James Ibori Arrested in Dubai


The latest in the long running saga of former Delta State Governor James Ibori is that he has been arrested in Dubai. It will be recalled that Ibori has been wanted for some time on allegations that he is wanted for massive corruption. He was arrested by the EFCC in 2007 in an incident that caused the head of the EFCC Nuhu Ribadu to be removed, then dismissed from the police force. After Ribadu’s removal the charges against the well connected Ibori suddenly went cold and he was released and not tried. Ribadu was hounded out of the country and fled in fear of his safety.

Ibori was a close associate (and alleged financier) of former President Yar’Adua. He was thought untouchable due to his closeness to the President.  Now that Yar’Adua has died, Ibori is suddenly vulnerable. The new President Goodluck Jonathan has been reshuffling the cabinet and sidelining Yar’Adua loyalists like the former Attorney-General Michael Aondoakaa whose intervention saved Ibori from prosecution and trial many times. A few weeks ago, the police was ordered to find and arrest Ibori.  Ibori suddenly absconded from the country, but has finally been found and arrested.

The real test now is whether Ibori will actually be prosecuted. He has been arrested and taken to court before but has almost managed to evade conviction on legal technicalities, fleeing the jurisdiction, or even having the Attorney-General write letters on his behalf to the police in order to stall his prosecution.

This is the latest saga in a long power play involving Ibori, the EFCC and Ribadu. The new President is cozying up to Ribadu and is trying to bring him back. Clearly Nigeria is not big enough for both Ribadu and Ibori.

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    this is a right step in the right direction.it is a credit to our dear president because according to the rule of law invented by professor a v dicey, no one should be above the law no matter your connection and your position. also the international community is watching. if this time he will not be prosecuted, it will not be a good credit to nigeria. but he will be given a fair trial. if find guilty, punished so as to serve as a warning to others who feels they are untouchables.

  2. BAN SECTION 19 C RRA 2000 | Reply

    It is clear that the British cannot function without black wealth and is now harassing the man to try and validate in some way the ongoing trial of the IBori associates in London.

    Clearly from a legal point of view the Nigerian courts had said that he did not do anything wrong and is a free man .
    What is Britains own when the courts themselves in Britain are 419ers. True . NOt only do they operate under SECTION 19 C of the Race Relations Amendment ACT 2000 which is a Human Rights violations – it allows JUDGES and the British COURTS to discriminate against blacks and ethinic minorites . whether British or non British True. question if they dont do justice for black britons why would they do justice for black Africans/Nigerians – they will not .
    It is disputed anyway that the courts Her majesty’s service is a valid court as the queen has forefeited the Crown ( 1700 Settlements act ) by mixing with the Pope and all things papist. True.

  3. There is a long way to go. Arrest is one thing, prosecution quite another. Let us not forget that people have been trying to prosecute Ibori in multiple countries for nearly 4 years….and failed so far…

  4. Live ibori alone he is the man of the moment

  5. Nigerians, Ibori must be apprehended or the nation has know fear of God. Those Levis and Rev, should look into it as God guides this nation. Ibori should be jailed and do away from earth for his heartless act.

  6. What we are goin to do in this country,is to take a counictive look on our dear body.it is . stated that no one is against the law of the nation, onder saction 114 of the. .criminal acts let the guild person be jailled so that others should take a examples for themself because other countrys are watching us. So as a leader u most show good example thant to abuse the nation. Michael E okon calabar.

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