1994 l’allora capo di stato, il generale Sani Abacha, impedì alla nazionale di difendere il titolo nell’edizione 1996 del torneo, disputata in Sud Africa, dopo uno screzio personale con Nelson Mandela. Le sanzioni di FIFA e CAF impedirono alla nazionale di disputare anche il torneo successivo, nel 1998, escludendo dalla competizione la generazione d’oro delle Super Eagles degli anni ’90. Dopo la deludente performance del 2010, con l’eliminazione al primo turno, il presidente Goodluck Jonathan annunciò la volontà di sospendere la nazionale nigeriana dall’attività internazionale per due anni, dissolse la NFF e ordinò un’investigazione fiscale negli affari della federcalcio, suscitando un ultimatum del tutto analogo all’attuale da parte della FIFA. […]

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