BBC Hardtalk Interview with Obasanjo

Former President Obasanjo was recently a guest on the BBC’s “Hardtalk” programme. This is a very interesting interview in which Obasanjo is grilled about his record in office, corruption in his government and allegations of corruption against his daughter, his role in mediating the Congo conflict, and his successor Umaru Yar’Adua.  Enjoy.


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  1. Dr Moshood Oyeniyi | Reply

    Dear Sirs,

    Kindly send me detailed interview with obasanjo.

  2. This man has no wisdom, he has nothing to offer to the african people, i dont know why africans are so naive to have men like this as president, they are visionless, this man obasanjo, is not a leader he is a ruller, and corrupt as hell, i dont think the devil has done worse than him, and why would UN let this evil man be african envoy, why is the UN mocking africans by making corrupt leaders relevant, only God will help africa we have lost hope in humanity.. we will wait for GOd. steve why are u wasting time talking to that angry man, why is he geting upset, am ashame of african leaders, is like obasanjo is not educated why would he be geting upset on TV, useless leaders , leaders my arse

    1. patrick folawiyo | Reply

      Am not really interested in the interview but i do admire his reply…FEARLESS!!!…the conclusion has already been made about Nigerians and her leaders…Looking at us as animals and your reply has really proven to them with ur comment about AN EX PRESIDENT OF YOUR COUNTRY…Its a shame

  3. obasanjo children should be ashame of thier angry father, i would rather be poor than acept such evil man as ma dad, he is a liar , rubber, criminal, him and his family rob nigerians made our people poor, that man will rot in hell

    1. Are you saying that you’ll also take responsibility for the actions of your parents? Do you for his antecedents at all?

  4. To be candid, I would say that I am highly disappointed but not surprised at the way the ex-president behaved. Mr Steve was performing his duty while the ex-president displayed not only his failure as a leader but open act of ignorance and disrespect for humanity. It was not a matter of who was bigger or smaller between the two of them but a serious issue affecting lives of millions of Africans. I only hope that Mr Steve would not take offence the way the former president took the interview personal. One thing that is clear from the interview is that the former president had a lot to cover up, and as a typical african leader, he would never accept his fault.

  5. He is just the reason they call us names.The man is just an idiot as well as an unrepentant thief.

    1. Emeka you’re a fool for making a statement you can’t justify. Come with your facts cos I’m ready to take you on. U’re not a true Nigerian.

  6. truth & Justice | Reply

    Please read:

    Let us be fair and objective lest we be like them we blame.

    However, I believe that Obasanjo was uniquely positioned to do much much more.

  7. Patrick Adeoluwa | Reply

    Kindly send me detailed interview with obasanjo. I missed the interview and its not playing well on my laptop.

  8. Uncle Sege has a lot to answer to:
    -The unaccounted $10 billion spent on energy.
    -Hundreds of deaths from his military invasions of Delta towns.
    -Mysterious process of privatisation that created
    multi-millionaires overnight.
    -Protection of IBB from any type of scrutiny from the EFCC and other
    investigative bodies.
    Since he himself declared that he is willing to face any accuser and any evidence against him, he should not be so squeamish when confronted with
    tough questions.
    However, this British reporter should make sure that his righteous indignation extends to European and American leaders who are accused
    of serious crimes and abuses.
    Tony Blair and George W. Bush immediately come to mind.


    I have very many reasons to think that all commentaries on matters like this may come to naught because Nigeria has chosen political expediency in “election” of her leaders to doing what is right. Ordinarily,the likes of Obasanjo should not have ventured on the political terrain with all his obvious defects.The often paraded C V as handing over to democratically elected president in 1979 was in itself done out of fear rather than for patriotic reasons as subsequent events were to suggest.The 3rd term bid which failed was an obvious indictment on the 1979 event.At any rate,Obasanjo failed in Odi,he failed in Zaki Biam,He failed in the notorious Chris Ubah saga in Anambra State, he equally failed to provide security to these folks Bola Ige, Harry Marshal,Dikibo,etal.Sometimes when people demonize Abacha, I find it difficult to impute any difference between that regime and that of Obasanjo,except perhaps that Abacha is no more to explain away some of the inane actions of his government.Obasanjo’s government was as kleptomaniac as was Abacha,it was as vindictive,wastful and even myopic. It never ceases to amaze me when people point out to the introduction of GSM as one gratifying thing his govt.did,appointing to positions Soludo.Ezekwesili,El Rufai,Okonjo-Iweala,Ribadu,Akunyili etc. I wonder when appointing people to positions have turned out to be sublime political craft.Some of these people he even turned into his terror machine.In fact lets get over with that man. He failed us as a leader and we do not wish to have hia like again.

  10. A country deserves the kind of leaders they get. Obasanjo did not plan a single coup, never took government by any force, yet, with all our wisdom and education,he ruled Nigeria 3 good times? Haba! If he’s a monkey, then we’re clearly baboons. No two ways about that. We must accept the inherent mediocrity in our national psyche when it comes to enthroning the best of the best as leaders. Awolowo could never become President, Gen Buhari can’t, nor can Emeka Anyaoku, yet Obasanjo was there 3 terms, military and civilian regimes? I rest my case.

  11. having read all of your comments above.the man obasanjo (a common thief) failed even as a father to his children,a husband to his wives and a leader,a quality he never had.
    I have only one thing to say to him and this is for sure..he will surely go back to jail before he exits the special grace of God.

