10 New States to be Created in Nigeria


Apparently the House of Representatives have confirmed that 10 new states will be created in Nigeria next year. 5 states in the north, and 5 in the south. Let’s see what comes of this. All the 36 current states in Nigeria were created by military governments. Let us see what happens here because the requirements for state creation are immense. To create a new state in Nigeria requires massive consensus. To create a state requires:

*the state’s creation must be supported by at least two-thirds of members (representing the area demanding the creation of the new State) in the Senate, House of Representatives, the House of Assembly in respect of the area, and the local government councils in respect of the area that the state will be created in, AND

*a referendum on the new state is approved by two-thirds of the people in the area where the state is to be created, AND

*the result of the referendum is then approved by a simple majority of all the 36 states of Nigeria supported by a simple majority of members of the Houses of Assembly, AND

*the state is approved by a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of members of each of the Senate and House of Representatives.

This is a very long process. Let’s hang on and see what happens. Watch this space.


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  1. The ten states to be created minus eighty state with flags which will be in qiyamah time in northern Nigeria plus southern Nigeria were Masjid house will be constructed.Few days after creation of the state who will be the head of government of the states, a civilian or para-military. when will elective post of governor and state,federal legislator be organized with local government councilors.

  2. These members of the National Assembly must be bastards. We don’t need 36 states, and these cretins want to add 10 more. Definitely not for the benefit of Nigerians, but for the greed and corrupt political class that hope to be the direct beneficiaries of these states. Basic social issues of the average Nigerians have not been addressed since 2007, and these idiots are thinking more states. Bastards!

    1. they can’t be trusted

    2. you must be harsh to insult your elites like that. state creation is good this implies creating new beneficiaries, bringing government closer to the people,also creating opportunity for employment and also reducing the fat allocation state that governors enjoy. may be u need a lecture on that.

      1. i think Wat some Nigerians have failed to understand is the rationale and implication of state creation. we should be able to ask ourselves this question whether creation of more states will strengthen our federal structure or will it lead to further instability and consequent disintegration. the answer is in favor of the former WY? because new institutions will emerge in those new states, new elites will be created and what we should be talking about is that the true practice of federalism be agitated, where all those selfish individuals that re eying oil money will know that having a state is not just folding their arms in wait for subvention from Abuja, but the ability to innovate self surviving strategies that will lead to self reliance for every state in Nigeria. i think in my opinion, why the agitation for this state creation is so intense is because of the lucrative political economy “of black gold in Nigeria” but we should not be oblivious that one this black gold will finish then what next?

      2. support the creation for new states in Nigeria even if its not in your state and the practice of true federalism

    3. How i wish u wil undastan wat u are sayin. May God 4giv u…. Pls, say amen.

  3. Yes, ten additional state is good, but no its not five in the nouth and five in the south. It should be four in the nouth and six in the south b/c nouth already has ninteen state while south has seventeen state. So if anybody is thinking of more state creation in nigeria then this is just the only way to balance the iquation.

    1. Chueme, I agree with you. The representatives from the south are fools. There should be equal number of states in the north and south.

    2. to me creation state in nigeria is very ,very good because ,by creating more state in nigeria we also bring more rapide devolopment in the nation as a hole. yes what some people is saying is correct ,because if you are to look out it, the northernars is about 19,state there yet dey still want more state to be given to than.why nigeria is divided into three nation or three region as i may say,the northerner the southernans finally the westhernans.

    3. hey you bastard norhern nigeria and southern nigeria are not similar, north is larger more populated than south, so i think is better creat seven in the north and three in the south

      1. Am sure dis person is frm d Northern part,seh u ppw av nt gotten enough states???….. D southern part too deserve more states

  4. All they would have done is to create a viable state in the Southeast, most probably Njaba, to balance to some extent, the equation in the zones. Proliferation of states is not in our interests.

  5. okoji iroeko eke | Reply

    In my opinion, to equate the number of states between the North and South, out of the ten states that would be created, six states of Anioma, Njaba, Ogoja, Ijebu, Ahoada and Ogoni should be created in the South, and the remaining four to the North.

    1. Ununuma nweye | Reply

      You right my brother u hv jst said d truth

  6. REV. J. EBEBE | Reply


  7. I think some areas need state to solve the problem of frequent claimed marginalization by minor ethnic groups within the area most especially kogi state. They should give Okwura state to Igala kingdom. Also they should not forget to balance up the state between the north and the south.

  8. The issue of state creation in Nigeria need immediate attention as it will draw the attention of government to the rural area.

  9. I have seen a lot of comments supporting creation of new states but let us get into the economic viability of creating a state. Creation of a new state requires a gov and a dep gov, various gov departments and a new legislature. The cost remains the same no matter how big or small a state is, so these costs are borne by a smaller piece of land, and also less revenue. This leads to lesser revenue to be spent on the people. It also dosent allow the state governments to spend on infrastructure projects such as bridges and power.

    An example of this is that except the oil producing states and Lagos state all states are financially defunct, they cannot function with their own revenue and need regular handouts from the federal government. Creation of new states will only aggravate this problem and put a liabilty on the federal government.

    1. pranav, i think the thought you have shared goes against the political economy of state creation. for instance if we have pranav state with about 4million people and people agreed after due process. lets say pranav state used to recieve 4billion as subvention every month, after the creation of new state out of pranav, do u think pranav state will still be recieving 4b every month?

  10. rasheed,Ekiti state | Reply

    kudos to the planner of this great opinion of creating the new 10 states among the 36 states in Nigeria more grease to your elbow’s. But in a normal circumstances it suppose to to be range equally according to the look of wise, as far has Nigeria were shelf into 2 region, for example northern were holding 19 states and southern were holding 17 states so if another 10 states are going to be created it suppose to be 3 in northern part and 7 in southern part. But i don’t blame the government so far they know the weak point of our people in southern part especially the people call Yoruba’s they are selling there image because of money i believe we have the large number of lawyer and the large number professor and many educator’s its time to fight for the right of reality. take a look of Oyo state and Kano state which of them have the largest population its Oyo state but the local in Kano double the one in oyo and it like that in all over Nigeria and will are calling them ABOKI and they are doing great politics with great brain and experience. so southern try to wake up.

  11. Pranav makes good points. The creation of new states actually reduces the amount of money given to each state, and is very expensive because it creates new Governors, Deputy Govs, cabinet, Senators and a whole host of other hangers on that are paid from government funds.

  12. 1 want the federal government to not forget to create TORU-EBE STATE out of from the existing delta state to enable the people of IJAW to have thir sense of economy, power, political, social development etc. i want Goodluck Jonathan the PREIDENT OF THE FEDERAL OF NIGERIA TO CREATE US AN IJAW STATE, CALL TORU-EBE STATE;.

    1. Jefferson T.A.
      Haaaa Izon Your talking the real truth, we want our state, for social development, economical growth all for the benefit of our great nation Nigeria. Mr. President we support you.

  13. It’s a very good idea for the growth and development of Nigeria as a very big country to create more states so as to enhance the nation’s development. For instance creating new Oyo state out of the former while Iseyin becomes the capital city brings more development to the area as in agriculture and others which will bless Nigeria. May God bless Nigeria (AMEN).

  14. Of what benefit will this States creation be?

  15. Creation of more state in nigeria can not b over enphasized, it will actually bring the govt closser to the people. Cross River state for exampls is too big for just one state, that is the much reason why social amenities hardly get to Ogoja the nothern cross river. In my own opinion state creation is a wonderful idea but Ogoja state must b created even if the proposed ten is reduced to 1. it should b ogoja state.

