Videos of Boko Haram Suspects Being Interrogated and Executed

The Boko Haram uprising has seemingly been crushed by the Nigerian security forces for now.  After terrorising the northern states with an orgy of violence, these two stories show another side to the story. The first video shows the police summarily executing a suspected Boko Haram member in the middle of the street.  The second video shows the wounded Boko Haram leader Mohammed Yusuf being interrogated by the police.

Translation of interrogation of Mohammed Yusuf – Boko Haram leader (the interrogation was conducted in Hausa):

From the DAILY TRUST (Written by Nasiru L. Abubakar)

We went to your house yesterday and we saw a lot of animals, syringes and materials used for making bombs, what were you keeping all that for?

Yusuf: Like I told you, to protect myself…

(Cuts in)…to protect yourself how? Isn´t there the authorities, the law enforcement agencies?

Yusuf: The authorities, the law enforcement agents are the same people fighting me…

What did you do?

Yusuf: I don´t know what I did… I am only propagating my religion Islam.

But I am also a Muslim…

Yusuf: I don´t know why you refuse to accept my own (Islam)

Why should you say Boko is Haram (sinful)?

Yusuf: Of course it is Haram

Why did you say that?

Yusuf: The reasons are so many…

The trouser you are wearing…

Yusuf: (cuts in)…it is pure cotton and cotton belongs to Allah

But Allah said in the Qur´an iqra (read), that people should seek knowledge…

Yusuf: That´s correct, but not the knowledge that contravenes the teachings of Islam. All knowledge that contradicts Islam is prohibited by the Almighty…sihiri (sorcery or magic) is knowledge, but Allah hath forbidden it; shirk (Polytheism or sharing or associating partners to Allah) is knowledge, but Allah has forbidden it; astronomy is knowledge, but Allah has forbidden it…

At your place we found computers, syringes…are all that no products of knowledge?

Yusuf: They are purely technological things, not Boko…and westernization is different.

How comes you are eating good food – look at you, looking healthy – you are driving good cars, and wearing good clothes while you are forcing your followers to sell their belongings and live mostly on dabino (dates) and water?

Yusuf: That is not true. Everybody is living according to his means. Even you are different. Whoever you see driving good cars is because he can afford them, and whoever you see living in want also means he doesn´t have the wherewithal.

Why did you abandon your mosque and your compound?

Yusuf: Because you went and opened fire there…

But you sent your people there to die in the fire?

Yusuf: No my people have left the place.

What about those who came to fight for you…where and where do you have followers?

Yusuf: You have chased all of them away.

Apart from Maiduguri…

Yusuf: There are some in Bauchi but police chased them away even before now; there are some in Gombe, police went to their house and chased away; there are some in Yola, Adamawa, police attacked them, same with those in Jalingo, Taraba State. It was after chasing them away that they turned to us here in Maudguri.

What happened to your hand?

Yusuf: I fell

In this town (Maiduguri), how many areas do you have?

Yusuf: The headquarters is right here.

What about other branches?

Yusuf: We have in Gwange, Bulunkutu…

Where they intercepted weapons the other day, right?

Yusuf: (Laughs) Intercepted weapons?

What about your 2IC (second in command)…because they said you have soldiers, police, etc?

Yusuf: That is not true…

But don´t you have a 2IC, who acts in your absence?

Yusuf: I have…

What is his name?

Yusuf: Malam Abubakar Shakau

Where is he now?

Yusuf: I don´t know.

Who and who escaped with you?

Yusuf: I did not run with anybody

Who are your sponsors, here at home or abroad?

Yusuf: No body

No, tell us the truth…

Yusuf: Insha Allah, I won´t lie to you…

You have a farm around Benishek?

Yusuf: yes

Now you have made us kill people that are innocent. What do you have to say?

Yusuf: You bear responsibility on all those you killed.

What about those killed by your followers?

Yusuf: My followers did not kill anybody

What about those killed among your followers?

Yusuf: Those killed among my followers, whoever killed them are those who committed crime.

Where are you from originally?

Yusuf: I hail from Yobe State.

Where in Yobe State?

Yusuf: Jakusko

What about your father?

Yusuf: He is also from Jakusko.

What about your mother?

Yusuf: She is from Gashua

Have you ever travelled abroad?

Yusuf: Only Hajj (Pilgrimage)

What year was that?

Yusuf: 2003 and 2004.

Discussion in English follows…


21 responses

  1. My condolences to the people of that region. Thank you Mr. Siollun for shedding light on this travesty.

  2. From this video, it is obvious that Yusuf is not being interrogated by the police but by the military. It would appear that the police only know how to kill a subdued enemy in cold blood rather than being able to capture or even face the challenge of interrogating him! However, this is not the only place where where I take issues with this translation. In this short translation, there are quite a number of things that are transcribed wrongly, as a result of which the text seems to be distorted. For instance,
    POLICE: Yesterday we went to your house; we saw a lot of animals, students (NB:not students, but needles! You wouldnt see students in the compound after heavily shelling it, would you?) and stuff you guys are putting together. What are you going to do with all these stuff?

    YUSUF: To defend our self.

    POLICE: Is there no authority to defend you?

    YUSUF: I don’t know what I did for this arrest? (this translation/transcription is wrong! His anwers is: ‘it is the authority that is fighting us…I dont know why they are fighting us’

    Nowhere does Yusuf say ‘I dont know why you are disturbing us’

    And then:
    POLICE: Are you getting any help from Niger Republic?

