Will the Government’s Niger Delta Amnesty Succeed?

The federal government’s amnesty initiative for Niger Delta militants is well under way. Several prominent militants have accepted the amnesty (although a sizeable proportion of them have refused to take up the offer).  Militants who take up amnesty will hand in their weapons in exchange for freedom from prosecution, money (per weapon handed in) and a monthly salary from the federal government.

However will the amnesty succeed?  Or will it encourage more militancy by offering militants a financial incentive. There is no guarantee that the militants are handing in all their weapons. They may be handing in some weapons in order to test the government’s intentions, while retaining a larger cache for a fight another day.

Footage of militants surrendering their weapons:

President Yar’Adua meets with militants granted amnesty.


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  1. […] https://maxsiollun.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/will-the-governments-niger-delta-amnesty-succeed/ The Governor said that the militants were armed by the elite for political purposes, then used their guns for militancy after escaping the control of their political pay masters. Amaechi basically thinks that many people have exploited the sympathy and publicity of the Niger Delta issue for their own money making purposes. People in his view, tag on to it and call themselves “militants” when they are in fact criminals. […]

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