Fist Fight in Nigerian National Assembly – “Dimeji Bankole-Gate”

Disgraceful scenes from the National Assembly in Abuja. A fight broke out in Nigerian parliament after 11 legislators were suspended for accusing the House of Representatives Speaker (Dimeji Bankole) of corruption. The legislators called themselves “The Progressives”, and demanded an investigation into allegations that Speaker Oladimeji Bankole misappropriated 9 billion naira equivalent of an 11 billion budget from 2008 to 2009.  The 11 suspended are:

Dino Melaye, Ehiogie West Idahosa, Independence Ogunewe, Solomon Awhinawi, Austin Nwachukwu and Abbas Anas, Gbenga Oduwaiye, Kayode Amusan, Gbenga Onigbogi, Bitrus Kaze and Doris Uboh.

The EFCC has promised an investigation into the corruption allegations. But we all know what happens to “official investigations” into corruption in Nigeria…

Note that the second video refers to Nigeria as “one of the world’s most tainted countries”.

Pause for thought here….the political crisis that led to Nigeria’s first military coup in 1966 was precipitated by a similarly ugly fistfight in the Western Region House of Assembly between supporters of Obafemi Awolowo and Samuel Ladoke Akintola. The fallout from that fistfight resulted in a state of emergency being declared in the Western Region, a virtual army of occupation being sent there, and a few years later, the army struck.  Akintola and many others involved in the crisis were killed by the army in January 1966.

Remember remember, the 15th of January…..


15 responses

  1. Vincent ejoh | Reply

    Na wa-o if dem dey fight wetin we go do?

  2. D situatn in d national assembly is a shame.Hon Dino n d others are nt guilty.d speaker should defend himself n nt be a don over his colleagues.

  3. Senior Apostle Mickey Ogbolu | Reply

    My Dear Hon,
    May I use this forum to appeal to air my view of the problem in the House. You are the only Speaker in the House that Nigeria is proud to have. I adviice to be very careful. The problem is a spiritual problem. If you open you eyes we will understand what I am talking about.
    I am Senior Apostle Mickey Ogbolu, the National President, National Assosition of Spiritualist in Nigeria.
    God best.
    From the National President

  4. femi johnson | Reply

    when are we going to come out of this mess?When smaller countries that where looking up to us before are now pittying us ,its a shame anyway.Once they get their they betray their own trust.

  5. Anne Ada Ogbanje | Reply

    God bles u Hon for u r indeed the best legislator d house has produced. For God sake how can just a man use fleet of cars worth more than hundrds of millions of naira,share torchlights 2 his members etc. It is akward!!! Be sure dat good deeds always have strong oppositions. God is ur strength and He will protect n guide u. B careful n prayerful. We nd more of ur types GOD BLES U!

  6. our leaders stop fighting because of money.

  7. members of d lower house should be honest and
    not 2 do things out of selfish interest.

  8. osibote olatoye | Reply

    well,this kind of issue is not a new thing,it is bound 2 happen in any parliament,especially when it involves alledged misappropriation and embezzlement of national fund,i will advice the honourable speaker 2 defend himself justly and righteously by presenting all valid document of expenses with regards to the alledged claim by the member of the house

  9. hon dimeji bankole, i like you for your calmness when you sit on your throne. but the politics you play behind the scene is disgraceful. how can you said you were not aware of the figure yet you signed the papers. you would have resigned be it developed country. as for hon dino, his agony was the lose of the chairman seat of INFORMATION committee. all of you are just bunch of disappointment. no wonder some quarters reports you hons as tout who the know the requisite of legislature.

  10. | Reply

    we have nothing to say to nigerian ruler who call’s themselves a leather, how can some one theft 9billion naira and said he uses the money in buying tourches and yet still has the audasity to suspend some of his colleagues in the House of rep,this is what we refer to be a dictatorial government where the masses canot express their view even those who we elected to represent us still have no right to express theirs bcse they belong to minority party this is unrealistic idea we need to reorganize ourselves very well before few people take over this country. I BEG

  11. The complaint that the older generation’s cling to power is bad for the development Country, and as such should make space for the new generation in now a question of fact to be pondered on.Demeji Bankole and Patricia Ette are both from the East and can also be referred to as belonging to the new generation being new in the political terrain, if the political landspace is left in the hands of this youth, what is the hope for tommorrow if we should use the acts of these honourable men is used as a beacon for prospecting?

  12. What becomes of the Nation,when the so-called honourable members are beginning to fight?

  13. Jamilu umar from adamawa state | Reply

    D problem of nigeria is not d fund i think revelution is d best laes b awear of wat d bankole did

  14. Jamilu umar from adamawa state | Reply

    D problem of nigeria is not d fund i think is revelution is d best laes b awear of wat d bankole did

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