More Videos on Nigeria’s History

Since videos have proved popular on this site, I thought I would post a few more regarding key controversial events in Nigeria’s history.  The videos can be viewed directly on this site.  Just click the play icon, sit back and enjoy these excellent insights into our recent past. 

This first video is an excellent documentary regarding attempts by various Nigerian regimes to perpetuate themselves in power under the guise of “transition” programmes and constitutional amendments.

This documentary regards the controversial 1985 trial and execution of Major-General M.J. Vatsa for allegedly trying to overthrow his boyhood friend and best man, Ibrahim Babangida.

Another video with excerpts from the 1995 Special Military Tribunal “coup” trial of several prominent Nigerians including General Obasanjo, Maj-Gen Shehu Musa Yar’Adua and Christine Anyanwu for allegedly plotting to overthrow the regime of General Sani Abacha.

2 responses

  1. need a video file on complete historical background of our country Nigeria. Pls, you need to know that i am desperate about it, so be you fast with it.

  2. i love this site, keep up the good work max.

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