Major-General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika – Nigeria’s First Igbo Army Boss in 44 Years

A hoodoo of sorts has been broken by the appointment of Major-General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika as the new Chief of Army Staff (COAS). He is the first Igbo COAS since 1966, when Major-General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi was the GOC of the Nigerian army.

Ihejirika was born on February 13, 1956 in Ovim, Isuikwuato Local Government Area, Abia State. He commissioned into the army on December 17, 1977 as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy’s 18th regular combatant course.

Prior to being appointed COAS, he was the Chief of Defence Logistics at Defence Headquarters. He was also the former GOC of 81 Division at Lagos, and a former Director of Engineering at Defence Headquarters. Good luck to him. He is coming in to the job at a very testing time.

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  1. [...] Major-General Onyeabo Azubike Ihejirika – Nigeria’s First Igbo Army Boss in 44 Year… [...]

  2. To him much is given much is expected. We are praying for you

  3. I am very happy for his appointment, and i know it’s the lords doing. The truths remains hat God has remembered Ndi Igbo take it or you leave it. Some of us have refused to come back to our father land just because of government…….but Now change had COME.

  4. I am very happy for his appointment, and i know it’s the lords doing. The truths remains hat God has remembered Ndi Igbo take it or you leave it. Some of us have refused to come back to our father land just because of BAD government…….but Now change had COME.

    1. Iam very happy that he made it.its God doings, iam very very happy.

  5. Nwanne-ukwu, Ga n’iru na egwu adigh. Jihovah bu Eze,o ga ano nyere gi n’uzo nile. Onye agha k’ibu.

  6. 81 Division is based in Lagos the last time I checked.I do not subscribe to the ethnic sentiments attached to this appointment, except to observe that back in Abacha’s day, General Iweze almost became the COAS but did not garner enough votes to clench the position.

  7. the water must log at it’s place of originality. it’s an igbo adage.with the right vision restoration is sure in our mohter land.

  8. Firstly, 81 Division is not in Enugu but in Lagos. That is the new name for the former Lagos Garrison Command (LGC). The Division in Enugu is the 82 Division Nigerian Army.
    Secondly, Air Marshal Paul Dike was also an Igbo officer and he both commanded the Nigerian Airforce and also held a position even high than the Chief of Army Staff which is the Chief of Defence Staff. So let us stop sensationalizing this appointment and focus on the tasks ahead for these new appointees.

    1. Wow, we have some eagled eyed people on here. So quick to point out a typo! The mistake has been corrected.

      The reason why people are making a big deal out of Ihejirika’s appointment is because:

      (a) The COAS is the most strategic of the service chiefs – commanding 80-90% of the workforce of the entire Nigerian military.

      (b) Yes Dike was the CDS, but the CDS does not exercise operational control of troops like the COAS does. The CDS is the intermediary link between the military and the ministry of defence. He cannot go and issue orders to a senior army officer like the COAS. The COAS is the ONLY person in Nigeria (aside from the President) than can issue direct orders to ANY soldier.

  9. Igbo diasporas in Scandinavia throw way salute to Mr Good Jonathan Good-Luck,we also throw way salute to our brother,son,father,uncle,and Inlaw Major-General Dike na Agha1 Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika Chief of Army Staff.this move show say our current President is in right track,to appoint the first Igbo-man to that post which means say God of Igbos never sleep,make una listen O,Bedbugs tell him pikins say make them be patient,anything wey hot go cool down,A person wey siezed small pikin thing?if hand dey pain?that hand must come down.I beg make una no mind my ENGLI-IGBO,I no go school O.May God bless United states of Nigeria.

  10. Igbo diasporas in Scandinavia throw way salute to Mr Good Jonathan Good-Luck,we also throw way salute to our brother,son,father,uncle,and Inlaw Major-General Dike na Agha1 Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika Chief of Army Staff.this move show say our current President is in right track,to appoint the first Igbo-man to that post which means say God of Igbos never sleep,make una listen O,Bedbugs tell him pikins say make them be patient,anything wey hot go cool down,A person wey siezed small pikin thing?if hand dey pain?that hand must come down.I beg make una no mind my ENGLI-IGBO,I no go school O.May God bless United states of Nigeria

  11. Dearest Max, the reason I was a bit “eagle-eyed” was that I read a reference to ’83rd” Division at a different news outlet.I knew right away that your’s was a typo as I have enjoyed reading and downloading your numerous article dealing with politics and military affairs in the country.I look forward to reading more articles from you.Best wishes.

