Another Excellent Series of Biafra Videos – “No Victor No Vanquished”

This is another series of documentaries on Biafra. Produced by Nigeria’s own NTA, these videos feature interviews with the key players such as Gowon, Ojukwu, Babangida, Maj-Gens Mohammed Shuwa, Adeyinka Adebayo, Godwin Abbe, George Innih, and David Ejoor, Brigadiers Samuel Ogbemudia and Mobolaji Johnson, plus civilian participants like Philip Asiodu and Ahmed Joda who were key players in the abortive negotiations prior to the war.

Of great vintage is the footage of the Aburi debate in Ghana in 1967. Amazing footage of Ojukwu chatting with Gowon, Hassan Katsina, Commodore Joseph Wey and other members of the federal delegation to Aburi.

Part 1:–Biafra-War-Pt-1

Part 2:–Biafra-War-Pt-2

Part 3:–Biafra-War-Pt-3

Part 4:–Biafra-War-Pt-4

Part 5:–Biafra-War-Pt-5

Part 6:–Biafra-War-Pt-6

Part 7:–Biafra-War-Pt-7

Part 8:–Biafra-War-Pt-8

Part 9:–Biafra-War-Pt-9

Part 10:–Biafra-War-Pt-10

Part 11:–Biafra-War-Pt-11

Part 12:–Biafra-War-Pt-12

Part 13:–Biafra-War-Pt-13

Part 14:–Biafra-War-Pt-14

Part 15:–No-Vanquished–Biafra-War-Pt-15

Part 16:–Biafra-War-Pt-16

Part 17:–Biafra-War-Pt-17

Part 18:–Biafra-War-Pt-18


4 responses

  1. Max, none of theses videos seem to be working.

  2. The original links to the videos were taken down. You can view them here:

  3. Hi Max, do you have any other links to this “no victor no vanquished”

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