Thousands Flee Delta Violence



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  1. ruben eberlein | Reply

    IYC: State Officials Arming Militants in the Niger Delta

    A major and deadly intervention by the Nigerian army is underway for almost two weeks in the conflict-ridden, oil-producing Niger Delta. I had an interview with Udengs Eradiri, Secretary General of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC). He points to the fact that officials of the Nigerian government and army actually equip the insurgents and take part in the oil bunkering business. Read the interview in the German daily Neues Deutschland of Tuesday (26 May) and soon after (extended English version) on

  2. I certainly hope these conflicts can be stopped so the Nigerian people do not have to suffer these things. I hope and pray that the Nigerian government can bring these people under control there and they will be able to get back to normal lives or better in their land. These people who destroy pipe lines are not helping the Nigerian people at all.Only trough faith in The Lord Jesus Christ and his word,the Holy Bible being believed can these type of things be stopped. As long as people think sin is the way to get what they want there will be problems in Nigeria or any other nation who goes that way. Sincerely; George

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