    1. Yes,i support de idea of creating additional ten (10) state,next year! Well,i had some of my Nigerian’s,complaining of balance equation,it’s through that,our brother’s in de northern part of the country.called Boko Haram’s,and our brother’s in de southern part of the country,called militant’s,though,am a southerner,i hail from Ukpagada Nkum Iborr,in Ogoja Local Government Area Of Cross River State Of Nigeria,also,a student Of Cross River University Of Technology(CRUTECH),Calabar Campus.Faculty Of Science,Department Of Computer Science.Mr.President,ur excellency sir,Mr.Senator,ur excellency sir,and other of our sell fish/greedy leader’s/ other state sellers,due observed,creating of state is not a problem,let ur use year as an opportunity and address the our brother called Boko Haram,to stop calling inonsent Nigerian’s.b4 we can move on state creation,pls,mr.President,dont Ogoja State! Thank you for ur Kindest consideration,sinceselly,sign:Ugbuji,Clement

    2. I support de idea of creating additional ten (10) state,next year! Well,i had some of my Nigerian’s,complaining of balance equation,it’s through that,our brother’s in de northern part of the country.called Boko Haram’s,and our brother’s in de southern part of the country,called militant’s,though,am a southerner,i hail from Ukpagada Nkum Iborr,in Ogoja Local Government Area Of Cross River State Of Nigeria,also,a student Of Cross River University Of Technology(CRUTECH),Calabar Campus.Faculty Of Science,Department Of Computer Science.Mr.President,ur excellency sir,Mr.Senator,ur excellency sir,and other of our sell fish/greedy leader’s/ other state sellers,due observed,creating of state is not a problem,let ur use year as an opportunity and address the our brother called Boko Haram,to stop calling inonsent Nigerian’s.b4 we can move on state creation,pls,mr.President,dont Ogoja State! Thank you for ur Kindest consideration,sinceselly,sign:Ugbuji,Clement

  16. yes, i support more state creation in nigeria but the sourtherners should know that regional population is the point.At last nomatter what, karaduwa state must be form & lasanawa should be the capital city!

  17. i support the motion: ten state creation in nigeria. seven state to the north and three state to the sourth, this is because regional population remain the determining factor. dear mr.president Goodluck E.Jonathan, karaduwa state should be the first on the list because of long years struggle.

  18. Zaphnathpaaneah | Reply

    Not just the creation of ten more states, but rather southern, western, northern, and eastern nigeria states as an answer to our pro in the country bros

  19. creation of state is good but let not forget about d ogonis which whare in it. OGONI is supposed to be a kingdom but sceince day don’t one to give a kingdom den d bori state must be created northing on dis world shuld change it

  20. we want to be liberated from kwara state.(the yorubas)

    1. Yea is time for us to librate from kwara state,M.O.B REPRESENT YORUBA TO THE FULLEST…yea am me….

  21. @Dan,yu are very well on course.enough of this mixture and misplaced identity.YORUBAS MUST be given a state to extract them out from there.

  22. Kabe Humphrey J. | Reply

    The creation of more states in Nigeria is a welcome development as it will enhance the needed development in our great country. The bane of Nigeria’s development is the lack of states and way tribal groups are wrongly interwoven in some states; thank God Nigeria has woken from her slumber. I would have advocated for more states than the Ten that are about to be created. Though there are formalities for the creation of states, but the interest of our people and the much needed development of the remote parts of our great country should be central part judgement. Imagine the oil rich Niger Delta Region that is devoid of all sorts development, most especially the IJAWS; because they have been wrongly prioritzed in the creation states. The IJAWS are coastline people, it is an indisputable fact. Today, why is the IJAW nation undeveloped, despite their huge contribution to the accelerated development of NIGERIA as a nation? The answer is simple! It is because they haven been wrongly prioritized with other ethnicity in most states. If the NIGERIA should be judgemental and fair to the IJAW nation, more states should be created for the IJAWS. I use this medium to advocate for the creation of TORU-EBE STATE for the IJAW, and plead to my brethren in the realm of leadership of this country NIGERIA, especially those in the National Assembly to be fairly judgemental by honour the IJAW nation with the creationof at least of TORU-EBE STATE. One NIGERIA, Great People Great Nation.

    1. Akintoye O. Innocent | Reply

      Helo Sir,

      Thank you for your brilliant initiative on your article on the creation Toru-ebe State.
      It is good, but then where would the capital be situated and is any major mineral resources ascribe state is state?

      thank you

      Akintoye Innocent

      1. Haaaa Izon!!!! God bless Izon, God bless Nigeria

      2. Akinyeju saheed | Reply

        Is inportant to creat state especialy oduduwa state to created becous is cradle yorubaland i advise mr president senate president how ever belong creation of state to make oduduwa state realyte ile ife as capita god bless nigeria amen

  23. Creating more states would actually mean LESS oil money to states since there would be more states to share the money amongst.

  24. @ Max,
    We may not want more states but how do you erase the sense of injustice in the spread of states that is against the Southeast?

    It would have been right to argue for another state in the Southeast between the present Anambra and Imo states, or we reintroduce true federalism in Nigeria. Remember there is more need for all in Nigeria to remain contented so as to have peace for all its inhabitantsas well as justice which are the first habingers of development.

  25. Ozo, but the creation of more states does not “erase the sense of injustice”. It worsens it because getting a new state actually means there is LESS money to give to each state. This state creation business is terribly expensive as it means more Governors, Deputy Governors, civil servants, Reps, Senators, special assistants and whole host of hangers on who have to be created in the new state at federal government expense.

    1. @ Max,
      From your argument, the Southeast does not require a new state because you would want the zone to remain so under-represented at the National Assembly, in the federal civil service, in the army, etc? Because you would not want the existing states to be deprived of a few million Naira of their monthly allocations in order to create a much more harmonious co-existence for all in Nigeria, which in itself enhances development?
      You only count the kobos and not the overall interests and unity of Nigeria regarding the necessity for justice and fair play in the nation’s polity. A bus stop argument you have.

      In a short cut, you don’t seem to understand the rationale behind the drive by every right thinking person in and outside the Southeast for justice (semblance of equity) regarding the paucity of states in the Southeast.
      Signing off from this line.

      1. Baridam dumbari | Reply

        Creation of state i think is a good idea,because we are not in militry government againt.the much is that nigeria’s operating democracy still yet nothing have been dose,even the ogoni’s who have tested sufer and death hanging,nigeria still ignor them,but i think that with govern of president janathan,he will list ogoni’s at the first.

        1. I suport more creation of state to make government move closer to d people especially ppl frm rural place and ppl will enjoy divides of democrace more so i appeal to mr presiden and how ever belong state creation afiars we need oduduwa state ile ife as capita ile ife deserve to be honour as state capita because is a cradle yorubaland even if is one state will be creat shoud be a oduduwa state insha allahu (amin) god bless nigeria (amin)

      2. Baridam dumbari | Reply

        Creation of state i think is a good idea,because we are not in militry government againt.the much is that nigeria’s operating democracy still yet nothing have been dose,even the ogoni’s who have tested sufer and death hanging,nigeria still ignor them,but i think that with govern of president janathan,he will list ogoni’s at the first.

  26. Ozo, please tell me how creating more states will create a much more harmonious Nigeria. We have created 36 states and not a single one of those created more harmony. State creation did not stop Niger Delta violence, Sharia/religious bloodletting or corruption. The state creation system is just a great big gravy train to put more people on the government payroll.

  27. @ Silloun
    You don’t know how equity in the distribution of states (resource allocation) in Nigeria can bring about harmony in Nigeria? Let me break it down for you in a kindergatten ABC terms: If we have an honest system what is ripe now is creating a new state in the Southeast and nothing more. You have six children, you share your earnings to them this way: one gets five Naira, the other has 7 Naira, each of the other four gets 6 naira. The one that gets 5 Naira has been crying over the years regarding the burden he encounters based on the obvious insufficiency of the 5 Naira you give him. He has been asking that his share be increased to at least 6 Naira. Do you believe that the 5 Naira child must go on with his burden of inequity against him and you at the same time expect harmony to reign in your house? People like you who are already confortable in the states they exist or are content with the present political structure of Nigeria invent untenable excuses to deny the 5 Naira offspring what should have been due to him a long time ago. At worst, a situation is invented where those other five children that had been getting 7 Naira and 6 Naira started again to ask for additions to their shares. Then through unreasonable arguments from people of your sort – arguments like non-viable nature of most of the already existing states, creation of new governors, commissioners, political appointees, putting more people on government pay-roll, depletion of funds that should have gone round to the already existing states, etc., – you ask for total embargo on creating new states without considering the plight of the burdened 5 Naira offspring. So what sort of harmony do you expect in your family? Suppress or brow-beat the 5 Naira offspring to submission to have peace and harmony? Impossible! I hope this ABC analysis is okay for you? On the other hand, if you (the State) do not want to be disturbed further by this 5 Naira offspring of yours for resource allocation, you declare that henceforth, all of your six offsprings should go and manage themselves with whatever they have in their domains. No more need for the you (the State) to collect and share resources, no more need for the offsprings to depend on the common pool for their monthly subsistence. That is supposed to be another option to harmony for Nigeria of today. But this option may not be easy to be agreed upon by all the six offsprings, so the easier option is to bring equity to resourse distribution through the creating of at least one more state in the Southeast. Signing off finally from this line.