    1. No problem Ekuson. There are thousands of miles of text and information on this website. I try VERY hard to make it 100% accurate. Of course – the reference to “82” Div was a typo. It is not helped by the fact that the Divisions at Lagos and Enugu have changed their names SO MANY times! What is now called 81 Division in Lagos was at various times the “Lagos Garrison”, then the “Lagos Garrison Command”….wasn’t it even “4th Infantry Division” at one time?! I wish they would just go through with Divisions 1-5, instead of going from 1-3 then randomly jumping to 81 and 82!

      I know they want to remember past/veteran divisions but the constant name changing is a bit much.

  12. Willis writes from Abuja | Reply

    JO my OGA preso, though i never expected you have that gut as being speculated!You have no doubt created history. Your name will ever remain in the annals of Nigerian history as a lion heart. Shame to detractors. An Igboman as(COAS) is it possible. Yes it is possible. You surprised many Nigerians, who think you cannot bark. You have proven that you are a lion killer. You have craved where never see good dared and triumphed over meekness.History is beginning to rewrite its self. For this singular act, many young Nigerians believe u can stand above Goliathsssssssssss. Issues of QUOTA system should be revisited. Generations born and unborn are loosing steam becos of this. Equity where the best, no matter where you are born,ur tribe or religion and provided you have a Nigeria blood should prevail. Pls look well and unfold events. Rawlings did it and better is Ghana today.

  13. Isn’t it interesting though that since the war, all the southern COAS (Akinrinade, Ogomudia, Azazi, Ihejirika) were appointed by southern presidents? ….something to ponder….

    1. Oh ho na u talk am O. But i wait to know these so called southern presidents!How many of them have been there? Tell them. Becos we are on the match aaagain! looking for Mr president.

    2. i fear yhu o mr max.i believe u read very much to knw all the things u’ve bin posting.i really do admire yhu.i guess yhu are a military man or an ex.guess yhu knw what that means.i love every of your comment same as the other mr that posted a link.yhu re good.god bless yhu.pls lemme knw if yhu re a mitary man.ciao

      1. No need to fear me! LOL. I just provide information. :-)

  14. Please Ihejirika, you are the first Igbo Man to be in this position. I wish you good luck and hard work.Replacing you as an Igbo Man in that position can bring a breakthrough to our slavery in the state. For 12 years now we had been suffering political gangs and nothing has been done in the state. For instance the development in Calabar and other pasrts of states people are sleeping like in the case of abia state people are sleeping in the bush and many have run away from their homes. Again people have been murdered in cool blood and women and girls suffered from rapid and and kidnapping. We thanks God as you have come nowand we hope you will rescue us from this terrible situation. Our security is in your hands. The bad ambition of the goverment which people suffered from it each day even you can not hear news on the radio or television of what is happening in Abia state. Please weplead with you to come to Osisoma local government and see people have run away fromtheir homes. In Aba all the business activities have slow down due to this act of kidnapping.
    Thanks. God will surely guide you on how tosolve this problems. Uzor from Malabo

  15. I am the only exception to the excitement in appointing Ihejirika as COAS. Great, he was so appointed but is that the crux of the matter. Is that office tenured? What guarrantee that he wont be removed as easily as he is appointed. Please People should stop denigrading the Igbos by carrying on as if a foreigner has been appointed as COAS or as if a lesser mortal has taken an office he is least qualified for. The Igbos should have an international airport,a bridge across the Niger,good roads,thermal station,another state et al

  16. While we are on military affairs I post here a link to an interesting article about the Nigerian military. This is the first I have heard of this story:

    1. Thanks for sharing this Ekuson. I am surprised the Israeli press gave it coverage as Haaretz rarely covers African affairs.

  17. promotion cometh from above and we are to serve

  18. promotion cometh from above and we are to serve with the fear of God to prolong our services!

