Nuhu Ribadu Dismissed from the Nigerian Police



Finally, Nigeria’s corrupt Governors have got what they wanted. Their arch nemesis Nuhu Ribadu has been dismissed from the police, the corruption charges against them have stalled and they are free to now go and enjoy more of Nigeria’s money abroad in the UK, US and Swiss bank vaults.

Amazingly a section of the Nigerian public criticise Ribadu for prosecuting those who steal from them. Alams, Dariye et al were hailed as heroes by their communities on their return (i.e. the very people they steal from)! It is time we accepted that the Nigerian public are PART OF THE PROBLEM, and corruption in Nigeria is not just a problem of leadership. It has also eaten away at the souls of the populace to the extent where some of them can no longer tell right and wrong, and hail thieves who steal from them, and stigmatise the man who tries to catch those thieves on their behalf. These corrupt leaders are emblematic of Nigerian society and they represent the decadence of the society they emerged from. There are many “common men” in Nigeria, who if given the chance would loot as much as, or even more than the current leadership. Nigerian leaders reflect the nature of Nigerian people, not vice versa.

While everyone is screaming blue murder at Ribadu’s “selective nature”, no one seems to remember that the people he prosecuted are the same people who looted the treasury.  Niger Delta militants are blowing up pipelines, fighting against the federal government and kidnapping civilians, when their former Governor James Ibori controlled a budget larger than the entire GDP of some entire African countries, and was busy stashing their money in the UK.  Ibori has finally got his victory.


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  1. I guess the likes of myself may be forgiven NOT having jumped on the Ribadu Bandwagon as of yet. His statement that he could find any evidence or petition that OBJ corruptly enriched himself whilst in power (despite an avalanche of complainants and petitions) remains in my view to be one of the most ludicrous statements ever credited to Ribadu. If he said the same of Buhari, Idi Agbon or even Sheu Shagari, I might have believed him!

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