Interview with Lamidi Adedibu

With Lamidi Adedibu passing away this week, a lot of column inches have been occupied discussing him.  Rather than add to the column inches, I thought site visitors might be interested to see this television interview with him.  Enjoy.


3 responses

  1. Hilarious! So this is the Strong Man of Oyo? God help us.
    He is like a cartoon character.
    The fact that he openly admits to thuggery and vandalism comfirms
    omnipotence in Ibadan. He knows full well that in Ibadan he is not only
    a law unto himself, but he is above the law.
    Lost in all his discourse was any concern whatsoever for the
    will of the people.
    What does that say about democracy in Nigeria?

  2. Useless man,thank God he is in hell now!!!

  3. […] seeking political relevance or political offices. From Remi Oyeyemi, yup same one…lol Also…amidi-adedibu/ Do you hear the man say he has been in politics since 1951? […]

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