  19. what is writen is writen no matter pharaoh’s stubborn

  20. We love u & i in person is very 4 our good lord be with u.

  21. One by one, one day the almighty GOD will make the Igbo man’s dream come through. This a step forward to the South-East.
    This is Nigeria where the unknown happens. Bravo to Goodluck Jonathan, the GOD sent President of Nigeria and glory be to Almighty God who with his infinit mercy brought him up to steer the ship of leadership of Nigeria also for bringing educationists into Nigeria leadership not when we are being led like sheep without a shephard, men without focus and selfish leaders. Goodluck has shown the entire world that he can deliver with his leadership patern. He knows the way withdal of Nigerians. No nepotism, segregation or statism. He knew we are one Nigeria. Also as an educated elite, he know who the cap fits. It is not a asuprising thing that he knows the way forward. God will continue to guide him for his good plans for all Nigerians and open his eye more.



  23. Goodluck uncle i know he dat put u in dat position il surely guide up u v alway kept d flag of ihejirika flyiwmg i now u wot let us down now.may almight b wit u

  24. Comrade Ernest IBEKWEH PETERS | Reply

    Nwanne ukwum, imere añunu ? Ekele duru Obasi bi n’elu maka idosawu ngohu. Egwu atulawu. Obasi di n’elu nonyere gi. Ndewo Nwanne ukwu m !

    1. For those of you who prefer to write in your native Igbo, I will really appreciate a rough translation. I am really lost here. I want to be able to follow everything written on this appointment.

      1. The above means ” Senior brother, how are you? Praise be to God for placing you in that position. Don’t be scared. God the Almighty will guide and protect you. Thanks, big brother.

  25. Randy Orton Ibekweh | Reply

    Nwanne ukwu,i wish to congratulate you for your new post. We the ISU3(s) always come first in whatever we engage urself into. Am very optimistic that you can deliver very well. Please remember that most of us (youths) from ISU3 will like to be in listed in the NIGERIAN ARMY. Please it is your turn to bring all the ISU3 together and make us the “UNITED COMMUNITIES OF ISU3. I have confidence in you my SENIOR BROTHER. Anyi bia ahu la DECEMBER. Takgudkia !

  26. Ndogbo thinkd they must come first. I sincerely hope this is not a cowardly act to break Nigeria as attempted by your fathers. As far as I am concerned, this is a suspecious move. Come out clean and bold if you want to segregrate and stop boasting of another man’s achievement.Candid thots !

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      (TEE JAY:Ndogbo(WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?) thinkd(THINKD?? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING HERE?ALLAH, BAMA JIN TURENJI NKA) they must come first. I sincerely hope this is not a cowardly act to break Nigeria as attempted by your fathers. As far as I am concerned, this is a suspecious(SUSPECIOUS?? NEVER HEARD THAT WORD BEFORE IN MY LIFE.DO YOU EVEN OWN A DECENT DICTIONARY. SURE AS HELL WOULD COME IN HANDY) move. Come out clean and bold if you want to segregrate(SAY WHAT? DID I HEAR YOU SAY SEGREGATE? WHAT HAS THIS GOT TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR DISCOMBOBULATED GIBBERISH?) and stop boasting of another man’s achievement.Candid thots( COME AGAIN BUD.REALLY NICE TRY).

  27. Some people will always be jealous but can’t remove you from that seat no matter what. I call such people fool. Those people their father never had this kind of opportunity and i think nobody in their family can smell that seat. I repeat i cal them big FOOLS. Nobody can question God. Congratulation GENERAL !

  28. Col . T . Bello | Reply

    If you dont like him in that SEAT. Just go and get him off. I know some people’s foolishness will never allow them appreciate other people’s achievement. Shame onto them ! For such people’s info ,there other IGBO Lt(s) , Col (s) , GEN(s) etc who are presently holding key positions in the MILITARY . This is just the BEGINING EWU !

  29. Col . T . Bello | Reply

    I know what it takes to be in listed in the MILITARY and i equally know what it takes to be given KEY POSITIONS in the MILITARY too. Ndiogboo are very nice and trustworthy too. That attitude of theirs will always take them anywhere. Tee tee a bi jee jee , you are very STUPID. Even from your name i know that you’re a BIG FOOL. Mugu !