    1. Ozo,let me ask you a question.The N5 previously given 2 dat child,what did he do with it? I will not join hands in asking for more states in order to get more money,until the one given is properly utilised.This money you are talking about,trust me if gotten will not be seen by the populace.The govt alone will eat,so whats the need of it? It does not also occur to you that there’s no way, you can create states in the south without creating in the north.The north will fight it and that could cause another round of violence.Besides how can you seek equality without corresponding population? Whether u like it or not creation of more states can never make us population equal,so why even try? This idea of more states is so lame.American States are so big that they have their own flags,anthem,airlines etc.But they are properly managed by their govt even up to the grass root level.More states does not necessarily mean more govt attention at the grass roots.If the govt want to look into as well as take care of those at the grass roots,they wont need more states.

    2. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      You just want your Njiaba state.This is why previous governors in your state have been sifting resources to their hometowns to prep them as new state capitals. What needs to be done is to undo the current system whereby states that produce oil and other goodies send their proceeds first to the central govt which then decides how much each state is entitled to based on population. This is a ridiculous system of revenue allocation which clearly robs Paul to pay Peter for contributing nothing.If we introduce this kind of fiscal federalism you will see all the states coalescing into economic blocs for viability. Then we can talk of development and all that.What we call states right now are nothing more than what General Ironsi did in 1966 when he divided the country into 36 provinces for administrative purposes.

  28. The new state is a welcome idea,and for the the good of all Nigeria.
    ORLU STATE should be the first first to be consider …..

  29. Creation of more state a is welcoming development, but they should look out for the Delta Ijaws in the riverine area, creating state will make not the people but the govt to develop, it will definitely major out the strenght of the peoples ideas and sense of hamony, my people has suffered alot of the brutality from the Nigeria soldier, Neighboring village and others, give us the chance to be responsible of our ownself we develop the country.

  30. In the Southeast, Njaba/Orlu/Orashi – any state going by any of these three names comprising parts of Anambra south senatorial zone and all of Imo West senatorial zone – stands out first as the most viable for new state in the East.

  31. Goodluck Duudee | Reply

    It is a welcome idea if the govt of Nigeria today have decided that they intend to create more states. In creating more, the fact that there should be a balance should be considered between the north and the south and also considering creating states where they can produce what can sustain them. I will suggest the creation of 10 as was proposed if actually proposed that 3 should be from the north while the balance 7 be from the south. In this ratio the south east should have 2 preferably Njaba and Adada or better still create Anioma and add to S/E, then Bori state from the south south which I am saying should not be compromised by any, and Ogoja state from the present cross river, and finally 1 for the Ijaw (IZON) sovereign nation for being a suffering child like the Ogonis and then 2 from the South West. The north west 1, north east 1 and north central 1. This I believe is a fair judgement

  32. 10 more states is good,because we still have governor like ALAO AKALA, the most unactive and stupid of governors.

  33. Okun state is long over due. Dimeji Bankole, you can not Sweep it under the carpet because of the Squable between you and Dino Melaiye. Okun State! Okun State!! Okun State!!!

    1. Equity & justice,new state shld be Aba state

  34. The proposed okun state consists of Kabba, Bunu, Oworo,Ijumu, East yagba, West yagba kingdoms from the present Kogi state, possibly koro in kwara state and Omuo- oke in the present Ekiti state who are Okuns respectively.

  35. Creating 5 new States in the South is a welcome idea. However, let the Eleme and Ogoni be name OGONEME STATE with the capital in Eleme to avoid internal problem.

    1. The north west has 7 states, others has 6 states each while the south east has only 5 states.Any good reasoning Nigerian should know that the south east has been cheated out of the equation. In my opinion, 2 states should be created in the south east and one each in the other 6 geo-political zones minus north west.

  36. about the creation of the state I think Oyo State should be divided into two Ibadan and Ibarapa joint together to form a state while Ogbomoso should be joined with Osun, while Oke Ogun Should also be created with the capital in Saki Town.

  37. Chief Anderson EA | Reply

    Creation of more state would be good,but it will be better if AKPAKIP-ORO Created for ORO NATION’s sense of belonging actualization.

  38. Sir Akan Akan Bassey jnr. | Reply

    New creation is a good development. since 5 states is given to south, there should be AKPAKIP ORO State for oron people. they have sea, the airport, they have oil, a good boundary, etc. Akpakip oro is now located in present Akwa Ibom state.


  40. I am not in support of 5 and 5 in south and north because the northers had been cheaping the south for long time. If the congress people form the south are stupid they should go ahead.

  41. after critical examination and comparison with usa law , india and china i found out dat nigeria is far 4rm ben united as one .d us law state dat 4 a state to be created it must hv d stadad land mass.population while china creat base on marginalised ethnic group wit large land mass and pop

  42. Creation of new state is just a vague. It increases crime level in a criminaly known political nation of NIGERIA. What about the previous 36 states? Have they been stablised and equipt with essential infraustructures? What has a common person benefited for beign a citizen of that loud and empty oil Nation ( Nigeria)?
    Creation of FCT Abuja is one of the major factor that led to the failure of that Nation.
    FGN borrowed foreign loans in the expence of the south oil well to build a useless capital city “ABUJA” that yielded nothing to the Nation than bogus expences and budget every year. Gowon,Muritala and Obasanjo’s millitary administration started this stupid creation of New Capital Abuja, which was solidly created for tribal sake and not for neccesity, otherwise LAGOS and it’s capital teritory’s like Ogun state and Oyo state could had remain the nations capital while the money they lavished between 1975 – 1990 to develope a forest like ABUJA could has been used to improve the quality of health and life of the citizens of Nigeria. Healthcare, Healthy Foods, Education, Electricity , Transportation and good communication system is only affordable for people that was closed to the goverment. As at 1980’s we had “Operation Ghana must Go” in order to stablise the economy and fight inflation. Ghana people later left the country and inflation became worst. No government had ever questioned the importance of waisting all this money in creating Abuja which also gave opportunity for many millitary and politicians to transfer government funds to thier private accounts oversees, later they still came out and won election respectively while some of them were on the race for the next coming election. Nigerian Government kept looking up to be like western world but never for one day think like western governments. Nigeria currency has the poorest value among all the OPEC nations of the world. Nigeria is the only OPEC Nation of the world whom their citizens were roaming around, looking for odd jobs to feed themselves in other Nations, Many Millions of Nigerian citizens are still strugling to get themselves out of Nigeria every day.

  43. what is are the news state to be created in nigeria.i need to know

  44. I Love That But Remember Okwura State In North central

    1. I have been in full support of State Creation especially for the people of Kaduna State. The state is highly populate, with all economic potentialities, good future developmental attributes if additional state is given them. The people will have a sense of belonging in the country. Thank God, both the North and the Southern parts of the state are in total agreement for the split. National Assembly TAKE NOTE.

  45. GOD bless Nigeria greatly in CHRIST JESUS our Lord and Messiah, Amen! I hereby passionately urge all members of the Nigerian National Assembly to unite on the issue of states creation and create OGOJA STATE among other eligible states so as to accelerate real grassroots development and address historical imbalances arising from our immediate past. Nigeria’s major problem is poor leadership at virtually every level of governance. States creation is not our problem. Our leaders should fervently pray for wisdom and humility from GOD Almighty so as to lead Nigerians and Nigeria profoundly and impeccably. They should learn to serve people diligently. By so doing they will graduate to become good leaders. Leadership begins with honest, sustained service to ordinary people in our communities and neighbourhoods.

  46. Gowon divided Nigeria in to twelve states on 27th may,1967. Murtala Muhammed created seven new state in 1976. Babangida,Abacha and Obasanjo created more seventheen states b/ween 1991 to 2007 during their tenor, including FCT Abuja.
    Creation of all these states does not contribute nothing from 1967 till today, Then FGN should try to create a new republic instead of new states. It makes no sence deceiving ourselves ” Oil and water can never put together and remain the same” Oil will always hang on top of the water, which makes it clear that they are not naturally compatible even though they are all liquid”
    Northern Nigerians has their own way of reasoning and Southerners had theirs, you can never change destiny. What seems so important to the southerners may be unimportant to Northerners vice-versa. It’s better to divide Nigeria in to two (south and Northern republic)Then we take it from there.

