BBC Documentary on Rebranding Nigeria – *Part Two*

Rebranding Nigeria – Part 2:

This is a continuation of the BBC documentary on rebranding Nigeria. This second part contains an interview with Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and the Information Minister Dora Akunyili. The BBC’s website asks:

“Can the home of 419 internet scams, corruption and voodoo ever transmit a positive image?  Nigeria is campaigning for a new image and a new reputation in an effort to attract some much needed investment.

Reporter Henry Bonsu follows the many steps of this charm offensive.

First there is a need to gain public support by showing that those in power are listening. People such as Lagos’ Governor Fashola, known locally as “Nigeria’s Obama”, a man who is planning a sustainable capital city 25 years into the future. Changes he has made have already been felt across the city: infrastructure has been improved, abandonned schools and hospitals are being reopened.”

This is a continuation of the documentary I posted at:


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  2. Never mind that the BBC’S docmentry on Rebranding Nigeria (part 2) was far away in November ,2009, please assit me to question BBC’S Website personnel: from where did the biased site bought the impression or idea that Nigeria is the home of law breakers, criminals, corruption, internet scamers and voodo o worshipers? No matter the negative image of Nigeria the BBC Website wanted to exhibit to the world, the BBC should take note that Nigeria is a nice African state that is recognised and respected throughout the world,and we Nigerians are proud of Nigeria.True,we have our problems but Nigeria may not need and seek a BBC’S Solution to any.It seems dim, but by the grace of God, we are already 50. Somedays in furture, Nigeria shall triumph. W.AKASI.

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