Nigerian Army – Postings



Air Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin Chief of Defence Staff
Lt-General Chikadibia Isaac Obiakor UN Military Adviser for Peacekeeping Operations, UN Headquarters – New York
Lt-General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika Chief of Army Staff
Air Vice Marshal Mohammed Dikko Umar Chief of Air Staff
Rear-Admiral Ola Sahad Ibrahim Chief of Naval Staff
Major-General Joseph Shoboiki General Officer Commanding, 1 Division, Kaduna
Brigadier-General M.D. Abubakar General Officer Commanding, 2 Division, Ibadan
Major-General S.O. Idoko General Officer Commanding, 3 Division, Jos
Brigadier-General Kenneth Minima General Officer Commanding 81 Division, Lagos
Major-General Sarkin Yakin Bello General Officer Commanding, 82 Division, Enugu
Major-General Moses Obi Chief of Operations at Army Headquarters
Rear-Admiral G J Jonah Commandant, National Defence College – Abuja
Air Vice Marshal Sunday Ali Leks Commandant, Command and Staff College – Jaji
Major-General Chukwuemeka Onwuamaegbu Commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy – Kaduna
Major-General Aminu Maitama Deputy Commandant of the National Defence College, Abuja
Major-General Babagana Monguno Chief of Defence Intelligence*
Major-General TI Oliomogbe Commandant, Army College of Logistics
Major General BC Azurunwa Chief of Logistics at Army Headquarters
Major General J O Okunbor Commandant, Training and Doctrine Command
Major General BS Usara Chief of Administration, Army Headquarters
Brigadier General U Buzugbe Military Secretary – Army
Major-General S.U. Abdulkadir Chief of Army Standards and Evaluation (CASE
Major-General O Akinyemi Director, Peacekeeping at Defence Headquarters
Major-General US Ussien Chief of Training and Operations (CTOP)
Major General SU Abdukadir Chief of Research and Development
Major-General EE Bassey Director of Administration, Defence Headquarters
Major-General Bala Usara Director of Sports at Defence Headquarters
Brigadier General MA Nasamu Commander – Army Headquarters Garrison, Abuja
Major-General JA Okunbor Director of Policy at Army Headquarters
Major General AA Olaniyi Commandant, Nigerian Army Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (NAEME)
Major-General G.G. Umoh Commandant, Nigerian Army Signal Corps
Brigadier General SY Audu Director of Military Intelligence
Major-General AK Amao Commandant, Special Vehicle Plant (SVP), Bauchi
Colonel EJ Atewe Commander, Guards Brigade, Abuja
Brigadier-General AB Marwa Commander, 22 Brigade, Ilorin
Brigadier General PT Boroh Commandant, Nigerian Army Peacekeeping Centre, Jaji,
Brigadier-General KTJ Minimah Commander One Brigade, Nigerian Army, Sokoto
Brigadier-General OM Sho-Silva Director of Physical Training
Brigadier-General BM Badewole Commandant, Nigerian Army School of Military Police
Brigadier-General OO Oshinowo Commandant, Nigeria Army School of Artillery
Brigadier-General Yusuf Bomoi Commandant, Nigeria Army School of Engineering
Brigadier General G Bauka Director Foreign Liaison, Defence Intelligence Agency
Major-General YD Pyeng Provost Marshal
Brigadier-General AK Kwaskebe Director of Training at Army headquarters
Brigadier-General JS Kwabe Director of Operations at Army Headquarters
Brigadier-General Labaran Director of the Defence Industries Corporation
Brigadier-General Audu Defence Attache in New York
Brigadier-General Chima Commander, 4 Brigade, Benin
Brigadier-General AC Olukolade Director, Army Public Relations
Colonel Mohammed Yerima Director of Defence Information

*Son of Alhaji Shettima Monguno – Nigeria’s first Petroleum Minister

Major General Moses Obi – Force Commander, United Nations Mission in Sudan

Major General CO Omoregie – Commander, Joint Task Force (“Operation Restore Hope”), Niger Delta

Major General OA Akinyemi – Chief of Policy and Plans, Army Headquarters

Major General Cecil Esekhaigbe – Defence Adviser, Nigerian High Commission, United Kingdom

Brigadier General AB Marwa – Commandant, Nigerian Army Armoured Corps

Brigadier General AI Muraina – Commandant, Corps of Finance


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  1. will post comments subsequently.

  2. Pastor Shola Akinwunmi | Reply

    Long live Nigerian Armed Forces. The Armed Forces under ACM Paul Dike had really improved in morals and discipline. And the recent renovations of Barracks and especially the DHQ is a great plus for CDS ACM PAUL DIKE. Great Kudos to the CDS. If the Armed Forces continue in this pace, Nigeria will surely move higher in the comity of nations. I Love ACM PAUL DIKE and I pray for greater wisdom and long life for him In JESUS CHRIST name.