  47. Yes i agreed with the creation of 10 new states but let it be equal no zone in nigeria should desive one another like the nouth we have 19states and 17at south is not surpose let every thing should be egual.

    1. Hussaini ISAH Aliyu | Reply

      for so many reason we have the important of state creation.Niger state is the largest state with landmass and EDU STATE which should be created from rich land of kwara and Niger should be heavily considered so as liberate the heavy human and nature resource in the area to our great nation.

  48. Nigeria doesn’t need more states, since Abuja and Lagos is designated Capitals, they had to peacefully divide the country into two parts (North and South)Creations of new states from 1967 till today did not solve our ethnic problems then lets try to have two republics.

  49. Ahmed Abubakar S. Y. Kutigi | Reply

    Good day to whom it may concern, please nigerians creation of more states shoud not be our problemes for now. Lets concentrate on the political crises which is gradualy trying to lead to religions crises in nigeria today.The muslims and the cristians of today are not as those of yesterday, Please nigerians we have nothing to show to the world since the independace and now our political leaders are inviting war. Let me put this to your notice that there is no any verse of Qur’an that say a muslim should kill without any reason prescribed by Allah, also the Bible it is clearly stated that thou shall not kill. Oh nigerians lets visite these before thinking of creating more states.
    Ahmed Abubakar S. Y. Kutigi.

  50. Ahmed Abubakar S. Y. Kutigi | Reply

    Good day to whom it may concern, please nigerians creation of more states shoud not be our problemes for now. Lets concentrate on the political crises which is gradualy trying to lead to religious crises in nigeria today.The muslims and the cristians of today are not as those of yesterday, Please nigerians we have nothing to show to the world since the independant and now our political leaders are inviting war. Let me put this to your notice that there is no any verse of Qur’an that say a muslim should kill without any reason prescribed by Allah, also in the Bible it is clearly stated that thou shall not kill. Oh nigerians lets visite these before thinking of creating more states.
    Ahmed Abubakar S. Y. Kutigi.
    Staff.COREN Abuja.

  51. Even if the new states will not have governors, please give us EQUITY STATE from the existing Enugu and Ebonyi state.

    1. “Equity State”?

    2. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Ahmed Abubakar S. Y. Kutigi: Please read an interesting article posted at the following link:http://www.crisisgroup.org/~/media/Files/africa/west-africa/nigeria/168%20Northern%20Nigeria%20-%20Background%20to%20Conflict.ashx
      IFEANYI AGWU: What in the world is an equity state without a governor? Are you guys planning to go on a looting spree? Why creat thses “equity states” from only Enugu and Ebonyi states? What is going on here? Will the creation of Anioma state satisfy you? Just curious.

  52. Omangima Harry | Reply

    the creation of new states will definitely in the area of decentralization and bring government closer to the people, create jobs for the teeming unemployed of this country. I will not fail to support the creation of ALAMINJI STATE out of the present Rivers and Bayelsa States for equitable representation and balance power sharing. Growth and expansion are inevitable.

  53. The creation of more states in the north is a welcome idea. Because this will help in putting an end some crises in the North. Most especially Kaduna and Jos.

    I really support the idea

  54. I think it is time for the good people of ogoja to be created out of cross river state

  55. It should be two states in south east plus anioma state from the present delta state to join south east. Ahoada and ogoja then one in other zones except northwest that already have seven

  56. If we are not ready equity, let us go for two republics ( south and north). We can never move like one nation. The north believes that power is their birth right. When we path ways they will rule themselves for ever and may fight and kill themselves forever. We are not one, let us stop deceiving ourselves. I can live in the north without fear of losing my life, yet we say we are one country

  57. If we are not ready for equity and fairness, let us go for two republics ( south and north). We can never move like one nation. The north believes that power is their birth right. When we path ways they will rule themselves for ever and may fight and kill themselves forever. We are not one, let us stop deceiving ourselves. I can live in the north without fear of losing my life, yet we say we are one country

    1. I can live in the north without fear of losing my life, yet we say we are one country
      >>> Did you really say this? You CAN live in the North without fear of losing your life?
      Ah!Did you mean to say the exact opposite?I mean dealing with these uncultured, uncivilized barbarians would make you think otherwise.

  58. My friend, NO! it ‘s exactly opposite. I cannot live in the Northern Nigeria without fear of loosing my life. It is better for me to live in Cameroun than to live in the northern nigeria. My life is more secured in Cameroun than in Northern Nigeria, yet we still claim One Nigeria. WE ARE NOT ONE Ooh! We need two republics not more states.

    1. Max Siollun | Reply

      Do we truly believe that two republics will solve Nigeria’s problems? It will not resolve the Niger Delta issue or corruption.

      1. charles king | Reply

        Yes, two republic will solve that problem, Niger Delta will never be an issue if we do the right thing.Corruption had been existing for centuries even in the western world, but it had to be minimized with mutual understanding, atleast the children of the south should live to enjoy or breath in the smell of that crude oil for one day in their life.

    2. Just wanted to make sure with are on the same page.BTW did you guys see the comment credited to the governor of Bauchi State regarding the death of the murdered youth corpers from the south? That was one hell of a statement which speaks volume about this one Nigeria business.Here is a link for you:
      http://www.thenationonlineng.net/2011/index.php/editorial/4805-yuguda%E2%80%99s-bombshell.html This is one hell of a statement coming from the chief executive of a state where many young innocent lives were extinguished. Does this guy know more about the concept of one Nigeria(at least his understanding of it) than the rest of us naive follow follow people may ever know? Just curious.

  59. We may make all the noise here. The truth is that Nigeria needs just one state alone to be created in the southeast – most poss)ibly from Imo and Anambra states (any between Njaba or Orlu proposals, the most viable). The need is to erase the current cheating of the huge populalation of people originating from the southeast and scattered all over Nigeria and beyond.

  60. There’s no 4 creatin additional states in Nigeria it will only worsen the situation on ground…let’s address d basic needs of life d masses re realy sufferin,provide d basic needs of life and 4get d issues of additional states…hissss.

  61. I do not need to tell everybody how big Benue State is, but you all know that. And if i’m to give reason(s) why i said Benue State need to be even more than 2 States, by physical and documented facts some Local Government Area like Kwande, Ushongo and Vandeikya LGA to mention but a few are much bigger than some States in Nigeria. so, there every need for Benue State to be given at least 2 additional States

  62. 10 more state will be fine because it will bring government closer to the people but please we should not for get orashi state please before you mention one or two the next should the orashi state for development thanks

  63. Ofere timothy ede | Reply

    State creation will be d greatest thing that has happen to Nigeria, mostly ogoja state.

  64. Orimili state for life!

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply


  65. Adada state must be created

  66. if must say creation of state is one of the best the democracy government of today should do in other to help eradicate poverty in our country, yes at least resources will be able to reach some other part of the country where it seems there are not member of the country oh pls don’t stop this it will really help this is our new hope (southerner)

  67. Ekuson Debango | Reply

    For those of you clamouring for the creation of more states, I urge you to look at the current map of the country and see if you recognize it from the map before Mr. Gowon started us down this road to insanity. Remember that with the exception of two or three states in the country no state has what it takes to sustain itself. What I am saying here is that the creation of more states doesn’t mean squat if all these states end doing is going to Abuja every month for handout(see “economic confidential” ). I can certainly argue that the creation of states destroyed the creative potentilal of the nation where each region strived to contribute its fair share to national development and did more in distabilizing and underdeveloping the country like now before. States are simply a cashcow for a few privileged individuals who make hest to hijack the state apparatus for personal gains. It is that simple. What we need is to restructure the country to correct Gowon’s ill-conceived childish understanding of governance.

  68. the north dont have populatn to compare wit the south they only reside in their land, northerners ar mainly heard but ar nt seen tell me in any part of the country or the world where you will nt see igbos. So for eguity, the creatn of state shoud base on equity and fairness. The north hs 19 already while the south need more 2 to balance it.

