Site Updates Going Into February

 I have spent a lot of (painstaking!) time updating the site over the past day.  It is not always possible to know where updates are since this landing page looks the same.  But many of the links you see on the sidebars have had a lot of new information added to them.  To help guide you to the updates:

  • The news section is updated daily with the latest news from Nigeria.
  • The “great speeches” section has had a massive amount of material added to it.  I uploaded speeches by Major Nzeogwu, Murtala Muhammed, Muhammadu Buhari’s maiden broadcast as Head of State, and I also uploaded President Yar’Adua’s maiden Presidential broadcast.

Believe me it is incredibly painstaking and time consuming work to get hold of this archive material, as Nigeria does not have an easily accessible repository for them.  Well in the absence of such a repository, I aim to make this site a “one stop shop” for all such archive speeches.  They are invaluable parts of Nigerian history.

I also added another article (regarding the achievements of the Obasanjo administration) in the latest articles section, and I updated the post regarding the 1966 counter-coup.

Thanks for visiting the site, and do feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments:

Warmest regards



One response

  1. I appreciate all you’ve got going on this site. Found your blog through in internet search for information about the civil war, been hooked ever since.

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