Africa’s Richest Man to Buy Stake in Arsenal FC?

Apparently Aliko Dangote is planning to buy a stake in Arsenal FC.  Dangote is a VERY rich tycoon, a multi-billionaire and probably the richest black man on Earth.  He recently celebrated his 53rd birthday with the purchase of private jet.

I’m not sure what the strategic business interest is here, since Dangote’s business empire is known largely for cement, sugar and flour. Will be very interesting to see what comes of this, since it could (a) trigger a takeover battle at Arsenal, and/or (b) lead to more money being made availablefor player purchases.

….or will the Emirates Stadium be renamed the “Dangote Stadium” one day?!


3 responses

  1. Dangote has a right to invest that part of his wealth that belongs to him where ever he deems fit.My humble advice is that he should first pay back the ones he stole from the oil money in the name of borrowing from the banks without paying back.If he buys a share in Arsenal,the only way I can show my discontent is to cease being an Arsenal fan.

    1. Nigerian nevers sees anything good abount Nigerian. Who cares if you cease to be Arsenal fan? A drop of water out of ocean is not noticeable. If a Nigerian can acquire a stake in Arsenal, fine for all Nigerian. Forward ever Dangote do not mine these enemies of progress.

  2. Aliko dangote should pay back his debt before thinking of buying all the football club in europ. This is pis of my advice.

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