  3. so far d nigerian militry is not making me proud cause they are letting millitant talk 2 them any how.

  4. who is in charge of dssc and ssc. when will the form be available

  5. please give me the name of the academic registrar of the nigerian defence academy, kaduna

  6. Okwor sunday onyeka | Reply

    I like the nigerian army & i’v written the N.D.A exam 3 times now & i did not make it, after all my sleepless night reading hard, pls i need a helping hand thanks.(NDA KADUNA)

  7. alasia omadetu moses | Reply

    i like the arm forces especailly the nigerian army i’ve writen nda entrance twice am from rivers still wating for the 62 regular course result also i need a helping hand.

  8. God grant me my heart desire,i want to be in NDA soon.

  9. i love to be army also i love army

  10. change is the only constant thing in life,therefore this is a good start for president goodluck regime.

  11. 2003na/53/382/lcpl kingsley,millitary is the only job to prove one a man,and i will always be proud of myself and my occupation.the army

  12. i am proud of nigerian army life bt i ve been tryin it bt i ve never bein choosen plz help me

  13. Usman ismaila agbo | Reply

    Pls.sir i neèd help into n d a or pravet army

    1. Thanks for alerting me to this Ekuson.

  14. Am from Benue s i lov armd forces esp de nig army and i am not even lokin 4 nda recruit i lik to be roged soldier (infantry) i try 65 intake i was not taken so i need a help from any nigerian who wil help me. 07055089326

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Why on earth do you fellows want to join the army real bad? These are different times when soldiers ought to remain in thier barracks. If you fellows want to join with some ulterior motives in mind then I suggest you consider other careers immediatly.

  15. Am from Benue s i lov armd forces esp de nig army and i am not even lokin 4 nda recruit i lik to be roged soldier (infantry) i try 65 intake i was not taken so i need a help from any nigerian who wil help me. 07055089326

  16. Goodluck for those who wanted to join Armed forces. The entrance to NDA or armed force is based on whom you know and not what you wrote in your exam. This had been going on in every part millitary or civil service of Nigerian government from 1970 and worsened today. This is why they usually create unnecessary positions to favor someone in the expence of the country’s treasure. Then when the right people retired there will be no money to pay for their pension while they kept bringing new people for the same position. Which kind of democratic Nation is that or should I say that they asked for independent while there is no brain to managed what the white men worked tirelessly to established for them.

  17. It’s impress me alot been a army for the rest of my life,i have look for away even the solidarity no way can someone help me out pls? Am a boy of 18yrs, am impress been a member of khaki boys. Pls have mercy on me i need an officer who can help me out God will surely reward all his doing,i pray d blessing he/she miss will locate him/she this year. Segun .s.dada bida.

  18. Godwin Nnamdi | Reply

    God bless NA

  19. wow,i luv d army.

  20. who is OTU ITA?

  21. Help me to get admission in to the nigeria defance acadamy ….my name is Abdul-lateef Adebayo….under oyo state………64th regular

  22. Thank be 2 god all mighty and a great salute 2…lt.Gen o.A.Ihejirika…&maj.Gen m.a.Yerima &all army senior officers i salute u…I want 2 be a member of 65 regular course intake of n.d.a 2013 i need a helping hand i salute u c.o.Owuamaraebu thank…08136126618

  23. no pain no gain they shall enjoy there labour

  24. Pls sir ,with humble and due respect sir any officer in charge of regular recruit intake pls help i have tried my best in 68 rri even at end came first in race in my state but all in vain,i pray for who ever want to render help that every good thing will turn around for the person favour,here is my phone no:08182300108, thanks.

  25. I greet all the leaders in nigeria army. the brig generals major generals l t generals generals. I promise to be a good abasadors of Nigeria army i promise to serve my nation with all my strenght and to protect lives and proparties of the nation. please my leaders help me i have been trying to get this job since (66intake) i still buy (70intake) help me in of god please.

  26. I want to join nigeran army if want me join the person shluod call me i am a scout i am trena 08172575245

  27. Notice!Notice!Notice! Nigerian Defense Academy 69RC has concluded to release names for successful candidates after jamb has been written,so therefore you need to pass your jamb to be shortlisted in the admission list,To secure your details and gain admission into any course of your choice in Nigerian Defense Academy 2017/2018 academic session contact major general Adele look-man on 09024319401 for help and details.

  28. majorgeneral Muhammend Momoh army school any of your son love to be there you as A Father or Mother should call this number 08086155445 .majorgeneral Muhammend Momoh to get it if you lost it before. Him have give you back.

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