Ojo Maduekwe Speaks Again – Explains Yar’Adua’s Absence


I don’t want to turn this site into a Maduekwe fest, but the Foreign Minister has issued a lot of soundbites lately about the absence of President Yar’Adua.  Here is another interview with him where he speaks rationally, lucidly and with eloquence about the provisions of the constitution governing the President’s absence.

He looks much more assured this time than in his uncomfortable appearance on BBC Hardtalk. He has clearly done some preparation and his research. This is actually a good video for those who prefer visualisation to understand the legal provisions governing the President’s absence. Watch and judge for yourself….

2 responses

  1. No wonder our country is in diasaray. Obviously no one cares or loves the country so much to tell the truth or simply do the right thing for a change. These people will have themselves to blame if the millitary takes over again.

  2. […] get enough of Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe? Check out Max Siollun’s blog for video of a more confident Maduekwe, post-BBC Hardtalk interview, addressing the topic of Vice […]

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