How the British “Rigged” Nigeria

This is an extremely controversial topic. We often hear southern Nigerians complain of “northern domination” and that the British colonial authorities were biased in favour of the north. How true are these claims?  In this controversial audio documentary the BBC investigates claims that the British colonial authorities deliberately rigged Nigeria’s independence elections to ensure that the election was won by a northerner. The BBC’s blurb on the programme states:

“The allegations centre on the cold war days of 1960 when fears were growing that communism was gaining ground in Nigeria,  a country where oil had only recently been discovered. Two top secret files from the time are being kept closed for one hundred years.

Documents calls for them to be released on the FOI Act. Could it be that Britain taught Nigeria all it knows today about fixing the polls?”

5 responses

  1. Sad,very sad!

  2. Stupid Nigerian founders who refused to see beyond their tribal boundries. I don’t blame anyone but the so called Nig. nationalists who woefully refused to see the future of us coming behind them in jeopardy. Yoruba, Haussa,Ibo, and the rest of Nigerians out there today,.. I hope you’re all feeling good about beeing slaves again in white man’s land. Long time ago, they used to come to our fore-fathers to buy us, now we have to beg them and pay them to let us in to their country to be their slaves again. This is shmameful….Nigeria, ‘am rooting for you, pls don’t get it wrong this time plzzzzzzzzzzz. Otherwise no choice..REVOLUTION.

    1. @ Olu true talk not only labor for the White folks but it goes beyond that Nigerians are used in some part of the western countries as a tool of gathering satistical data in relation to crime.
      i.e data base for the DNA.

      Alot of Nigerians abroad are in Prison for even less offences but what are our high commission doing?
      Have they even taken time to delegate for their visit as other countries would normaly do to acertain they are Nigerian citizen before anything? American, Britian, Ghana, Pakistan, Indian and the likes have got rogue citizen as well but they would definately pay them visit and get to know what their plight are.
      are. Sometimes I find it hard to differenciate the term Nigerian Citizen.
      If other countries like Britian,American etc at the forefront of anything concerning their citizens.
      We need to grow!

  3. i am what i am | Reply

    split, all this problem will be over or site /pretend on it

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