  30. Caroline Ariahu | Reply

    quoting THEODORE ROOSEVELT;”it is not the critic who counts;not the man who points out where the strong man stumbled or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,whose face is marred with dust and sweat and blood.At best he knows the triumph of high achievement;if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly;so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat”.Ride on big brother,may God sustain you.Amen



  32. sir i need your help i would like you to sign my form

  33. General Ihejirika, we wish you God’s wisdom and guidance throughout your tenure in the service of the Nation.

  34. Congratulations sir on your new appointment
    from choma nwankwo.

  35. COAS is just an appointment, any soldier man can be there tomorrow.
    As far as Nigeria is concern that position “COAS” is only strong during the millitary regime because COAS has 90% chance of becoming the commander-in-chief. Since millitary government had been abolished, I don’t really know what people thought or expected from Ihejirika’s appointment. He can recomend some soldiers for promotion, He can ask FGN to build army barracks where there is none and work closely with other armed forces to ensure security of the country.
    COAS does not make decision for the government. Don’t forget COAS has a civillian boss who can terminate this appointment if pressured by other ethnic groups or politicians no matter how active or intelligent he might be. That’s Nigeria for you. Again, who knows why this position was given to Ibo man? There may be a catch somewhere because Mr. President did not made this decision alone. When ever there is a dark cloud above the Aso Rock, Ibo man is always the sacrificial lamb. When T.Y Danjuma insulted Obasanjo and resigned from Defence Minister, OBJ. appointed Thomas Ironsi(Son of Aguiyi Ironsi) as his Defence minister for closed to eleven months just to poison the mind of T.Y.Danjuma because Danjuma and Ironsi family were in a big enemity due to T.Y Danjuma’s responsibilities in kidnapping and assacination of president J.T.U Aguiyi Ironsi in 1966 counter coup.
    Don’t forget Obasanjo is still a big insider in Aso Rock today, offcourse he is still Mr. Goodluck Jonathan’s boss and mentor believe it or not.

    1. Charles King, COAS is the most strategically important post in the Nigerian military (even more so than the CDS). The COAS has operational command of about 80% of Nigeria’s military (wo)mampower. He is the only officer that can issue orders to ANY troops in the NA.

      In short, the security of the nation and the President rests to a large extent upon his shoulders. If there is a coup from within – he must decide quickly whether to defend the President and risk death in the process, or join the plotters and risk death if the plot fails. Big job don’t you think?

      1. Mr. Max Siollun, We almost said the same thing, I knew very well about COAS responsibilities. I even mention them in my above posted article.
        I never compare the power of COAS to that of CDS or any other force. I only give instances based on what i red from this forum and much expected returns People where anticipating from Ihejirikas appointment.

  36. pls sir mr chief of army staff i am seeking for ur help 4 addmission in the nigeria defence academy pls help me. 08032371546

  37. Tank God 4 Lt Gen O Azubike Ihejirika. May God use u 2 help me in my NDA drms.AMEN!!! Am Nwankwo Douglas n wil seat 4 dis 63rd Nda exams.GOD BLESS U & BLESS

  38. May God bless our beloved country NIGERIA.I belive president goodluck has the intrest of nigeria in heart.May god blesss us all from sokoto to oron from maidugiri to okirika,and may god deflect curupt leaders from coming to positions of power. LONG LIVE THE FEDRAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA

    1. Sir you have an awesome profile,i admire you sir. i have this dream and the zeal to serve my country with my life but all my effort to be enrolled in the nigerian defence academic has yielded no positive result,please General i need your assistance. thanks

  39. Nigeriahater:I suggest you go fly a kite with a hole in it.You must be shoving food down the wrong orifice and I believe the sun doesn’t shine where your head is.Mark my words:One day real soon god will punish you with death.

  40. Sir, pls can use your power to gather all the soldiers togather to have a time set aside 4 Word of God and prayers. May God help u in this work In jesus Name Amen. Sir, i will be happy if u will Acknowledge Jesus Christ today in ur Life u will have what money Can’t buy. Yours brother Chinonso Emmanuel 08034775798

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      CHINONSO:You should strive to keep ur religion to ur heart and give others some breathing space. Some of us acknowledge the supremacy of Jesus, Mohammed, and some always are out and out atheists. Let us keep religion out of governance so that everyone is included in our national affairs.

  41. he who started this good work in nigeria will do it to the end,mr ihejirika have no fear for the lord is with you,just go on and do the best u can for nigeria.we all belive that you do it better.well done.

