BBC Documentary on Rebranding Nigeria

This is a BBC documentary on the “Rebranding Nigeria” project. The blurb from the BBC website describes the programme as follows:

“Can the home of 419 internet scams, corruption and voodoo ever transmit a positive image?

Reporter Henry Bonsu talks to furious Nigerians exasperated by poor infrastructure, lack of jobs, extremes in wealth and poverty, and government corruption.

Nigeria is campaigning for a new image and a new reputation in an effort to attract some much needed investment.

Is changing Nigeria’s image an impossible mission?

Can reversing the poor perception of a country really make a difference to its fortunes?

Henry meets Dora Akunyili, the woman who stamped out Nigeria’s illegal drug market who is determined to change the view of this vast, naturally resource-filled country.”


11 responses

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  2. Me as a Nigerian, I’ll let everyone know that the leaders we have are the ones tarnishing our image. They are just bunch of hypocrites! Imagine a group of good leaders and bad citizens? It’s possible though, but not to this extent. The world is evolving Nigeria! They have to re-brand themselves. The vote does not count!!! We need to be re-colonised. Whatever they say, just laugh at them!!! Don’t believe them. You can imagine the kind of president we have today, please tell me something. Look at the education system today in Nigeria, It’s below standard system. I’m gonna stop here, I’m tired.

    Don’t mind akunyili! Can she send her children to varsities owned by the state or federal government?

    You look at the varsities websites, they look terrible with typos. example:


  3. The British started this problems. They started all these problem in Nigeria.

  4. Why after almost 50 years are we still blaming the British? Other countries have had independence for as long and have progressed in leaps and bounds, why not Nigeria? At what point are Nigerians going to take hold of their own destiny and stop blaming others?

  5. It is possible to rebrand Nigeria through complete revolution and elimination of everyone that has tested power in nigeria. The western government should not intervene when it starts.
    this is the only solution for Nigeria.

  6. Too bad, we are all the products of the bad Nigeria where there is no social order. We need prayer,
    Lord help Nigeria.

  7. Nigeria is only the fixation of the imagination of the British colonial masters, the creation of Lord Lugard’s wife. Even today Nigeria exists only at the level of exploitation and brigandage perpetrated by those who use the imaginary nation’s structure to steal and loot and committ antisocial acts. Afterall they have no feeling for Nigeria, inasmuch as their villages remain intact. The villages represent the only real turf for all. If Nigeria collapses, those who arrogate leadership to themselves are betting on the persistence of their villages to which they will return. the villages will standby their sons and daughters no matter how much they steal from that fixation of the mind called Nigeria. A Nigerian does exist only in the fixation of the mind. The reality is that we are Ibos, Yorubas, Hausas, Ibibios, Urhobos, Edos, Kanuris, Igallas etc.

  8. Mr James. i advice you wake up and think carefully before you post your comment and pls stop blaming others for the evil your country men (Leaders) are bringing their citizens.

  9. Nigeria have never sopuse to a country , split.

    1. Nigeria have never sps to be a country, split

  10. Nigeria may be going through difficulties today but i’ve studied some other advanced economies and civilazationsand discovered that there’s nothing happening in Nigeria today that did not happen in those countries. Please lets give our father land a break. Nigeria go better.

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