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#Brazil’s African Heritage

Nice features by the BBC on African/Nigerian food being cooked and served by locals in Salvador, Brazil. Amazing how much African influence there is in Brazil (including worship of Yoruba gods).

Brazil is actually home to the world’s second largest black population and some of the black population still maintain strong roots with their African heritage.

The Gaza Death Toll: By the Numbers


Total deaths: 896 (as of July 25)

Israeli soldiers killed: 36

Israeli soldiers killed: 35

Palestinian militants killed: 122 (of which 2 were children)

Palestinian civilians killed: 649 (of which 104 were women, and 190 were children)

Palestinians with unknown role: 86


Israel’s “Knock on the Roof” Technique for Bombing Gaza

Video footage of how the Israeli air force is conducting raids in Gaza. One technique is to “knock on the roof” of a building that Israel intends to destroy by firing at the roof of a building to scare its occupants into leaving, before dropping larger munitions to destroy the building.


The video below also contains an audio recording of a phone conversation between an Israeli operator and a Palestinian where the Israeli warns the Palestinian to tell his neighbours to evacuate as the Israeli air force is about to destroy a building in his neighbourhood.


African Churches and British Christianity


A look at the rise of pentecostal African churches in England such as the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Kingsway International Christian Centre.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Has Died


Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has died. Sharon had been in a coma for the past 8 years. Nicknamed the “bulldozer”, Sharon was regarded as the “father” of the Israeli settler movement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. He was the darling of Israeli right win settlers who would often chant “Arik – King of Israel”.

Yet when be became Prime Minister he authorised the controversial evacuation of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip.

Sharon’s famous quotes:

“Always escalate”

“As one who fought in all of Israel’s wars, and learned from personal experience that without proper force, we do not have a chance of surviving in this region, which does not show mercy towards the weak, I have also learned from experience that the sword alone cannot decide this bitter dispute in this land.”

“Israel will fight anyone who tries, through suicide terrorism, to sow fear. Israel will fight, Israel will triumph and when victory prevails, Israel will make peace.”



The Handshake Between Obama and Raul Castro

“Class of 1992″ – DVD Trailer


A trailer for an upcming DVD about Manchester United’s famous 1992 FA youth cup winning team, which later went on to dominate English football. Including Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Nicky Butt and Gary and Phil Neville.



“Why I Hate Being a Black Man”



What Fuels America’s Love of Guns?


Why does the topic of guns arouse so much animosity and controversy in America?


Islamic Extremism in Africa: Rise of Jihadist Movements

Mali, Nigeria et al. Islamic militancy seems to be rising in the Sahelian/west African region. What is behind this phenomenon?


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