  69. the north dont have populatn to compare wit the south they only reside in their land having landmass does nt mean that the are large, northerners ar mainly heard but ar nt seen tell me in any part of the country or the world where you will nt see igbos. So for the sake of eguity, the creatn of state shoud base on equity and fairness. The north hs 19 already while the south need more 2 to balance it. The 3 main zones of the country should have 8 states each while other zones 7 each. Southeast need at least 3 more states(anioma, njaba and aba) to show that they are one of the 3 largest ethnic zone in Nig.

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      For those of you clamouring for the creation of more states in the southeast I got news for you. How about the following links:



      The more states you creat the less money goes to existing states in real terms and the less development you will have. It is not like the supply of funds is endless. The states will be forced to the at least the same with less money only to end up doing less in very practical terms.Like I said before,Mr Gowon stated us down this idiotic path as a stop-gap measure aimed for a particula purpose. So far the only states that can really survive with federal largesse are Lagos and Kano. The only thing these two have in common is their population.

      1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

        What is this all about? You detest the truth and my honest analysis of events as opposed to the views of some of the children who were only born yesterday? Why don’t you just go ahead and block me form this site ? As a matter of fact I am done posting here.

        1. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria, state creation brings development and government more closer to our citizenry. Consider Lagos – Ogun state densely over populated. Let their be creation of IJEBU state. Thanks. Mosaku..

          1. Instead of creating this new states, why not use that fund to transform those parcel of land into a steady agricultural farmland that could yield more money for the nation year after year. Waisting those piece of land to erect a new office buildings does not solve the immediate problems of the inhabitants of that state or the Nation itself, rather it increases the nations economic setbacks since we don’t pay reasonable property taxes in this country.(Nigeria)
            For instance, Abuja and its capital territories was a natural blessed parcel of land designated for growing of wheat and Maize, Government ignore the nature and convert Abuja soil to Federal capital Territory that does not yield a dime to the nation than continous fund and extravargant expences year after year. Agriculture is a great source of economy boosting than creation of new state especially in a poor, uncivilized and under-developed nation like Nigeria. The proposed fund for the new state creation, if converted it to agriculture it will yield ten times profit every year and forever which will surely give the nation the legal power to export food products overseas and alleviate hunger and starvation in the land while creating room for different job opportunities and dependless on foreign fertilized and chemical made foods that increased the chance for different unknown diseases to Nigerians.
            There is no tangible reason to creat a new state for now. Creating a new state now is just a means of sharing the crude oil money to individuals that has access to the corridor of power excluding the poor masses. You can not creat a new state when the nation and its economy is unstable. Some of the cash and food crops that was demolished during the construction of previous created States had not been replaced till today, there by increasing farmine and high cost of food in the nation.

            1. charlesking is the above writter and not annonymous. Just tired of listening to this story of creation of new state here and there before I decided to say hellow again to this forum.

            2. There are significantly more empty – fallow farm lands than erecting new capitals would destroy. New states creation may not be a good priority in Nigeria at this time. What Nigeria needs urgently is a cultural revolution. This would need a reorientation of our leadership into thinking, feeling and doing what is right, just and honest for ordinary Nigerians. At this time, it seems that Nigerian wealth is in the hands of a few – usually politicians and some of their very close associates. The ordinary person is left out.
              Should we – Nigerians, demand a more responsible and caring government? I wonder if anyone would feel otherwise.
              The closest governments to our people are our local governments. If well managed, they should be able to meet the need for a more closer and more grassroots targeted developments. May be creating more local governments may serve us better. Who knows?
              Dan. Akusobi.

              1. Prof. nwankwo .USA | Reply

                I will be happy if 10 new states are created to include Afikpo south and north,old ohaozara,Okigwe Awgu as a new state. New states means developing
                an underdeveloped areas. Please, this state to be called Esu state or whatever it may be called

                1. THe great Dorga | Reply

                  If the federal government did not take time they will employ a very big war in the country. How can they create up to ten states without involving all the region in the country, is it fear.

  70. My Main aim of supporting the creation of new state is because it will help 2 bring more development in NigerIa most especially in the area of unemployment, it will help 2 reduce the tendancy of uneployment here in Nigeria taxx

    1. My Main aim of supporting the creation of new state is because it will help 2 bring more development in NigerIa most especially in the area of unemployment, it will help 2 reduce the tendancy of uneployment here in Nigeria taxx

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      Ekwua frankline chinonso
      November 3, 2011

      >>>> You sure ain’t following the indigene-non-indigene brouhaha unfolding between Abia and other Ibo states. The creation of more states in the southeast will not only stifle development it will also exacerbate this issue of who is Abian and who is not.

  71. Capt.Jacob Iseopa G | Reply

    Thanks God for the planned State creation,please expedite action on it.
    It will open up those forgotting and neglected areas by the criminal leaders. Government will be closer to the people.
    The various tiers of Government are finding it difficult to develop the people living in the swampy areas of the country.
    Creat the Toru ebe State,for the people to develop themselves.

  72. Capt.Jacob Iseopa G | Reply

    Thanks God for the planned State creation,please expedite action on it.
    It will open up those forgotten and neglected areas by the criminal leaders.The Government will be more closer to the people.
    The various tiers of Government are finding it difficult to develop the people living in the swampy areas of the country.
    Creat the Toru ebe State,for the people to develop themselves.

    1. CAPTAIN here is the way it works: Nigeria is not getting any more revenue thn it presently receives.So creating a new state simply implies splitting the meager allocation of the state from which the new state was created. Bear in mind that the new state with little or no resource will scurry to build infrastrue mainly for top functionaries by borrowing and adding to our foreign debt. Remember that the Obj administration used to deduct money from state allocations to service the debt accrued by individual states .Now the new state obvious will start appointing state functionaries(looters) which means there will be nothing left to trickle down to the common person who will now suffer more crushing poverty never before known to mankind.The standard of education will wash down the gutter due to a dearth of qualified personnel and lack of funds to bring it up to par. Then you’d be lucky to have a clinic talk less of a functioning hopistal coupled with a lack of proper personnel to run them. What we need now is to consolidate. Ironically, the 36 state structure is nothing more than the 36 provinces proposed by General Aguiyi Ironsi back in 1966. Has anybody thought of these bankrupt states as nothing more than glorified provinces expcept the states a jam-packed with all manner of state functionaries.This whole exercise is retrogressive in my humble opinion.Polling resources will be the better approach. Please visit this site to learn how revenue allocation works. The site publishes how much each state receives every month as a way of educating the indigenes of each state how their state governments divvy the loot.Pay attention to states with oil and mineral and then most northern states without oil:
      Your friend , Ekuson Debango

  73. Here is how some ex-governors spent your money. This is still developing as we speak because the useless EFCC investigations are ongoing. Useless because in the end nobody will serve prison time let alone get shoot for this crime. Enjoy. Your beacon of light, Ekuson Debango:


    1. Creation of states is essential to enhance regional /rural developement and eradicate marginalization of one group by another group.
      There,s no area that state creation is more needed in Nigeria than the South East that has only 5 states instead of 6 for others and 7 for North west.
      And there’s no such state that will meet all the criteria of state creation in South East more than ADADA state carved out of Enugu state.

      The creation of ADADA state will eradicate the marginalization of Nsukka cultural zone and increase production of various agricultural products in South Eastern zone. The geographic area of ADADA state is larger than any other existing state in Nigeria and will be a rich viable state

  74. pls we need Igbomina state in southwest nigeria

  75. Adegboyega aderonbi | Reply

    It is a good idea to create more state,but they shld not forget the source of Yoruba race which is Ile-Ife, asking for Oduduwa state. Because it home for all.

  76. That is nice motion of creating the new states in 9ja for 9ja peopes

  77. More state will bring more development to our nation.
    If you look at it, you will see that the distance from one state to another use take 2 & 1/2 cos of bad road. But with the creation of new states, the expenditure of a state will be less to maintain its environment.

  78. engr ajisafe mayeloye,from osun state,but now in london,uk | Reply

    creating more states will bring government nearer to the people,create more jobs,make governance more effective and spread facilities more evenly

  79. I congratulate all those who support the creation of state but they are too egosentric and sentimental. I belief that federal government knows which state qualified or not. Do we forget so soon that Adada State was endorsed by National assembly on monday 14 december, 2009. In fact, For me I prefer no more one Nigeria. The Northerners enough is enough.

