Nigerian President Appoints New Army, Air Force, Navy and Police Chiefs

Well, as the Americans say: “its on”. Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has replaced the service chiefs. He replaced the heads of the army, navy, air force, police and State Security Service (SSS). Clearly this is his move to consolidate his power ahead of next year’s presidential elections.

The New Men

Chief of Defence Staff    Air Chief Marshal Paul Dike    Air Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin
Chief of Army Staff    Lt-General Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau    Major-General Azubuike Ihejirika
Chief of Air Staff    Air Vice-Marshal Mohammed Dikko Umar    Air Marshal Oluseyi Petinrin
Chief of Naval Staff    Vice-Admiral Isaiah Iko Ibrahim    Rear-Admiral Ola Sahad Ibrahim
Inspector-General of Police    Ogbonnaya Onovo    Hafiz Ringim
Director-General, State Security Service    Afakiriya Gadzam    Ita Ekpenyong

The only one of the service chiefs to remain in service is former Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Petinrin, who has been promoted the new Chief of Defence Staff (replaces Air Chief Marshal Paul Dike).

The new Chief of Army Staff Major-General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika, was the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 81 Division in Lagos, and is the first Igbo commander of the Nigerian army for 44 years since Major-General Aguiyi-Ironsi (1965-66).

The new Chief of Naval Staff Rear-Admiral Ola Sahad Ibrahim (who replaces his namesake Vice-Admiral Isaiah Iko Ibrahim) was the Flag Officer Commanding, Western Naval Command.

New Chief of Air Staff Air Vice-Marshal Mohammed Dikko Umar was the Air Officer Commanding, Training Command.

Politics and Power

These appointments demonstrate the extent of politicking going on behind the scenes ahead of next year’s presidential elections. Control of the police, intellectual and armed forces will be crucial forwhomever hopes to become President. The retired men were seen as loyalists of President Jonathan’s predecessor Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. Jonathan clearly needs men without loyalties to the faction of his predecessor ahead of key elections where everyone is trying to win by hook or by crook.

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56 responses

  1. I think, this is a wellcome development.I here by urge all our Igbo brothers in politics to use the opportunity given to their own son as the commander of the Nigeria Army very wisely. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN.


    Chibundu Christian

  2. ThankPresident Goodluck Jonathan for appointed my brother to Chief of Army Staff Major-General Azubuike Ihejirika, l pray that God will need him well.

  3. I pray that God should use these new officers wisely for proper execution of their duties.

  4. AUSTIN JUMBO - AKS | Reply

    BRAVO, mr. President, you have taken a right step in a right direct.

  5. God bless Goodluck.

  6. one thing is permanent and that is change may god bless our president and give him the grace to take the right decision at all times and in all things.

  7. Chimaobi in Aba | Reply

    My President thanks 4 the new step hope for the Ibos we say “go ahead No Shakin”

  8. Chimaobi in Aba | Reply

    My President thanks 4 the new step of hope for the Ibos we say “go ahead No Shakin”


  10. Pastor paul asimole | Reply

    When god decide’s to save a man no body will say no.god has remembered the igbo’s.

  11. yes, God can forgive our past mistake, notwithstanding let Nigeria security agencies tell Obasanjo, Fashola and Gbenge Daniel to warn Lagos and Ogun Area boys and girls over bombing innocents Nigerians. if Unite states Diplomat and other foreign mission came up with their strategy how to get back what Nigeria military last in Ikeja containment and former minister prof. Droa do not know anything about security strategy, therefor let Nigeria security agencies leave prof. Droa and try how to get to the root of our problems than running after innocents people.

    1. It is ver hard to understand some of the broken English in the comments section. Can you guys please proof read your aposts?Thanks a bunch.

  12. he good luck did not appoint the new service chief for his own interest but try to rationalize it to solve the some out coming problem that was to come just like one region not having a man in the power of weapons

  13. Dis is 2 good 2 be true thank u mr president u re indeed a man of ur word


  15. Hi na oonly God get life.

  16. Nigerian’s should indeed vry gr8ful 2 god 4 givin us som1 lyk goodluck ebele jonathan as a president . God bless nigeria

  17. His excellency sir cogratulation on yur office i wish you long life


    His excellency sir congratulation on yur office i wish you long life on yur office

    Nigeria Chief of Air staff will play the ball of the Accommodation his messengers [boys] in Karu,
    Jonathan, David mark and Sambo compete mad with their gravel spirit, the madness of Jonathan, sambo and David mark more than Obasajo and IBB, Nigeria Air force do not have base? gravel men put their heart on grand looking for the Destinies of little childern to defile, killing innocent children,
    No wonder, yar Adua wife don’t allowed Jonathan to see yar Adua till his death, before Yar Adua gave the ghost he said empower the Air force, when Jonathan set into the president office, he ran to kadunda and have a talk with Air force very good he heard well, but not empower Nigeria Air force to bomb innocent Nigeria,
    first and first most who bomb Niger-Delta Home? and who brought weapon into counter from Spin? if Nigeria military discovered the weaponless are enter the counter more better to get right information before bomb innocent Nigerians.
    David mark Boke Haarm General, Jonathan c in c of Boko Haram and Sambo Inspector General of Anit Boko Haram Bomb Quart.
    let Jonathan stop trouble the church with his magic offerings and tithes, I visited a pastor in Abuja last week he sent his magic ten Naria and drop it before pastor, someone taken the money and handover the money to pastor. let Jonathan, Fahola and Sanusi CBN Governor take their time.

