Remember Remember, Uzoma Okere

Who remembers Uzoma Okere?

For those that do not remember, this is the young lady that was assaulted in 2008 by the security men attached to a senior navy officer (Rear-Admiral Arogundade). She was beaten, whippd and had items of her outing clothing ripped off.

You can read details of her ordeal (and watch the video of the assault on her) at:

As a follow up, Ms Okere sued the men who assaulted her. I was cynical that anything would come of the lawsuit. To my pleasant surprise the court ruled in her favour and ordered her assailants to pay her 100 million Naira in compensation and publicly apologise to her in four national newspapers: This Day, The Guardian, The Nation and The Punch.

If this assault had never been caught on videotape, I’m sure it would have been buried and her ordeal forgotten. You can read details of the judgment at:

In a week full of doom and gloom, I thought I’d conclude it with this bit of good news.

Have a good weekend everyone….

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