Nigerian Corruption: Back to its Old Ways?

In a previous post, I mentioned how former EFCC boss Nuhu Ribadu’s removal was a carefully orchestrated attempt to hamper the fight on corruption and to protect corrupt Governors.  (see:, lo and behold, only a few weeks after Ribadu’s posting to a course at the National Institutue of Policy and Strategic Studies, the charges against former Plateau State Governor Joshua Dariye have been dropped (the same Dariye that was arrested by police in London for money laundering).   Former Delta State Governor James Ibori has been granted bail, and bail conditions have been set for former Edo State Governor Lucky Igbinedon.  Once again, anti-corruption efforts in Nigeria are being derailed.

Incidentally, here is a photo of Ribadu at his NIPSS course.


3 responses

  1. While I don’t like the fact that Ibori and Igbinedion were granted bail, it is their right under the constitution, so we must not set a bad precedent…

    As for Dariye, all the charges against him weren’t dropped…

  2. Chxta, good points. That is the conumdrum of Nigerian corruption campaigns. If the EFCC takes a do it by the book approach, the moneybags former Govs will use their wealth and influence to delay, frustrate and manipulate the legal process to a standstill.

    Isn’t the timing a bit suspicious though? Ribadu leaves, then suddenly Govs are being bailed and charges are being dropped….

  3. It is not suspicious, it was a deliberate attempt to remove Ribadu from the process. Even though they were granted bail, I believe there are loopholes that a dedicated persecutor can find a way around to keep them in prison where they belong.

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