    YUSUF: No, no one is helping us – Insha Allahu Warahamatullah, Insha Allahu Warahamatullah.
    (NB: The interrogator does not mention Niger; he only asks if he’s getting help from outside, whereupon Yusuf says ‘No one’, and then, apparently to clear doubts, he added ‘insha Allah (by the grace of God I will not lie to you’…)
    These are just two instance of misrepresentation, which this translation is replete with. Quite a number of things in the video are not transcribed/translated.

    Far from defending the protagonist or the interrogators in the video, I am only drawing this in the interest of feeding other readers with the correct information. When all is said and done, what we have here is a video of an apparently subdued and cooperative but unrepentant militant defending his acts. The video only goes to consolidate the police’s tract record of brutality and insensitivity by killing him.

    But, by and large, if this illegal execution is borne out the police’s genuine concern that Yusuf might eventually be release by the equally dumb and selfish politicians, then I am in for it. But if this is a vengeance mission (the police are the ones hardest hit by the militants) or a ploy to cover up some important supporters or sponsors of the terrorist group, then I’d have to say I am sorry for Nigeria.

  3. balarabe muhammad bashir | Reply

    assalamu alaikum the govt of nigeria i also support their jihad these is not terrorist and perhaps your wrong but days to come time to share nigeria will never leave in peace since islam has been spoiled the orientation of boko has been used ALLAHU AKBAR TO ALLAH WE BELONG AND TO HIM OURS RETURN we are not afraid to die islam is peace but jihad third among what ALLAH LOVES MUCH

    1. Mr Balarabe or abi na Mr Rapist. Make God punish u for saying that which u have just said. Let’s please talk on an important matter…. [COMMENT EDITED]

  4. Maccy, I edited your comment. Please keep responses constructive and avoid profanity or insults in future.


  5. Boko haram video play

    1. badluk is the most stupid president ever in nigeria.
      I realy like that my brothers’ means BOKOHARAM AND NIGERDELTER BOYS

  6. What caused BOKO HARAM is the injustice of our famous corrupt leaders, because everybody in this globalised world knows that Nigeria is the richest country in Africa, and there is endemick poverty among Nigerians. Waaaaw!

  7. Ifeanyi kanu | Reply

    i think that what my country needs is more love and less paper work.thanks

  8. You see this is Nigeria,the Niger Delta militants came up with their fight for freedom which later became fight for their pockets by kidnapping and extorting innocent people,and at the end the the Federal Government gave them 50billion(Amnesty) to rehabilitate them,even recently more funds were allocated to them. So the Political financiers of the late Yusuf and his cohort probably saw this largese and decided to unleash their terrror in the name of Boko haram,for now they are just starting so they have rejected dialogue,very soon other factions will emerge…The politicians using them know what they doing..they will box jonathan to a corner with terror and he will not have a choice than to beg them to talk to their people..and then the big $ flows…whahla dey oo

  9. these acts are nothing but satanic because true muslims condemn killings and violence

  10. For my own opinion let all the leaders come 2 gether and put political differences asaid and call on the booko haram for setlement if not they will be wore in Nigeria as a hol if booko haram countineu with this bombing in two years to come if late Umar Yar’adua can b able to resolve with Niger Delta crisis why Goodluk can not resolve with the booko haram

  11. This issue of boko haram is geting deterioted, cos i wander the type of religous that order ppl to kil.

    1. In 1999 Obasanjo was (s)elected president of Naija. Shortly after the northern governors introduced sharia law to shield them from the political influence of the federal government headed by Obasanjo, except ofcourse, from the oil money disbursed by the federal government( Then in 2002 Boko haram was founded with the connivance of influential northerners(some state government officials from the North have been know to fund the group) and started wrecking havoc, deamnd a separate Islamic country (it is important that our young ones understand the genesis of this violence before someone tries to educate them otherwise). So one can formulate the following equation to sum thing up:
      Northern Nigeria +Sharia+Boko Haram = Terrorism.
      So, Terrorism – Northern Nigeria = Sharia + Boko Haram.

  12. I am ibrahim muhammad if good lock talk about us must we will kill him!

    1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      IBRAHIM:You are very incoherent and difficult to understand. You lack the proper skills to communicate your demand and I would want to quickly blame this handicap on the “bantu” education imposed on the entire country for 40+years by a band of illiterate soldiers from the north. Who or what on earth is “good lock” that you refer to? You lost me on that one.
      Your support for Boko Haram will surely prove to be the final embolus that will fatally sever the artery of that British imperialist project called NigGeria. Mark my words. Your’s is a country unlike any other.Very badly put together, consisting of a patchwork of disparate peoples who share absolutely nothing in common- not culture, not religion, not language. Absolutely nothing. Your socalled country truly lacks any ties that bind and certainly lacks a common destiny.The zeal for collective nation-building is not there. On my part I will continue to educate the rest of you here because I have a burning desire to keep on pushing the frontiers of ignorance further.

  13. Heaven has declared war against evil. The prayers of d Saints in light hav bin answerd. We wont stop prayin…

  14. boko haram! you are disciples of satan!!!!!!!!!! you boko haram! , YOU ARE HARAM!!!!!!!

  15. Boko haram is a disgrace to d northern nigerian leaders. lord jb hepzibah

  16. May God help Nigeria overcome boko haram for this is no human fight at all. No need to trade blames.

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