Goodluck Jonathan Sworn in as New President

Goodluck Jonathan has been sworn in as Nigeria’s 14th Head of State and 4th executive President. He is the first Nigerian President to assume office after the death of an elected sitting President.

One response

  1. So Jonathan has become Ernest Shonekan, effectively an interim President, holding the ball for these Northern political hoodlums until 2011. Of course this is the nonsense I had foreseen, and why I cannot rejoice with the rest of you fools giving the Presidency back to backward and retarded Northern political class. Imagine a President Yayale, President Masari or President Ribadu. What about Jonathan’s right to continue as President beyond 2011. Apart from Obasanjo 1976-79, 1999-2007, Ernest Shonekan August to November 1993, Nnamdi Azikiwe 1963-1966, all Presidents/Heads of State have been Northerners. The first time in the history of this godforsaken country, a man from the South-South finally makes it to President, he is expected to serve from May 2010 to May 2011, and hand over to these selfsame Northerners that have destroyed this country due to their greed and backwardness. And yet, it is the black gold of the Niger Delta that has sustained this country. So there is really nothing to rejoice about Jonathan being President. So Southerners, you have only one year to rejoice before we go back to minus square one. I am ashamed of Southerners. They have no guts where it matters the most in the fight for liberty. If Jonathan will not be President in 2011, then DONALD DUKE must be President in his stead. And if it is the principle of rotation for 8 years per region, then does the next Northern President end his term in 2015, after which it is rotated back to the South, or does it remain with the North till 2019. No one wants to mention this stuff. All part of the deceit. e&oe

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