Education in Nigeria: “8 Million” Children out of School,,2069068,00.html

More doom and gloom. This UK Guardian photo essay/video takes a look at education in Nigeria. Startling stats like “Nigeria has more children out of school than any other country in the world”.  The stat continues by saying that Nigeria has 8 million children out of school.

Apart from my skepticism at the stat, for balance, it might help if it also mentioned that over half of Nigeria’s population are children!  So if 8 million out of 75-80 odd million children are out of school, the stats suddenly don’t seem so depressing as that equates to just over 1 out of every 10 children out of school (10%).

The article also fails to mention that with over 150 million people, Nigeria is the 7th most populous country on Earth!  Having 8 million out of over 150 million out of school doesn’t seem as apocalyptic as the Guardian makes it seem.

Also I find it hard to believe that Nigeria has more kids out of school than billion people + India. Another half baked Western media article of the type that drives me insane.

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  1. I am highly disappointed by Maxsiollum’s response to this publication. Why is it that my people hate truth? Why is it that they do not use opportunities to reflect upon situations rather than unwarranted defences and criticisms? Is Mr Maxsiollum proud of the fact that millions of children are out of school in Nigeria? It is the duty of every responsible government to ensure that its children have access to compulsory education. It is high time Nigerians opened their eyes and moved in positive direction.

  2. Moshood, I have no opposition to truth. My issue is that the Guardian article quoted stats in isolation without context by reference to Nigeria’s demographics. Saying there are 8 million kids out of school without mentioning that the country they are talking about has over 75 million kinds, is misleading.

  3. I really liked this information. Thanks

  4. The education is the birthright of every child. The efforts must be made in the direction of joining the mostly kids to the schools. The education help in develop the human and country.

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  5. Well i say fact that eight million nigeria are drop out is not suppose to problem, the real problem lied in the fact the those that even make it to school are tell me how the will go to school when no one pays for them .jobs first then schooling .thank you

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