CNN Interviews with James Ibori and Nuhu Ribadu

Interesting CNN video interviews with Nuhu Ribadu and James Ibori, where Ibori claims that the corruption charges against him are politically vindictive. Read and judge for yourself.


6 responses

  1. Allegations against James ibori are political.He is innocent.!!!

  2. dangotes wealth is an example of some who has achieve as a result of hardwork. hes wordy to be emulated

  3. Naija is a blessed land,so let’s join hand and develope it.

  4. let say is one of governor, that waste the money of Nigeria as they say, but iam from state which he rule 4 8yrs, he real work and every one enjoy is period in office, they alot of they that waste the money of Nigeria. Why they hate jame i do know

  5. If anyone will support ibori criminal act is jst to tell us that he didnt do the thievery alone he had colaborators a state which use to produce 34% of nigeria income on oil sales n the highest oil producing state,is nw in depth n can nt boast of a future for the state. In order to hide his havoc he put his brother to succeed him jst to cover up for his fraud and there ar stil people who sing his praises then NIGERIA IS SICK GOD HElP US.

  6. james ibori lost wat leadership is all about, just becos the likes of obasanjo is having a free day with looting in govt. But we must know dat he did not do all dis crime alone. His cohorts like ifeanyi okowa, emmanuel uduaghan contraversial governor of delta, who has been mortgaging d future of delta state through borrowing. Other criminals in govt should be treated like ibori in d spirit of fairness and equity. Also other intending criminals should know dat hands which carried ananayas and safaria is waiting to carry them. Ibori is a lesson to every public servant. God bless every genuine crime fighter. Amen

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