Nigeria’s Forgotten World War 2 Heroes

This is a very interesting feature on Nigerians who fought in world war two. Apparently Nigerian soldiers made up over half of the 90,000 West African troops that fought the Japanese in the Burma War. Brigadier Babafemi Ogundipe (of January-July 1966 fame) was a Burma war veteran too.  You can read the story at the following link:

Plus there are interview with some of the Nigerian veterans here:

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  1. Great post.. this is really a great information..This will be useful post.. I will comeback for more..

  2. It is very sad that Nigerians are still deeply divided along tribal and regional lines. We as a nation could never move forward unless we first remove the dangerous obstacle that divide us by getting the log out of our own eyes first. Alhaji Sir abubakar Tafawa Balewa in his brief leadership as prime minister did more for Nigeria than any Nigerian President in history. General Gowon united Nigerians by bringing the secessionists back into the union. General Murtala Ramat Muhammed was the first leader to institue and model corruption clean up and abuse of powers restraint by public office holders in Nigeria. I am very sure that there are many more Nigerians deserving the national nominations honors but each person on this forum need to nominate who they think deserves this honour; and to stop bring up malicious, tribalistic divisive agenda’s which further makes things hard as Mr. Max S has started a good thing to recognize our fallen heroes just as every civilized nation does on the plannet. could you be an element of change, or of divisions and hate for Northerners?
    I think it is time for all Nigerian to come together in support of this great idea. live your bitterness at home and get out of the woods for a nationalistic empowerment. It is not always about you. Think Nigeria first. Amen?

  3. Pig which its mouth is cut out will form a 100% plaster of Paris for neck and spinal POP.

  4. I think Black war heroes were banished from History because European governments were afraid that aknoledging them would create a rebellion spirit among african colonies.

  5. dis one thin i don’t like my self,how would Nigerians who risked there lives 4 d would not be recognized,it’s not fare .

  6. I believe so much that the great feel good factor, we nigerians are hoping will come from the remembrances of the ancient. I just wish i will get there someday and right every wrong of our leaders.

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