  42. for d first time in 44 years igbo man is appointed as coas of d nigerian army,becouse of the rolled they played during our civil war,I hope history will
    nt repeat itself,nigerians are tired of war.remember no history without event.I pray 4 our coas and our there country nigeria may we see d end of his regime peacefully.amin

  43. Olaleye Oluwatayo | Reply

    I am a Nigeria with the dream to become an Army officer one day but my problem is who to stand because have being nursing this in me for so long.People keep telling me that I have to know one General before any thing can happen.Sir please I will be very grateful if you can stand for me or help me out.
    I am a graduate of university of Lagos with a special focus in mathematics and statistics.
    SIR i will like to be an ARTILLERY SOLDIER.


  45. edmond nnamdi j | Reply

    oga,obi dimuto maka position nke eyere gi.obu nmasim ibu onye army na recuritment nke ana eme ubua.biko yerem aka eweta orua.
    datam bu
    application no; DSSC/2011/14897.
    PAYMENT PIN;6914964100.
    noo nke oma.

    1. What the hell is this gibberish all about? I showed this piece to an Ibo friend who had a hell of a time reading thorugh even the first line of your putrid vernacular. Why don’t you know how to write your own language let alone joining the army.?

  46. destiny,can never be changed,it can be delayed.

  47. why people are not giving there scores into defence academy

  48. pls sir i want to be among your candidate in the upcoming defence academy exams


    I am a Nigeria with the dream to become an army officer.In this 66th Regular Recreutsintake.Sir pls can you use you power to gather all the soldiers togather to have a time sat aside for word of God and prayers.may God heip you in thip work in Jesus Name Amen.Pls I form Nise in Awka South in Anambra state.pls Sir my name is Chukwudi Patrick okafor.May God Bless you Amen.

    1. charles king | Reply

      Becarefull, Mr. Partrick, Never you preach the word of God to Nigerian soldiers or Government officials. If you ever does that those soldiers will definitely turn against you and whoop your ass. Devil is already in control of Nigerian armed forces and the entire federal government. They were all possesed with evil thought since october 1st,1960, now you are trying to approach them with word of God, It’s like you are jumping into an already charged war with no end time. I don’t think you understood how bitter Nigerian governments are? “There is no gospel preaching in Nigerian authorities or at the coridor of power” They only accept the word of God inside their casket.

  50. simeon ezeoke nnanna | Reply

    my sir! Gen ihejirika i want to use this medium to say welldone 4 ur appointment, may God continue to bless u 4 ur days in office,and being the (coas) of the nigerian army i don’t think,it’s an easy appointment to hang on! sir may God continue to bless u in ur reign.

  51. oladare micky | Reply

    God gave honor to does who deserve it, your appointment as COAS have brought a lot of hope to the NA we are here celebrating your achievement and I believe it ‘ll continue. pls Sir we need your help come and save the life of soldier in Lagos state, Soldiers have been molested by Policeman and LASTMA

    1. charles king | Reply

      What kind of soldier can be molested by a police officer? Is he a soldier or a street begger on a millitary fatigue? If your statement was true, that means those molested soldiers should be re-train again before they become a real soldier, because police officer had no strenght to humiliate a soldier like that talkless of molestation.

  52. nkem ndubisi | Reply


  53. nnam Ga n’iru ma’na egwu adigh Jihovah Ga Cha ba Gi. Dady the lord we gird you,true out your years,am praying for you so don’t be afraid.(PSALM ;121) To him much is given much is expected. thanks frm Okorocha Henry Imo State (OWERRI WEST L.GA

  54. My God bless Our beloved Courtry Nigerian.I belive president Dr Goodluck Jonathan and Chief of Army Staff has the intrest of Nigerian in heart.Long live the Federal Republic Of Nigerian.My God give Leaders of Nigerian the power to take Nigerian to the next level.I love the Nigerian army and i love the uniform.May give me grace to be in this army job.Pls Sir my name is chukwudi patrick okafor.I am form Awka South L.G.A. Anambra State.pls Sir this is my Application number 66RRI/11/AN/A1/0036409.May God give you longlife,knowledge Sir

  55. chukwudi patrick okafor | Reply

    My God bless Our beloved Courtry Nigerian.I belive President Dr Goodluck Jonathan and Chief of Army Staff has the intrest of Nigerian in heart.Long live the Federal Republic Of Nigerian.My God give Leaders of Nigerian the power to take Nigerian to the next level.I love the Nigerian army and i love the uniform.May give me grace to be in this army job.Pls Sir my name is chukwudi patrick okafor.I am form Awka South L.G.A. Anambra State.pls Sir this is my Application number 66RRI/11/AN/A1/0036409.May God give you longlife,knowledge Sir

  56. EDMOND NNAMDI J | Reply

    Dee congratulations on your achievements so far.sir am a young man with interest of joining the Nigerian army . as a mater of fat, i applied for d on going DSSC recruitment. I am from abia state . pls help me sir.
    my details are
    name.Edmond Nnamdi Joseph
    Payment pin; 6914964100.

