Niger Delta Update (MEND’s Attack on Atlas Cove, Lagos)

It is all happening in the Niger Delta at the moment.  The past 2 weeks has seen a whirlwind of activity regarding the Niger Delta issue. Here’s a quick recap of what has been going on:

1) The federal government announces an amnesty plan to convince the Delta militants to lay down their arms. Militants who take up the amnesty offer will be paid a stipend by the government.

2) Leading militant Henry Okah (detained and awaiting trial for treason) takes up the amnesty offer. He is set to be released by the government.

3) MEND carries out its first major attack outside the Delta, by blowing up the Atlas Cove oil installaion in Lagos. A year ago on this website, I predicted that the militants would eventually start attacking major cities like Lagos:

4) MEND declares a 60 day truce.

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