Watch “Welcome to Lagos” – BBC2 TV Programme (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

*Updated* April 30, 2010. Watch part 3:



EPISODE 3: (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

The Guardian has also posted an interesting editorial article and debate about it:

*Updated* You can watch part 2 here:

For those that missed it, you can watch part 1 of the the BBC programme “Welcome to Lagos” here:

There is also a post by the show’s producer, discussing his experiences of filming in Lagos and the myriad characters he met.

Episode 2 is next Thursday:


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  1. […] – BBC TV Programme on Nigeria For those that missed the programme. You can watch it online:…-tv-programme/ For the US viewers, I believe the BBC has a feed into US cable television. __________________ […]

  2. […] PDRTJS_settings_1138329_post_821 = { "id" : "1138329", "unique_id" : "wp-post-821", "title" : "%22Welcome+to+Lagos%22+-+BBC+TV+Programme+on+Lagos", "item_id" : "_post_821", "permalink" : "" } Watch the documentary here: […]

  3. Nice Info, thanks For share, I Will Visit Back

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