    1. Emma Nnamdi: Can you and others like you really tell us why you are in a hurry to join the army? Is there something you young fellows are not telling us here? Hmmm… Anyway the rest of you can follow this link for an interesting interview. I now believe that Mr. Jonathan’s change of the service chiefs was the right thing to do. I also believe that another change should happen shortly. Here it is:

  57. uzoma ihejirika | Reply

    hello sir,i am happy to be an ihejirika. I am frm mbaise in imo state. Thanks.

  58. im so proud of u with the testimony iv head so far. God bless amd guide u.

  59. i know u will do more with God notthing do u we go the do adu’a 4 u

  60. Sir your soldiers here in Jos are stil begging u to do something in respect of our changing Sir, bcos we have over stayed more than six months they have change d soldiers from 3Div and we that are from 1Dic are not, sir kindly use your good office to help us for the sake of our families n discpline,

  61. Those of you who have dreams to join the NA should get off your bee-hinds now and follow this link pronto. As for me I’m just too old to be playing rough any more:



    1. Ekuson Debango(Mr) | Reply

      Enjoy the good news now while it lasts. Come next year there will be a major reorganisation in the top echelons of the security apparatus. Do not say that I didn’t warn you.Folks this is just a political appointment and nothing else.Do not make much out of it. I really don’t see where you guys are going with the endless comments.Those of you who plug in your ads here should be careful. You may be in violation of certain trade and commerce laws.

  63. Engr.Funsho Alabi | Reply

    Adage says “the patient dog will eat the fatty bones”. Even though Nigeria Army has been taken security matter of our nation into greater consideration since over 45 years concening Ibo Nation and the civil war. Such people will be considered untrustworthy any where in the world. But since there must have been series of political and moral tests to confirm their trustworthiness if there is no partisanship and ill-feelings..
    I congratulate Gen. Ihejirika our new COAS. This will prove to his well-wishers and Nigerians as a whole that Ibo people can lead Nigeria politically and effectively without any qualm. God bless Nigeria.

  64. Ndubuisi Anyalechi | Reply

    ‘The General’is a man of quintisential background. He is a man that has distinguished himself both in the military and in the civil alike by his academic and professional calling. His appointment is purely a reward from God, giving honour to whom honour is due. I doff my heart for him as I join my voice with that of other thousand and one people who give glory to God for his appointment.

    Ndubuisi Anyalechi (Lagos)

    1. Gen. Ihejirika deserves the merit of being our COAS no doubt he qualifies to be. God in His infinite mercy will always guide and gard him.

  65. i believ you are the real man becouse only strong men stands on feet when there ship is down

    1. DR. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Okay guys,there is something missing in all these comments here.Granted the current COAS, having served as GOC of the 81st Division Lagos for quite a while, is qualified to occupy the position.There are certain things you guys are overlooking here:
      1) The COAS is related to the president by marriage,
      2) The president, going into office on his own term, realised that the North was highly opposed to his presidency. By choosing this COAS he was indirectly warning the North that should they derail his presidency they will be saddled with a military govt headed by, you guessed it, an Igbo.Clearly, this possibility ought to scared the living daylight out of the Northerners.This is my personal analysis of the situation anyway.Feel free to disagree.Mind you the man is well qualified to occupy the position. I followed his career when he was first appointed a GOC under the Obj govt and I have listened to him on numerous ocassions and I believe his appointment to be appropriate.

      1. “Whom the cap fits, let him wear it” I wish that other positions in the government will be considered by merit like “COAS” and not by tribe or whom you know including the C of C position” Nigeria had no criteria or pre-requisite to qualify for public offices as a lawless nation. The most I ever heard is beign a graduate, religous, relation, tribe or richess. One or two of these factors will land you to the topmost position in an uncivilized nation like Nigeria. No criteria for criminal and credit background checks, Family history, How the person handled his past and present positions, level of human intelligent and wisdom which makes up a personality and intergrity of public servant in a civillized world. For instance, someone with numerous default bank loan can still win a public office and in-charge of public fund in Nigeria. Many known 419 kingpins were among the lawmakers in Nigeria, while some ex-corrupted governors were still appointed as a minister or directors in various government entities. But in a civilized nations, common your marriage life,bad atitude, bad habit, infidelity, even being a womanizer is a ground for disqualification to hold public office.

