Scotland Puts Map of Nigerian Localities on its Money

An interesting feature. The Clydesdale Bank featured images of southern Nigeria on Scottish ten pound notes. The images feature areas in modern day Nigeria such as Akwa Ibom, Cross River State and Arochukwu.
The imagery is meant to commemorate the life and work of Mary Slessor (a missionary in Calabar) who lived with the indigenous ethnicities, learned their language, and ended some customary practises such as the killing of twins. She adopted many Nigerian children (particularly twins) who had been left to die. When Southern Nigeria became a British Protectorate, she became the first ever female Magistrate in the British Empire.

Images of the notes are below:

Scottish Ten Pound Note with Map of Nigerian Areas

Scottish Ten Pound Note with Map of Nigerian Areas


4 responses

  1. I was so surprised when I noticed that in my time in Edinburgh. But you guessed the link, MS was Scottish. And Scotland banks are allowed to print their own notes since the English pound is not widely used there.

  2. that is a deep message to the church in Nigeria.It’s a reminder of the depth we owe scotland.there brought the light to us that we may shine it back to them when their land becomes dark.

    1. I was impressed when I noticed the Nigeria Map on Scottish 10 Pounds notes, Mary Slessor and Scotland thank you for saving the life of the children in Nigeria particularly the Twins Children, If not Mary Slessor what will be the faith of the Nigerian children by now?

  3. lies

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