  80. Its gud nigeria creat new states urgntly d youth need jobs, sm ethnic groups re dying b’cos of maginalyzatn pls we wnt mr states

  81. Its gud nigeria creat new states urgntly d youth need jobs, sm ethnic groups re dying b’cos of maginalyzatn pls we wnt more states especially Toru ibe state in d s-s

  82. can we know the names of the state to be created?

  83. let d creation of d state be approve by the respective cancle of the country pls over popullation is too much in some path of the country places like kano,lagos ect.

  84. Nigeria indeed is a great country,no doubt.But looking at the country,the way it is being managed,their is no doubt in my that the issue of the creation of more states is a most, to calm down tension.The ogoni for instance is agitating for a state in order to bring development closer to their people. But Looking at their economic contribution to the development of nigeria,their is no gainsay the fact the ogonis really deserve a state afterall,most of the states created during the military era are not as viable as ogonis’.States should be created to complement the existing one.Other minority ethnic group be also considered.GBARAKA,NP

  85. Actually the creation of new state in northern part of nigeria expecially the proposed southern plateau state will bring us of the present crasis in our region.

  86. Creation of new states is needed. But dont forget creation of HADEJIA STATE out of jigawa state. Because of it ecomomics to country (farming) agricultural.

  87. they need to another state epecially in the south inorder to balance the ratio.

  88. Omoniyi olusola | Reply

    Please let create more state because we are suffering too much

  89. olisa obiefoka | Reply

    If creation of more state will solve nigerian predicarments let them creat but it will equal state in the whole geo_political zone because south is 5states while others are 6 states

  90. They all are there for money sake q

  91. I soport the 10 state creation but we shult be rimembad on GURARA STATE that is we the sauthan kaduna becouse we are taied .

  92. The creation of ten additional new states to my humble opinion is neccessary, bcs what it being refusing for the comman man by the government will be giving. Government will surely come very close to the people, and people would get to know their right and responsibility and they would be fully prepare to fight for their right and freedom. But the issues of 5 or 6 state should be create in the north or sourth is not neccessary, but the states should be created, so that people might get closure to th govt.

  93. creation of more states in Nigeria is good most especially in north-west region e.g Daura senotorial zone me curved out from katsina state as ”Bayajidda state” because Daura zone is an emirate and the most oldest city in the northern nigeria is the ancient city of Daura. further more; Daura has produces many leaders in this country this includes General Muhammad Buhari, Sani zangon Daura and many other fomer military governors, many ministers ambassadors and so on. Also Daura is the origin of Hausa traditional administration and in the earliest times, Daura is the capital of the Hausa land. So let Bayajidda state be the first state to be created

  94. Emmanuel Ugbon | Reply

    state creation is supported, we are talking of one Nigeria we all know the regions that are due for state eg Ogoja state and others etc. if we create more states in a particulare region we are demanding for division if the country because some region has highier number of states.

  95. Ibrahim Adamu | Reply

    I strongly believe the motion of creating motion State in Nigeria because Niger State need to be seperated because it has the largest land map. And creating Kainji State will be the best because the will be created from three northern state Niger,Kwara and Kebbe State .

  96. Chinedu ezike | Reply

    State creation is very important in Nigeria. Adada state should be created to bring government closer the people of Nsukka and its neighbourhood. This area has been neglected and the masses are far from govt. Also, i strongly believe that southern representatives in national assembly are weak by agreeing equal number of states in south and north to be created when north has 19 states and south has 17.

    1. Chinedu i support you for the creation of state called adada becos nsukka is large and we are far from govt

  97. govt should not for kogi state o, bcos we need new state

  98. The creation of state in naija is good,it bring employment and development in a country but is not the creation of state is the problem nigeria have

  99. It ll be very helpful for those in IVO local govt area of Ebonyi state especially “Ishiagu” precisely because they are not surpose to be in that state.

  100. yes to avoid calamities in our country the senate, and the house of representative should support the creation of state, if and after when the state is been given if the rate of corruptions wil reduce. Thanks

  101. Ten New States in Nigeria.
    A welcome news it seems. Yes , 10 more states to the existing 36 states would make it 46. What about the remaining 4 to round it to 50 states so that we would not need to go through the hassles of new state demands in the near future.
    A saying in Igbo paraphrased (English translation ) thus “anybody can befriend my mother sofar all my due rights are given to me” would be the consolation of some of us who believe that we do not really need 46 states to guarantee equitable distribution of development projects if the intents for creating local governments is honestly followed.
    Nigeria has been evolving from regional administrations to the current 36 state arrangement in out short 50 yrs post independence history. As much as we have split beyond sometimes Natural boundaries, we are yet to mature in realizing that these splits should be seen as political arrangements and not as reasons to defranchise and disown ourselves some locations we know and call home. The descrimination that sometimes arise from some of these splits is as bad as tribalism.
    A recent example is this, some time 2 yrs ago, one of the drones in Abia state laid off some teachers in Abia citing that they are not from Abia state. The laid off teachers are truely Nigerians. Some were born in Abia by parents who would hardly feel they are in wrong place in a place they know as home, lived and worked, invested and raised their kids.
    My people, most of the teachers and civil servants that lost their jobs in Abia state are from Igbo speaking areas of Nigeria – Anioma, anambra, Imo, Enugu, Eboyi. The governor effectively implied that the teachers are no Nigerias as such should go back to their country of origin. I hardly would know if other governors reciprocated by firing
    their workers who are not from such states. Is this what a civilzed leadership and civil minds would do?
    In the same manner, some communities that were in peace and enjoying slow and steady progress got stagnated simply because a new authonomous community was carved out of the existing one.
    We tend to emulate such countries as USA without making any efforts in developing such spirits of unity despite region of origin.
    We fight over which zone or state produces the next president. If it is one Nigeria, what we reaaly need is a Nigerian to be the president of Nigeria and not whether he or she is from the North or South , or whether he speaks Igbo, Housa or Yuruba. We get bordered about where the president comes from because of maginalizations some states or parts of Nigeria has gone through and still do simply because the president is a lot far from that region. Should that be the case if we are truely one Nigeria.
    In recent times, the Southerners especially some Igbos in the North has been displaced and some lives lost in the guise of religious rioting especially in the North of Nigeria thereby making the Iggbos feel they are in wrong places in their country. Is that what “one Nation” one destiny ( Shagari slogan) means for a people?
    If our politicians would be a little patriotic, futuristic and show some love for the ordinary people , we would not need 46 states to ensure equitable distribution and care of the country as a whole.
    We were once North and South of Nigeria, later Eastern, Western, Mid western and Northern Nigeria. Later 12 states, then 19. were we 21 states sometime ago? (i have forgotten) The idea is this, we might be misdirecting priority in disguise with carving out new more states each time we turn arround. At this stage in our history, and with great distrust of our very dishonest polity and politicians (some any way), our focus should be more on developing the local governments and and promoting private enterprises – industries, education and employment opportunities for our increasing youth population.
    For ordinary people and for what we know already, an ordinary person, whether a state is new or old makes no significant difference. What matters most is – job opportnitities, aminities such as regular power supply, good roads, quality education, food and security. At this time, we are yet to experience living without fearing that some mischief will wisk us or our relation away and demanding a ransome for their release. The people of Eastern Nigeria (where this hurrible kinapping incidences are more rampant would probably prefer security in exchange for new names as states.
    New states are welcome any way if it will not interfair with the bonds and spirites that had guided us to this level. On the other hand, if our local governments are getting the necessary development programs, a need for a new state out of the existing ones may not arrise.
    Concluding, Ideator North, Ideator South and Ihiala local governments are qualified to be a state with headquaters in Nwabosi in Isiekenesi, Ideator South. In that way, we will be consoled that government has realy reached out door steps.
    Dan. Akusobi
    New York

  102. i think d creation of new ten state is not ideal.2 my own opinion,now take w look at most of rural and urban road in dis nation is an eyesue,economy of dis country is too poor,4 creating another ten state u are given a room 2 politician to still our remaining currency,all d money there opt to invest on creation of state there shld use 4 better things in dis country,take a gud look at country dat 46 state only depend on fuel.nothing more,now talk of new state,which of the listed state there have any tin.