  66. Whether Ikhejika is an in-law to president or not he deserved the position of COAS. and that it his destiny. Before you comment on this read all coups that has happened in this country on how junior officers always disobeying there seniors because the senior is not from their region. Major Infeajuna killed Gen Mamailari his al.

    1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      Engr.Funsho Alabi: I am well read on the histroy of coups in Nigeria. Believe me I am. I took pain to say that the man was eminently qualified for the position.I knew about him long before most of you even heard about him. I followed his rise as well as that of two other officers appointed GOC since the end of the war. These others are then Major General C.I. Obiakor (rtd) and Major General M.B. Obi. I also watched with keen interest the rise of Brigadier Iweze(rtd) and Major General F. Okonkwo (rtd). There were many others. Yes, I do follow events in the military right as they unfold.In fact, at one time I also came up with some concepts for military armament but these ideas never left the drawing table as they were overtaken by other mundane events.You are correct in asserting that junior officer sometimes plan coups but what you failed to mention is that in those instances where such coups succeeded, there was some form of nod from some senior officers too. That is to say that the junior officers often sound out some senior officers when planning such coups. In cases where the junior officers did not seek prior consent from relevant senior officers, those coups failed to achieve their objective. My comment was intended to move us along to other recent events as they impact the country.I had wanted to post this months ago but this was overtaken by other events. My comment was never intended to take anything away from the fact that the man’s appointment is an historic event in itself.

      1. Ekuson, you mention some very fine officers there. Until his retirement last year, Lt-General Chikadibia Isaac Obiakor was a fine artillery officer and the military adviser to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on peacekeeping missions. Cyril Iweze and Festus Okonkwo were also international peacekeeping commanders of some repute.

        1. Dr. Ekuson Debango | Reply

          The Nigerian Army announces major redeployments affecting well up to 72 senoir ranks.Some new GOCs announced as well.

  67. Prince ibekwe | Reply

    I,ll always tell every reasonable person dat God is not asleep & dat is how he must surely do it one day by librating d igbo,s & bestoring them with a sovereign state

  68. nkemakolam chibua | Reply

    this is the time 4 igbos to rejoice the power is now in there hands,and i also apreciate general ihejirika ‘nwane ukwu yadirigi na mma’.

  69. I congratulates u so much to be in this position as an Igbo man, I believe God has given us back what belongs to us because since after the civil war, I was told by my father that Aguyi Ironsi was the in charge of the Nigeria Army before the Northern Solders killed him for nothing but selfish interest ,to have the power leadership of this country. God has reversed it back to us after more than 40 yrs. This is our chance back again, You are our General like Late Ikemba Ojukwu, u are the peoples leader nw.If this power gets back to North,brother, we shall never be there again. we want you to stand and draw a line by 2015 when the north wants the power by all means and are ready for anything.we are ready very ready behind you to say NO to power back to the north or otherwise you make a history which will be final ,{ we go ] We Love u and are happy with u.
    Sir, we are saying No to the north, power must remain to the east,to the core East plz .

    1. Ekuson Debango | Reply

      This is the very kind of ethnic chauvinism we have condemned among the Hausa-Fulani who usurped all military appointments for so long. Let me state that the COAS is there to serve the country and not just a section of the country.For him to be successful he must pay attention to all segments of the Nigerian society and not just the needs of the Ibo.Let us not make too much out of a political appointment here.That is what it is- a political appointment.He serves at the pleasure of the president and commander-in chief of the armed forces.Every other consideration is only secondary this known fact.

  70. Oga! You too much. We igbos’ are happy for you. God will guide and protect you.

  71. Oga! We the igbos’ are happy for you. I pray that the almighty God will guide and protect you.

  72. NWANNEUKWU, GOD is your strength

  73. Idris abdulkareem | Reply

    Am vry happy 4 his appointment,nd i pray god allmighty should guide him through,but plz we d children of d paupers also want’s 2 b an army or any source of military,i have been trying 2 be,but i realize dat its only wen u hav a god father datz wen u can b a millitary personel,plz sir we need changes in our millitary academy plz!

