How Sani Abacha died, by Jerry Useni

This is the second part of the interview with Lt-General Jerry Useni. He talks about the night that Abacha died, being suspected of complicity in Abacha’s death and the fact he was the last person to see Abacha.  This is the second part of the interview he gave at:


2 responses

  1. Abacha’s death seems like a secret bloody coup comitted by a service chief and abolished by service chiefs
    If Abacha’s autopsy proves poison free what about Abiola’s autopsy? Though am not in support of Abacha or Abiola. “Useni quacks like a hawk, walks like a hawk, he must be a hawk”
    It is good to kill people who were desparetely dangerous in the society. If Obasanjo could had died in jail he could had never came out from the grave to rule Nigerian because God gave Obasanjo the greatest chance to humble himself and fixed the Nation that he earlier spoiled with his peers, instead Obasanjo used that opportunity to do less than what an Animal could do regardless of his old age. “Truth is a stranger” no matter how you avoid it. History reminds us where we are heading to. Back to Abachas death, Benue/Plateu (midle belt) officers are never reliable forces to be around with. President Ironsi was killed by Gowon and Danjuma(both from Benue/Plateu) Then Danjuma, Garuba and other Benue/ plateu soldiers betrayed and overthrown president Gowon which brought M. Mohammed to power, Later Dimka, Bisala all from Benue/ plateu Killed President muritalla Muhamed. Gideon Orkar, Tony Inyiam and 15 other officers from Benue/ plateu nearly exterminate Babangida, 75% of soldiers involved in Vasta coup were from Benue/plateu, Jeremiah Useni is from Benue/plateu who was accused of silencing President Abacha. You could ask yourself what kind of heartless Criminally inclined ethnic groups are those Benue/Plateu (Middle-Belt)? During the civil war Danjuma’s squad and other Benue/Plateu officers which includes Jeremiah Useni commited the highest amount of raping and Blood shades on Innocent civillians even inside the Churches.
    Today Benue/Platue was on a perppetual curse that they had continous and everlasting religious wars among themselves due to the Bloody kind of people they are.That’s so sad.

  2. Are u sure of what u are saying? if its true, then this people most be dangerous. may God delver us from them. thank u.

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