  103. Is good to creater more state for nigeria because the number of state in nigeria is too small for them, if say that i be member of lawmake i could add more for that ten that mention

  104. The state creation is a welcome development, it bring government developments closer to the people, that cannot have access to the federal government, from remote locations in Nigeria.

  105. Let us support our leaders in their decision making, for us to have the state creation a reality

  106. Pls. When creating new states, I propose Afenmai state to be created out of Edo state. Bishop Malik.

  107. The idea of creation of new state in Nigeria is a wonderful idea. This will creat more jobs for the masses.

  108. With out the creation of this ten new state, the military will feel that their reign is powerful than this civil rule which is not correct at all, so the only means of making this impact fanish from the mains of the citizens of Nigeria is by creating new state in the nation.
    Also this will make the governing of the state to be very easy, and will releave the opretion of the state more effective. The local village will fell the impact of the new creation state ten state in Nigeria, so I see no reason why two-third of the citizen of a paticular state will not surport this wonderful idea.





  111. It is good to creat more state espeshally in North central(plateau).

  112. We need Bayajidda state

  113. Earnestly creation of additional 10 states in Nigeria is highly a profound and incredible idea. It will enable the Government to be closer to people. And also create job opportunities to jobless Nigerians. However, bringing development and making Nigeria looks like some civilize countries e.g UK, USA etc.
    But please do not forget to give Ugep people their state. Thanks.

  114. Wish state is bigger in Nigeria

  115. Everything in nigeria is always North why? Are they the only tribe in nigeria?

  116. Muhammed usaini(mallam) | Reply


  117. mallam ussaini (captain) | Reply

    I very happy, to creating 10 states in nigeria is good. but seven states in north three in south. because! southern is more population than northern and north is larger than south. You know the must populated states they pound in north. we need creat in katsina state, jigawa state, bauchi state, kano state, kaduna state, benue state, and niger state. ‘Karadua’ state funtua capital in katsina state ‘Hadejia’ state hadejia capital because of the must pupulated region in jigawa is hadejia emirate and then hadejia is one of the biggest town of north and is one of history of hausa land agains is the best in jigawa state. ‘Azare’ state azare capital in bauchi state because north region of bauchi state is very populated and azare is big. ALLAH YASA MUDACE AMEEN i am in yobe state

  118. You can say, 10 new state will be create so that i write my shot moment about our problem. My nation getten a problem, espicial north region. North is very large area with a population, but we are in problem because of our governors and senate and our house of rep. They forgetting there duty to doin work. In the states we are not have good road, and power electry city . So that i call my nation, please create a new states in the north. or we will get good road and power electry city.

  119. Creat 10 new states is good. So that i tell my shot moment about our whrite. Nigeria getting her independent at nine sexty, now nigeria is 53 years with independent but north region with a problem, because of our governors, senate and our house of rep. They for getting there duty to doing work. North we are not a good road, and power electry city, peace, and education. So that i call my nation to create a new states in the north or we get work sovibal. god helf us

  120. 10 state is important 5 for north,5 for south apprioximate,to avoid conflict,i pray that god should depart igbomina from kwara ,they just take us as slave,all the glory of kwara,av been store at ilorin,baba god av mercy on us igbomina…south.,senator,rep,assemblies deliver igbomina from slave ooo,d poorest state i the world is kwara state,olusola,bukola,saraki av spoilt kwara, if offa nt develop god wil judge it no good road u are using politics,,bukola is directing fatai ahmed…ooo.kwara nonse state,,,god of nassareth deliver igbomina people every body dey inside forest farm b4 they eat….let igbomina state be created….omu-aran sud be the state capital….OLUWA SAANU FUN AWA IGBOMINA OOOOOOOOOOOO

  121. Awoyemi E.A Obafemi | Reply

    your excellency mr president,ur excellcency senator, and ur excellency mr speaker.Your ideal of creating of more state is emotional,we plead and hurged you to create more state, which of the following listed should be among. 1.Igbomina state out of kwara nd osun state 2.ibadan state out of oyo state 3. Odudua state out of osun state. Sir/madam for those who consign put my suggestion into consideration Thanks Am Awoyemi E.A Obafemi. A student of federal polytechnic offa,Building tech dept. Indigen of Owa-Kajola ifelodun LGA kwara state.

  122. I pray it work cos i dnt see a civilian gov’t creating state 4 nigeria nt 2 talk of troubled jonahtan on insecurity

  123. Binbol Nanzing Noah | Reply

    I support the creation of ten new states but there should be done in fairness and justice.Those who’s request files have been in the national achieve before should be consider based on their viability and importance so that those who’s demand is based on sentiments should not eventually be give the opportunity.

  124. Oloche i. c.p | Reply

    We idoma people greation of state.the greatio of that state wil bring precious adjusment a beta nigeria tanx

  125. will the creation of new state resolve the problem of insecurity which we are currently faced with in the country?

  126. Ogbowei jeffrey kurodubafa | Reply

    nouth should be given at least 3 and south east 7 state

  127. my name is prophet paul oladimeji | Reply

    it’s goin to be a tins of joy ,if d govenment can do dis in time .God wl hep u .

    by reducing the salary been earning by top politician in the country or political office holders with this the poverty rate will reduce, thanks.

  129. Good! they should creat OKEOGUN state out of OYO state and the creation of LAGOON state out of lagos state and IJEBU state out of OGUN state. U see the problems facing Nigeria today was started by the colonial marsters through the Amalgamation of the regions of Nigeria.There is alots of injustice,individualism,tribalism,religion descrimination,political instability in Nigeria.Our government should ensure stability,justice in all their affairs.Nigeria is Great God bless the federal Repblic of Nigeria.

  130. Our colonial marsters are the course of the problems facing Nigeria today by joining southern and northern Nigeria together in 1914 Amalgamation of regions of Nigeria benue,jos,taraba,kwara,kogi states should have been part of the southern states of Nigeria and there is injustice in the land mark occupy the norther part of Nigeria there should be equality in the land mark issue because north is wider than south in times of landmark so there should be total equality.God bless the Federal Repblic of Nigeria.

  131. Adejumo, James Ayobami Ade | Reply

    We need more States in Nigeria in order to settle some disputes…… State creation brings government closer to the people. Also, job oppotunity is another advantage… I want to suggest it should be 4 in the north which must include Oya state(Igbomina, Ibolo and Okun) from the present Kwara and Kogi, as a south/West state. 6 in the South: South/West 2 which must include New Oyo State from present Oyo State which ….33 local Govt Areas. South/South:2. South/East:2.

  132. why more state in north again?.

  133. My NAME IS OGODO ELIJAH HYACINTH. Well it is possible for civilans to create new state but i can see nigeria been overwhilemed by corroption,political buruhaha,egocentrics acts and other depraived nature that is attach to it but the qestion remains how can another child be gave biith to when the once allready delivered were abadoned in training and how can that be possible when the soul of this country is at the hands of the nourtherners infact nigeria have passed away and have become a country of political rancour

  134. Lohpon sakur miri | Reply

    Please the lower plateau state that is,Langtang North/south should be included among these new state that will be created in nigeria because it is the bigest L.G.A in the state and a very nice area for investing/establisement of valuable resources because of her good location and it is a center for all minor L.G.A around her,and the people in the place are well creative for the contribution of nigeria growing in any way,and so also peace and unity is thier first life of living.so we are happy that Langtang will be one of the created state under the civilian rule in Nigeria.