  12. I am a Nigerian moslem from Kaduna State,There are so many people pointing fingers at Obasanjo and other Nigerian leaders.In my opinion Obasanjo have saved nigeria from total collapse,people tend to forget and verry easily too,that Nigeria was at the verge of discentigration when Obasanjo came to power.After eight years,the polical system,social and economy,even before the global meltdown,enjoyed some stability.Agreed a lot more needs to be done,but it will take more than one man to change the fortunes of a nation.posterity and indeed God will judge everyone in the hereafter,and give account of his or her deeds.Sooner rather than later because we are all humans, and to erre is human-to forgive devine.lets always do our best and leave the rest to ALL MIGHTY GOD.Thank you May GOD bless Nigeria-Amen!.

  13. Captain Sabo Sambo

    You are a monkey

  14. Lotogbe You dont have to be cruel with the Captain that way,Agreed that Obasanjo has done worse things than the devil,u dont have to remove the fact that there was some form of stability especially in the military which ordinarily would have seized power and landed us in more languish,except if you have not been in this country before democracy and during democracy.You would know what to say

  15. kindly send me the interview with obasanjo.steve did a good job

  16. pls kindly send methe interview with obasanjo.steve did a good job.

  17. @Angel Virgin: Without fear of any contradiction I am sure Angel Virgin or Demon Prostitute is uncultured and illogical in her attacks and name calling on the person of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. It is clear that he/she lack manners and may be that is how he/she attack his/her parent at home. This man has done is best to Nigeria and we should live history and posterity to judge. No right thinking person will compare OBJ’s achievement to the shame that the present administration is doing. I am disappointed that such ungodly comment will be allowed on this site. Nigerians deserves better treatments than drag their leaders in the mud in such irresponsible manner. OBJ’s achievements stands out for all to see. I can count 100 in less than an hour. I suggest that comment should be reasonable, logical, analytical and constructive, not frustrated and confused comments like that of Angel Virgin. I despise whoever author such denigrating statements.

    God Bless Nigeria!

    University of Ibadan

  18. Please we should stop giving chances to opportunist and sadist who do not see anything good in people to be attacking our leaders. Most of them do not know anything about leadership, they are failures in their private homes, their private is so rotten that it must not be let out to the public, but they easily condemned those who have contributed to the wellbeing of the country.

    God Bless Nigeria!

    University of Ibadan

  19. Lets divide this Nigeria into pieces,..i think that its the best solution..Tribalism is the major sickness we have here..No one trust each other ,..OBJ has nothing to show up in 8 good solid years,..its a total disaster!!! No road,no water,no light,no education,nothing at all is working..GOD PLEASE DIVIDE THIS COUNTRY,..IT STINKS!!!

  20. Lets divide this Nigeria into pieces,..i think that its the best solution..Tribalism is the major sickness we have here..No one trust each other ,..OBJ has nothing to show up in 8 good solid years,..its a total disaster!!! No road,no water,no light,no education,nothing at all is working..GOD PLEASE DIVIDE THIS COUNTRY,..IT STINKS!!!


  21. Obasanjo did his best; our friends and we Nigerians must seek to carry forward in good faith with what we can add. In my opinion Olusegun Obasanjo is exemplary a good African of our time.
    I am in no doubt about the pace of progress under Umaru Yar’Adua.
    Nigeria is a great country with admirable potential. It is time for those of you in the rest of the world to learn how to respond humanely, with goodwill and with compassion to issues of Africans in general.
    The most common of notable reaction is contempt that you show for people already hard at work for their own progress. It is also too stupid for anyone to imagine all Nigerians by automatic mean are crooks. That is not fair; its calculable consequences are more injurious to the development of good international relationship with the rest of the world. Let alone the systemic economic strangulation – the result of automatic exercise of mistrust.
    To expose corruption in the way, which Obasanjo did during, his 2terms of service as president of Nigeria is a noteworthy cleansing process unarguably.

  22. 9ja man in China | Reply

    Nigeria can be the best in no time, If we can change from Democrazy to COMMUNIST……. Look at China for example…..

  23. The man obj has tried his best for the country, it looks like his best wasn’t enough to put things together for the good of ordinary people. We need the type of leaders that are fearless and know how to put things together and build a good foundation for others to follow. Don’t forget that our country was not supposed to be a country in the first place but forced together by the British. There is nobody that has the true love of the country at heart, therfore the “I don’t care attitude” of almost all of us. We can only begin to rescue the country from the clutches of the evil people by being fearless in demanding that our votes count come election times, otherwise this mediocrity will continue.

  24. I believe former president obasanjo is the best leader in nigeria, his out spoken and straight in dealings.

    1. patrick folawiyo | Reply

      i totally agree with festus,i do believe Olusegun Obasanjo is the best president Nigerians should be proud of…He knows,wine and dine the policians ans some greedy rich bastards in Nigeria,am telling you although he is an old man if Obasanjo should be given the chance to rule nigeria for the next 15 years,he would bring those greedy bastards to justice.Nigeria has been in a mess since indepedent,like my people say “AMUKUN ERU E WO”so people are expecting Obasanjo should fix it in 8years..I believe he has done his BEST for Nigeria

  25. So long the level of reasoning of an average Nigerian is as that of Mr Festus, that country is in for total destruction.. However, thank God few others think differently; and as a result we shall still safe our country.

  26. Obasanjo is a disgrace to Nigeria. He blatantly refuses to take responsibility for failings of his government. Leadership in Nigeria is non-existent!

    1. Very strong comments Ajibola!

  27. i need the full interview pls

  28. It can’t be all bad in Nigeria since independence. Surely Nigeria(ns) must have done something good?

  29. @Festus, for heaven sakes, dyu have the slightest meaning of ‘outspoken’. Or maybe i shud make it easier for you to understand as it seems you are sitting on your brains.
    Dyu by any chance know what it means to be oit spoken?
    Obj is so far from that and so are you my dear festus. Thats why we need dictionaries in our homes.

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