  74. Sir i want to be a soldier can u help sir. Am from osisioma ngwa local govt. Area in Abia state. If you can help me as your brother i am 08137355043. Please i need your help because hausa people used to acknowldge there follow tribe. Thank you sir for your co- operation.

  75. There is on-line recruitment of Nigerian Army as of now. Make sure you apply definately you will be enlisted this time around.

  76. Hi mr ihejirika , i studied with ur daughter

  77. Dis is 2 make dis appeal & reqest to d Hon.Minister Dr Zainab Maina 4 her special assistance of my addmission into d 64Reguler Course of d Nigerian Defence Academy Kaduna.Dat my name is Audu Stephia,from Babura LGA Jigawa State.Dat my dept is BIOLOGY & my exam nos is JIGAWA000086 & my choice of svc is Army.Dat may d almity Allah(God) bless her,guide her & strenghtenin her 2 d service of humanity & we Nigerians are very greatful 2 d new development brought by ur administraion in d lives of women & Nigeria at large.

  78. Sir! it is my pressure to comment to you on ur good service as a Nigeria sodier,i am from Imo State,but i live at Aba,i love military very well,bcos i need to serve my country with all my integrity,but i lack suponsor,sir i really need ur help,my plan is to enter NDA by next yr sir,i really need ur help sir,help sir i am ur brother,here is my phpne num.08167008571 or 08183849581: Any where u are if u want me to come there i wil come sir.may God bless u sir.

  79. Sir may God continue to give you longlife,granting ur hrt desire,it shall be well with u.

  80. I love ihejirga(coas). . .i really nd dearly wanna be lyk him. . .by lords willing

  81. The Ibos have always displayed callantry, courage, great wits, worriorship in battle, valour, with a fearce disposition. The appointment of GENERAL Ihejirika is a confirmation of this. Thank God they are being discovered.

  82. ugaja chigbo fred | Reply

    I always pray for you sir the lord will see you through.I want to bring to your notice of the fact that some of your men at aba were hired by one elochukwu from Anambra state to beat my brother because my brother bought some goods from him(elochukwu)

  83. ugaja chigbo fred | Reply

    my brother is not an armed robber only that he was yet to pay,he was beating and detained at ngwa high school aba.Now my brother cant hear well because of deafening slap they gave him.I am from AKOLI IMENYI BENDE LGA ABIA STATE

  84. Please my General Ihejirika never you do without your brothers, make sure your Igbo brothers does not lack behind as far as Nigeria Army is concern.

  85. His appointment as the COAS was never born out of nothing but came when the country needs somebody like him therefore, its our lord’s doing. may be from him, the perpetraitors of national voilence will be brought to book

  86. His appointment as the COAS was never born out of nothing but came when the country needs somebody like him therefore, its our lord’s doing. may be from him, the perpetraitors of national voilence will be brought to book. I vote

  87. I pass al d necessary requirement and i was not chosen and dis is d only 1 job i wish to do bcos i want to fight again al d terrorist in dis country

  88. l wish u more powers to ur strenght.l dream to be like u.

  89. Tank God 4 Lt Gen O Azubike Ihejirika. May God use u 2 help me in my NDA drms.AMEN!!! Am Obi michael 4rm Anambra n wil seat 4 dis 65rd Nda exams.GOD BLESS U & BLESS (07069721310):

  90. they sholu not alow hausa to get that post of general in nigeria army ,let Igbo and Yoruba share that post ,

    1. | Reply

      You are not talking at all. This country belong to all of us. Every section has equal right to any existing post on the land.
      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  91. Onyeaghala uchenna Emmanuel | Reply

    Nwanneukwu congrate may the lord be with you

  92. God blessing nigeria army for making 21
    boy a soldier and at 2week to 2pass out nigeria army dismissing him how is corrupstion going 2 stop 70 r r i

  93. PRESIDENT GOODLUCK Jonathan is a GOD sent president in so nigerian should allow him to rule, let do away with ethnicity & face reality, thank u all my Nigerians. God bless Nigeria. Amen

  94. My brother God will protect you and your family in jesus name, amen. Any war agains you, you will battle them and win them in jesus name Amen.

  95. prophet chukwudi okafor | Reply

    God has remainbered the Igbo’s, if you all can see from inside

  96. But the man has been retired !

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