  135. SUPPORT THE CREATION OF SAVANNAH STATE SAVANNAH SAVANNAH STATE from southern borno.ie. Biu region (Bura-babur, margi, chibok, gwoza people etc ) extending to parts of adamawa, gombe and yobe states. what a great people! with a teeming population of believers and most educated people of northern Nigeria having all it takes to be Independent N the most developed LGAs of NE Nigeria. we are well based in jos, kaduna and kano that they know our indisputable capabilities and the whole nigeria at large since d coming of white men to d area in d 1920’S . being a mountainous area it is blessed with solid minerals. we are too distinguished to remain in borno under hard labour and slavery. it has been? ” monkey dey work baboon dey chop. “. this is so bcos of Nigeria selfish use of power. we have no Place in d state other than d federal govt for d greatest peace in Nigeria due to this insecurity matters in NE. put ur self in our shoes and u will understand better. remember ur brothers who are in pain. nevertheless God dey, we details and one day many one day it will be over. long live SAVANNA STATE

  136. Creating of ten more state is not bad, but I wonder how the national assembly will share the state between north and south. What happened to adada state here in nsukka which has been on pipe line long ago. I don’t really know how is going to be but we should have conscience

  137. Igbomina state must carved out in kwara and osun state and the state capital must located @ ila-orangun

  138. Chinonso okolie | Reply

    Why nigeria was cread by a lady

  139. befor you think or talk of creating a state now ask your so called self how many of this past 36 states they created befor have they been able to control and take good care off? it is a good thing to create a state but one thing i have notice about nigeria leaders is that they only do things in their favor. you people want to create a new state but have you been able to control the once we have? the answer is no and yet you want to create more states because of their political aims, God will punish you all some day. you said you are creating more states to bring the government closer to the people i smile, because you think We are fools like you people right, does the government need more states befor they can come closer to the people? manage the 36 states we already have. to me nigeria dont have any respected leaders so i can insult them all one on one or not, they will all die someday, the people that put you people in office you dont even respect them or value them, well a day is coming when the goats will be seperate from the sheeps. i have a plan of becoming a leader in nigeria one day and all you old and useless leaders who use nigeria funds for pesonal gain God go punish una by then thats all i have to say. dont create more states we the people of nigeria dont need more states we just need the already made 36 states to be managed in a good and creative way

  140. i think its high time for nigerians to state thinking of trying a female president seriously because the men has been useless so far, at list women has human feelings towards poor people, the rich are getting ricer and the poor getting more poor by the day what can of country is this? they call us the geant of africa my dear people we are just big for nothing. we can not even manage our products, no lights, no roads, no goos schools nothing and we say we are great nation how are we great? see little countries of yesterday are coming up, nigeria is a lawless country even are so called police men are scared to make arrest they are scared of small boys God, a musician once said which way nigeria which way to grow soon yes very soon nigeria will be no more if something good dont come up every one should be ready for the 2015 election war thats coming

  141. Nicholas Abang. | Reply

    In 2010 it was said baid by the the house of rpresentatives of the federal Republic of Nigeria that 10 additional states will be created and 5 states from the North and 5 states from the south and out of the 5 from south Cross River State was mentioned to be added with a new state because of its vast, and has a wide range in nature till today we cant heare anything again. Can You people please state clearly the reason for this delayance because from my point of view and perspective, I kow Cross River State is capable of having another State and has all the requirements. Thank You.

  142. That creation of the states mentioning and provinces/regions of the creation is not a paramount bill to be propose by now. The only essential bill to be dialogue now, is how government can handle the enrichment of Nigeria economic. This country need adquate development before forwardind into another budgeting. Moreover creating states in Nigeria will not solve any lack of people in this country so the government should seek for the normal do to give human wants…..

  143. Ugwoke Joseph Ikegod | Reply

    That is a welcome idea but to be just, equity has to be considered. As true Nigerians, it is a well known fact that we have 19 states in the north and 17 states in the south. 4 states should be created in the north and 6 states in the south. It should be worthy of note that there has been long agitation for the creation of ADADA STATE from Enugu state. The people of Enugu state met the requirements stipulated for state creation, so let justice be done to the peace loving citizens of Enugu state.

  144. Obasanya Divines | Reply

    I support d creation of more state, is a welcome idea. Kudos

  145. Obasanya Divine favour | Reply

    To crown it all I pray that the Lord Almigthy should give our lawmakers knowledge, wisdom and understanding to execute this creation of 10 new state with fair and justice. Amen. It is very nice development this will bring government to the grassroot. Share it in a way of fair, justice and equity as you mentioned, 5:5 formular . GREAT NIGERIA, GREAT LEGISLATURE, GREAT PEOPLE.


  146. They so cannot be trusted

  147. It is a nice thing to create more states in nigeria as it wil bring the government closer to the people and bring about harmony and easy allocation of budget.

  148. I wnt Nigeria to be 1

  149. samuel onyenaturuchi goodluck | Reply

    the 10 new state that house of assembly wants to create, and the said is from south south and northern part of the country atleast the should do it also to the east and west part of the country, so that it wil be for the benefit of everybody in the soverign nation and also to reduce unemployement in every state. So if the want to create only ten state, @least let it be 3 per each enthic group in nigeria.

  150. shaibu valentine | Reply

    will have 36 States in Nigeria.but our Government can’t manage the reasources will have in dis country.

  151. Inaku moses modom | Reply

    Why is Govenor Liyel imoke saying he’s not against ogoja state? Please i realy want know the reason behind his statement.

  152. It is good to creat new states becouse many people who are jobless they we gate,this can stop robbeling and many other inconvineances in nigeria.

  153. It is a very welcome idea, especially in Cross River State, the Northern part of cross river state has dominated everywhere, every office even if it is the lowest position, the worst of all is tribalism in them. Take for example the recent list of firemen released that applied in Cross River State, other local governments like the Efiks speaking local governments very few but too numerous to account for. I support the idea so much.

  154. Nwokwu Augustine Ogochukwu | Reply

    love nigerian

  155. creation of more state is d anwser against d challengies encounter in most state most especially in KWARA STATE.The people of KWARA SOUTH are pure yoruba “i.e d typical yoruba in d state”. therefore we are not part of the KWARA NORTH.we can never part with you people(OMO OODUA NI WA)UP OKE-OODUA STATE.we have the highest population in d state despite d wuruwuru local government area allocate to us.

  156. I ll like the president 2 create most state in nigeria 2 help mos devilopment in our nation

  157. Abdullhi Usman | Reply

    Well to be franck in an ideal analysis nigeria did not need creation of new state, but for the sake of chop i chop way we are runing our administration i think iam enormously in support of creation of this new state this is because it will create job opportunity 2 our timming populated youth that are runing on the streat capable of working but couldnt find a job to become employ, it will so also bring the government more close to the masses, it will also result in developing some rural community this is because creating a new state simply implies creating a new local government. But the ideal negative part of the whole issue is that it will weaken our federalism this is bcos we will not contineu to see our self as one nigeria which is the fundamental objective of any practicing fedralism, ppl interest will shift from puting national interest first to their own respectiful state e.g just like an extended family living together in one big family house sharing the same feeling on one another as one, suddenly began to split every one living for else were, to crown it all the state will contineu milking in the account of the federal as they are not created on the basis of what they can beable to produce to contribute bto the national development rather the are created on the basis of becoming pest to the federal government which is very much bad for any developing nation like nigeria.



  159. Idoko john iko | Reply

    no body can trust u people,because u people are still fine way of chopping money,so I don’t think that will be possible this time around,instead of that let maintain the one we have before,thanks Nigeria

  160. Matthew enang | Reply

    Let Nigeria be divided before creating the state.

  161. Creating new states is not the issue here. America is far larger than Nigeria, if they are (America) to consider d size of their country, they will have more than 100 states. My point of view here is the making of industries/factories/companies etc. that will go a long way and will reduce unemployment. Nigeria needs to create 2m. jobs each year because of the magnitude of our problem. I appeal to the Federal Government to see to that; i rest my case.

  162. Can civilian govt create a state?

    1. Yes they can.

  163. Abubakar Ibrahim Gwarzo. AIG. | Reply

    Creation Of Ghari State Out Kano Would Reduce The Gaf Of Economy Between our Neighbours. Up Ghari State Out Of Kano State. We Need Support Of The Great President Buhari And Others.

  164. OMO 9JA BIG OO!

  165. Ajam daniel okotu | Reply

    There nothing wrong creating additional states afterall nigeria is big.

  166. will dis be possibe in dis country well I pray fr development dat all

  167. Pastor samuel monday | Reply

    Pastor samuel monday let us joine hand together and move nigeria foword to the place god want it to be let us forget trabarism by so doing god will bless us

  168. B.B.O OCHIEZE PRINCE | Reply

    TI is better to creat new state than to creat BIAFRA.

  169. I think that should be good idea five in the north and also five in the south.

  170. It is wonderful if it comes to reality, because it will boost the developmental access in those areas concern, especially if it include Izzishieke state to end unstoppable war between cross river and Izzi LGA in Ebonyi state, Benue & Ishieke Benue in Benue state, Ezza & Ezzaefium in Ebonyi & Benue state, Agala & Mgbo land dispute in the erear. May God help Nigeria.


  172. The nation is go to group up into four

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