    Gabriel Aduma Emmanuel

    from Karu Abuja FCT Egyptians

    1. Get a proof reader and then repost this gibberish. You didn’t say squat that anybody can comprehend in this post. One only gets the sense that you are foaming in the mouth about some ill-defined issue. However, in order to elicit support for your cause,oughtn’t you endeavour to carry the rest of us along? One thinks so.

  20. Ikeja containment secondary let obasanjo boys. fashola boys and Tiunbo boys take their time over Ikeja containment.

    1. Ikeja containment secondary let obasanjo boys. fashola boys and Tiunbo boys take their time over Ikeja containment.

      November 12, 2011

      >>>Sir, you lost me on this one. What the heck are you trying to communicate here. Kindly re-state your opinion in a manner everyone can understand. Is there really such a dearth of writers in Nigeria who can communicate a simple idea in a concise and straight-to-the-point manner?I am really tired of trying to decipher a lot of the gibberish on most Nigerian web sites. I can understand a typo every now and then. But this is simply beyond comprehension. Anybody else out there can explain what this chap is complaining about? I can pick out Obasanjo boys and Fashola boys. Who the hell are the TIUNBO boys? Oluwa o!!!

      1. I hope the N.D.A will not be partiality during ADMISSION IN 2012.

  21. Opadoyin sesan t | Reply

    It is high-time we put d state of Nigerian security system right.D new appointees should take note n so help then GOD.AMEN.

  22. Pls inform me the date of writing this airforce DSSC test for the enlisted candidates. Also Mr president for policy and appointment of new head staff in nigeria army forces commanding. With regards onita philip

  23. Prince Asade Raheem Adekunle | Reply

    May almight ALLAH help us in dis country and our leader’s

  24. Prince ekpenyong | Reply

    I want to knw what is going on in nigeria today

  25. What president goodluck jonathan did wozn’t right on my own view and i think his nt doing d right thing or he has nt take the right dicision. With buhari nigeria is side to be great!!!

  26. My own coment. Is that the way i can be come a. Soilder pls help me. I like a army .

  27. God blees u all pls i luv dis force and i want to serve my father land pls if there is any help i need it for God almight sake this my mobile nub 07057897500



  29. I like navy in my life i will be thankful when we appoint me as a navy

  30. Luking 4 i emmanuel he’s a navy man 4 delta since 1989

  31. Emmanuel gloria | Reply

    Am luking 4 1 emmanuel he’s a navy man 4 delta state i dn knw his surname.

  32. Thanks mr president for your, are you sure that the chief of nvay will not use batch 23 and 24 recruitment as a fast means of money making.

  33. god bless jonathan for electing an igbo man to be the head of army

  34. Pls sir i went to be amog the list of pipe dat well go i know am goin by d grace of god almity

  35. i JAMES RAPHEALP, this is my first time that my name we be in NIGERIAN NAVY register this year,Am praying that my effort will never be in vain

  36. Goodluck is a good man and he like equlity.

  37. Am glad dat am progressing navy pursuit. and i pray dat God will see me through amen.

  38. May tanks be 2 god 4 newly electet chief staffs, may de mercy of god almighty shine upon me 4 de navy recruitment amen

  39. may ALLAH restore peace & security in our nation and to also make us live up to our expectations insha ALLAH.

  40. May be mr president seek advice of general olusegun obasanjo, i think he is a better adviser.

  41. Barrister Raymond | Reply

    Do you need a helping hand into these various academy eg.
    (1)Nigeria Civil Deference Academy
    (2)Nigeria Air force
    (4)Nigeria Police Force
    (5)Custom service
    For any of this help call Barrister Raymond 08100973219 to link you up.

  42. mr president u have appoint de new army force againt next election, live is not in our hand and know thing da u can t state their for perment.

  43. Gudlock Nigeria. Gudlock imo. Gudlock oru wast…. Longlive G. Ebele Jonathan. Longlive imo- state Longlive oru wast. And also Longlive Mgbidi

  44. its indeed dat the present gvt now stand as a weapons of new cabinet nominees Wch now lead to unfortunate dialogue to the order presiding chief. within God nd mine I have disbelieve dat this rudness has somethin common with the serious issue facing our country over
    terrorism act, mostly from the military rub mind together is to make peace the unity of the nation

  45. The Nigerian Navy wishes to inform the general public and all interested candidates that the online registration for the 2014 Recruitment Exercise as commence on 27 October 2014 and close on 30 November 2014. for more information’s and any other assistance call colonel Austin 07062810120, 08117663312

  46. nelson benjamin | Reply

    pls any general to help me in this 72RRI/AD/224/0482334.may GOD AMEN.


  48. Nigeria Navy Admin | Reply

    The Nigerian Navy wishes to inform the general public and all interested candidates that the online registration for the 2014 Recruitment Exercise as commence on 27 October 2014 and close on 30 November 2014. for more information’s and any other assistance call colonel Austin (Admin Chief of Staff) 07062810120, 08117663312

  49. wat is doing gud bt we can’t progress wt tribalizes

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