Interviews with, and Footage of Nuhu Ribadu

This is an excellent clip of former EFCC chairman Nuhu Ribadu testifying in impassioned terms about corruption before a U.S. Financial Services Commssion. He speaks of the devastating impact that corruption has had on Nigeria. Please also note his testimony regarding a former Niger Delta Governor who he prosecuted, and whom tried to block his prosecution by offering Ribadu millions in bribes (stuffed cash in bags). Ribadu refused the bribe and instead tendered the cash as evidence.

Ribadu’s reward? He was fired and the corrupt Governor who tried to bribe him, is in Ribadu’s words, one of the most powerful men in Nigeria, and is a backer of the ruling party.  Not easy to figure out who he is referring to.

Nuhu Ribadu

Nuhu Ribadu

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  1. iyere kenneth | Reply

    to whom may read.nuhu ribadu is a god sent and asset to nigeria.thank god d clock has turn,pls ribadu come back to ur country and continue ur good work.we love u,we miss u.god we continue to bless u in jesus name.amen.

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